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Dawn of War

Chapter Thirteen

Darkness has settled over Kaon but this night was different. All over the city, a strange mood came over the bright and busy streets. It was the calm before the storm; everyone anticipated the inevitable, although few could give it the proper name; chaos.

What little order existed had begun to disappear. While the battle had yet to start, the air was thick with excitement and panic.

Chromia had sensed the change immediately. Long ago, in another place and time, she had witnessed something exactly like it. Instinctively, she knew what was coming. Running into a back room, she unlocked a safe and took out her laser gun.

In the empty tavern, Chromia began to turn off the lights and put everything away, just as she did every night and then stopped herself. This tavern would be destroyed before the night was over; she was only wasting valuable time.

Out of habit, she locked the doors before leaving. Then she transformed and raced to her destination.

"I hate this city. I always have" Skywarp told Thundercracker as he ran his fingers over the smooth barrel of the laser rifle he held before snapping it into place. They were waiting atop a building when the signal to begin the assault came.

"You just want to see it burn" Thundercracker replied.

"That I do" Skywarp grinned. "Well, come on; what are you waiting for?" he asked as he gave him a push.

Outwardly, Thundercracker remained expressionless but he concealed his distress over their orders. Megatron now had what amounted to an army at his call as well as the weapons Soundwave had brought as soon as Starscream had freed them from the security facility. Not only were they all well armed but so were all of Megatron's followers.

What surprised him was how far Starscream had moved away from them; Thundercracker noticed Starscream had reserved the most powerful weapon for Megatron. This was an uncharacteristic gesture from him. It revealed how much he had changed. There had never been a time he hadn't done what was in his best interest (which had almost always turned out to be in their best as well). That he had put another's interest above their own disturbed him.

"Did you see Starscream?"

"Yeah, what about him?" Skywarp asked as he readied himself. He turned around, transformed and shot straight up into the clouds. Following him, Thundercracker answered.

"He gave Megatron that cannon-it was the best weapon!"


"I'm surprised he didn't keep it for himself." Thundercracker wondered if he'd regret doing so.

"Megatron's in charge. Why shouldn't he have it?"

Thundercracker didn't answer.

"What's wrong with you? Aren't you glad we can finally raze this dump?"

"I don't know. A lot of ordinary bots that have nothing to do with this are going to die."

There was silence. Maybe it bothers him too, Thundercracker thought. Suddenly the sound of laughter broke the silence over their comm link.

"Are you serious? Didn't I tell you that everyone had to choose? If they haven't by now, that's too bad. Whoever's picked the wrong side, that's their problem. We have a destiny, Thundercracker. Weren't we were created for a purpose? "


"What are you so worried about?"

Again, silence.

Finally, Thundercracker answered. "I'm not sure destroying Kaon is the right thing to do."

"I know everyone thinks I'm dense. Even you." Skywarp replied.

"I never said…"

"I don't care, that's fine with me" Skywarp continued, cutting him off, "but I have thought about this. We are doing the right thing. Sometimes you have to destroy the old order to bring in the new. That's what we're doing."

Thundercracker said nothing. They were hidden in the clouds.

"Are you worried what they'll think? Let me tell you something; when this is over, we'll be writing the rules. It won't matter what they think. "

"Megatron will be in control. That's the only thing that matters."

Skywarp stopped suddenly. Thundercracker realized where they were. As they hovered in place, Skywarp sent a message to Megatron.

"We're in position."

Chromia arrived at her destination without incident, yet observed several ominous signs along the way. The streets were deserted. Stillness had descended over Kaon, broken only by the occasional scream or the sound of glass shattering. The air had a faint but familiar smell to Chromia; explosives and burnt metal. So it begins, she thought grimly. She ran up the stairs and laser in hand, quickly activated the door.

In the middle of the room, a young green femme looked at her, optics wide in surprise.

"Chromia! What's happening?' she asked. Then she saw the laser gun in Chromia's hands, pointing at her. Noting her reaction, she put it away.

"We have to leave. Right now." Chromia insisted.

"Why? What's wrong?" the femme asked.

"We don't have much time" Chromia said. "This city is about to explode."

"But what about my friend? I came here to find him" the femme protested. "I haven't seen him since he left the Academy!"

Chromia looked at her. So naïve, she thought. She'll learn the hard way.

Putting her hand on the femme's arm, she said softly "Forget him. Skywarp's one of the reasons this place is on fire."

Their target was in their sights; a civilian ship. Thundercracker agreed with Megatron's goals. The Empire was run by the corrupt and greedy, living off its citizens. Destroying it was not only right, it was their duty. But attacking this ship felt wrong. These were innocent civilians; they posed no threat. Thundercracker was ready to fight soldiers but unarmed civilians? It was wrong.

Suddenly, he heard Megatron's voice.

"The order…is given, Skywarp."

It was final; Thundercracker knew any further protest was futile. Still, he felt the need to object one last time. Skywarp was having none of it. He was barely able to hold back.

"Just do it!" he yelled as he bore down on the ship. Starscream, who also been under cover in the clouds, turned sharply and headed to a different target.

Thundercracker committed himself to his destiny and followed Skywarp.

The civilians never had a chance.

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