A/N: Below is a summary of what has been written thus far, for new readers :) Skip chapters if you wish so the sheer length of the fic doesn't daunt you.

1. Encounters: Ch 1 - Ch 5
Aizen meets Gin for the first time in a corridor. They begin a clandestine affair and Aizen finds himself liking this bold youth from the Academy.

2. Breaking in the Reins: Ch 6 - Ch 12
Aizen tries Gin as a potential supporter, first through affection and then by asserting his primacy over Gin.

3. Trust: Ch 13 - Ch 22
Gin begins to show signs of becoming who Aizen wants him to be.

4. Triangle: Ch 23 - Ch 32
Gin deliberately breaks Rangiku's heart using Aizen's plan.

5. Leaving the Nest: Ch 33 - Ch 43
Aware that Gin has become too dependent on himself, Aizen sends Gin away from Soul Society.

6. Reunion: Ch 44 - Ch 52
While Gin goes to Fegefeuer to rescue his German lover, Aizen takes the time to visit an old flame... and to get more information out of a certain blond shopkeeper.

7. War: Ch 53 - Ch 56
Gin uses his little stray to 'punish' Aizen. Aizen and Gin deal with World War Two and imagine the future.

8. Pledging Eternity: Ch 57 - 60
Aizen and Gin visit their eventual home out in Hueco Mundo, and Aizen has a surprise gift for Gin's birthday.

9. Testing Waters: Ch 61 - Ch 64
Gin is severely injured. Later on he doubts Aizen's heart and Aizen reminds Gin of who Aizen used to be.

10. Taking Wing: Ch 65 - Ch 73
Aizen prepares himself and Gin for the latter's leaving.

11. Something Wicked: Ch 74 – Ch 77
Aizen needs a new challenge to keep in shape, and finds himself figuratively set loose in a toy store.

12. New Frontiers: Ch 78 – Ch 80
Gin gifts Aizen with a 'going-away' present.

13. White over Black: Ch 81 onwards
Aizen, having settled Gin, now prepares to take on Seireitei.

It was a game.

I walked along the passage, my hakama billowing about my legs and my coat like blue wings trailing behind me.

And then I turned the corner and slammed the shinigami against the wall by his throat. I looked closely at him, then realize I didn't know his name. Hmmm.

He grinned. "You found me."

"Hide and seek," I replied, before moving my hand down to his chest, all the feeling his rapid pulse flutter against my palm. "Nervous?"

"Nervous. Agitated." He gasped as my hand slid further down and began caressing his abdomen. "And now very, very turned on."

I pulled away completely, amused by his reaction. "Who sent you to spy on me?"

"No one. I just thought you were interestin', that's all."

"Interesting enough to stalk? That's what gets you going?" I pouted. "You are kind of twisted."

"Nothin' compared to ya, vice-captain. Get a guy riled up and not lettin' him release? That's just mean, man."

I smiled and moved a step closer. "This better?" Another step. Another step. "Or perhaps this?"

"You're just being meaner." He inhaled sharply when I finally pressed my body against his, and yet his hands lay flat against the wall.

Smart boy.

I placed my hands over his and pushed up against him. He moaned softly.

"I'm twisted like that," I said, my breath now ghosting across his alabaster skin, and chuckled at the pale pink flush suffusing his cheeks. "And I'm starting to get the message that you like twisted."

"Got it in one."

Got to give the rookie props; he dared to face me at this moment. His lips brushed mine and I tingled.

Hmmm. Has potential.

"Sorry, kid, I'm in a committed relationship right now." I let go of his hand and traced my fingers up his arm, then down his face. He bent, just a little, into that tiny caress. My smile grew. "I'm in a steady, rewarding relationship."

He opened his eyes, just a little. "I can seduce you if you want me to, sir."

I lowered my mouth to his ear and flicked my tongue against the lobe, before whispering, "I have to want?"

He stiffened as I kissed him on his petal smooth cheek. Then I let go of him and continued walking to my girlfriend's place, a slow smile curving my lips. Then I caught sight of a silver strand of hair stuck on my chest. I twisted it up and placed it in my private envelope of notes.

He will look for me again.