Ulquiorra and Grimmjow had fought for the honor to supervise the attack on Masaki, and I chose Ulquiorra. Grimmjow was still too wild to obey my orders properly, but I would enjoy getting the opportunity to break him when we made our move in Seireitei. Besides, Ulquiorra would allow me to watch the event later.

In the end Masaki barely had a scratch, but now the fetus in her womb was tainted by hollow reiatsu. I wondered if she was Quincy stock, though I doubted it. That bloodline was already down to its last, guttering candle, and I heard that he was an intractable and unmoving genius who had turned his back on the traditions. If she was, though, then I would have had a part in the most amazing creature that would live: part human, part shinigami, part Quincy, a symbol of unification for the three diverse groups.

If the child grew up well, he or she might never have to activate any power that might be innate in him or her. I would have to watch very carefully the new Kurosaki family – If I wanted to overcome my one limitation, that child would very likely be the key to my ascension, or the bane of my existence.

The attack went off without a hitch, the sacrificial hollow slain by Urahara's minions (or experiments or strays, I couldn't really tell). I was surprised Kurosawa didn't do it himself, but Ulquiorra later reported that he couldn't sense any reiatsu from the former captain while he was there observing the proceedings.

"I suppose that does mean one less threat to worry about," I mused when I had seen everything and the hollow had departed. The alarms had not sounded – odd, but a useful fact to know that hollow incursions under a shielding kido would throw off the security sensors.

Tousen who was there with me agreed, but he pointed out, "Urahara is the main threat."

"As always," I answered calmly. Dismissing Ulquiorra and lifting the wards around my office, I continued, "The fact remains however that he is too strong for you or any of the hollows to neutralize."

"You can do it," Tousen said.

"I can, but I won't," I said. "He is too valuable a distraction to Soul Society; they still keep tabs on him. SWA is doing business through him and Unohana would be suspicious if he suddenly dies. And there is no way I can battle him without all of Seireitei knowing about it."

The blind captain kept silent. Then he sighed, an uncharacteristic sound of frustration. "We know that he holds the key, yet we cannot get to it."

"Patience, my friend. Patience." I shuffled some papers and handed them to him. "This month's submissions for the haiku and calligraphy competition. I've already selected the winner. As for him, sooner or later his vigilance will wane. On a side note, I am using my own reiatsu to accelerate their conversion."

"As long as you do strike."

"Are you questioning my decisions now, Tousen? Would you like to report your concerns to Yamamoto-soutaichou?" I inquired politely.

The younger captain froze, and then bowed deeply. "My apologies, Aizen-san."

"Accepted." I stared with great irritation at his intractability, despite him not being able to see me glaring. "I'm sure you have pressing business to attend to. Don't let me detain you, Tousen-taichou."


As I walked home after a dinner with the rest of the teaching staff in the cafeteria – the food was horrible, I really ought to speak with the new administration – I saw a lean, blond figure lurking near my door.

"Aizen-taichou." Kira Izuru bowed low when he saw me.

I inclined my head in response and opened the gate. "Is there something you wanted, Kira-san?"

"I would like to speak with you, Aizen-taichou." The young shinigami lieutenant was very polite in his manner, but a strange determination colored his reiatsu. "It's quite private."

"So I gathered, else you would not have come after office hours," I remarked lightly.

Kira followed me as his captain had once done, though the circumstances could not be more different. I smiled faintly as I remembered how Gin had been so frightened and yet so open to me that first time, and how I had not been gentle with him. I hadn't believed it was his first time with a man, but even so I could have been more tender in my ministrations. Still, it had been a lovely evening that night, so long ago, amid the bloodied sheets and his defiant tears. And the reluctant yet obedient way he fell asleep in my arms after that had won me over.

Kira seated himself demurely, hands folded in his lap and his eyes cast on the floor in front of his knees. I made us some tea and sat in front of him, studying how still and serene he was pretending to be. Gin had molded this one well; the marks were visible to one who knew what to watch out for.

"Please, Aizen-taichou, may I speak freely?" he asked after the first cup had been emptied. His gaze remain averted.

"Yes indeed." I sipped slowly, rolling the taste over my tongue and thinking how much Gin had grown as a teacher.

Kira inhaled deeply and exhaled, a slow, controlled breath. "Aizen-taichou, Gin – I mean, Ichimaru-taichou – has-"

"-you call him Gin in your own time, and I do the same. There is no need to be that formal."

"Yes, Aizen-taichou." Kira began again and said, "Gin has asked... I mean, Gin indicated that he wishes a... He wishes to engage another man in our lovemaking."

I regarded the young blond. So innocent and so compellingly obedient. Lovely, lovely submission: I couldn't even begin to fathom how deep his devotion, and pride rose at the thought that it was my Gin who had crafted this treasure. "How does that concern me?"

"H-he has me as a bedmate, but he loves you." Even though he stuttered, Kira was unwaveringly bold and direct in the proclamation. "And... and since he desires a third man to b-be part of... I-I want to please him with the selection of a third party that he will de-definitely feel a connection to, feel l-loved by. Not a mere physical joining."

I caught and held Kira's chin, making him look me in the eye. "You are making assumptions of affection on my part."

"I am, Aizen-taichou, but can you honestly state that you do not still love Gin?" His clear eyes were fearless.

Inwardly I admired the driven passion that he could convey in a single look: I wished I had selected him back then, but if I had, Gin might have killed him before we even discovered his true charms. My quicksilver lover had odd quirks and preferences, and removing potential thieves of my affection was one of his best.

"I do still love him," I replied. "Are you not worried that he'll come back to me?"

"Aizen-taichou," he answered gravely, "Gin never left you."

Wordlessly he took out a small object from his left sleeve and placed it before me. I took it with equally reverent fingers and smiled with reminiscence. "He gave the first one to me while we were on a walk," I confided. "He's never forgotten to replace it, but I never once saw him do so."

Kira let me have my little moment, and then he bowed. "Aizen-taichou, would you please be... please join us, for one evening?"

I hesitated. Finally I said, "On the night after the bankai demonstrations to the Gotei, come with him to the meditation room you used that time. I will secure that room for all three of us."

The young male bowed respectfully once more and then rose to his feet gracefully, excusing himself from my presence. I locked down the thoughts and the interaction from my active mind, making certain that Gin did not notice it. If Kira came to me, he must have hidden it from Gin, and it would be a pleasant surprise for my silver-haired lover.


If I were curious why Gin wasn't aware of Kira's visit to my place, I soon understood that it was due to Gin having gone to Kyoraku's place.

It was a masterful stroke for Gin to challenge the veteran of too many bluffs; Kyoraku was thrown off-guard when Gin took the offensive. I was at Ukitake's for a chess game, the fourth of the evening, when I heard Gin's mind.

'Kyoraku and Ise know about the gap in the captain's memory, Aizen-sama. Where are you?'

With Ukitake Jyuushiro. I expected him – Kyoraku – to barge in here then to demand my head on a platter.

'Unlikely. He'll probably bide his time, like he has been doing. He knows something isn't on the up and up, but he wants solid facts before he takes action.' Gin sounded scornful and his rage rippled in his thoughts at having had his sanctuary invaded.

I was amused. I would usually counsel patience, but go for it.

'Is Kai Mizuki in Seireitei at the moment?'

No, she's somewhere in Europe. I can't remember which Society she's being posted at now.

There was a significant pause, so when Gin next spoke I made a mistake on the chess board, allowing Ukitake to capture one of my key pieces.

'Aizen-sama. I'm asking one favor of you.'

I knew what he was going to ask. Kyoraku was not as predictable as the others, and he was a formidable foe. I will watch over him, but I do hope you'll come back to me, lover.

'I will,' promised Gin. 'Maybe not in one whole piece, that's all.'


Gin had the fun task of challenging Kyoraku, and he managed to bluff the man into discretion. I lauded Gin's performance. After kissing the ailing Ukitake goodnight, I headed home, mentally plotting out the various courses of action.

People who cared for people were easy people to manipulate. Archimede knew that. Leverage was everything, and for a large portion of my life there was no one who could have become my weakness. Even Urahara Kisuke was not important enough for me. Now Gin was my sole weakness, and a more delightful weakness I could not have found. But Kyoraku had too many to watch for, too many holes in his armor. He could watch over Ukitake, which would leave Mizuki to our mercy, or he could watch mizuki, and Ise wouldn't survive in an attack. Yamamoto was another, and so many others. If he had declared his suspicions right at the start before we found out about Mizuki.

Too bad.

Ukitake might be able to defend himself against an outright attack, but not against medicines through Unohana, and tracking down the sources was too easy. Mizuki wouldn't even know what hit her in Europe, and Ise couldn't hide behind Kyoraku forever.


The bankai demonstrations were mainly for the foot soldiers' benefit. Gin was antsy with anticipation. Such demonstrations were only held when more than half of the shinigami roster were new to their roles; given that this was Seireitei, anything less than a hundred years would be considered fairly green and fresh. The last time this happened I was not yet a lieutenant. As I looked around, I realized that most of the shinigami would be considered the newer generation, and for a second I felt old.

Kurotsuchi had allowed Nemu out of his immediate orbit for the first time, and her pale, demure manner reminded me strongly of a girl Gin and I had driven to suicide; what was her name now?

"Her name was Kei, Aizen-taichou,"murmured Gin as he passed me.

I risked a tender glance at him and he smirked in my direction. I guessed that he didn't know that Kira had come to me, nor was he aware of the arrangements made in the fifth division's meditation chambers. I wished I had used it while training Gin; it would have been exciting.

Kyoka Suigetsu chafed at having to pretend to be less than what it was, but it did not complain much. The idea of illusion as my shikai and bankai amused it somewhat, and as we danced through the motions it made snide remarks about how blind the Gotei was.

Gin was a thing of potent beauty as he conducted a mock fight with Kuchiki. Shinsou's false Harutakanna form shot up forests of blades like branches for the blossoms of Senbonzakura, and in the glittering elegance of silver and light the two combatants wove a deadly dance.

I was so proud of him I could not hide the broad smile, and instead masked the reason for my grin by talking to Hinamori about her childhood friend, the trusting and innocent Hitsugaya Toushiro, whose raw power would need harnessing if he wanted to wield the bankai properly.

After the displays, we had a small gathering of regular shinigami and captains. As expected I had to fend off a few dozen questions, and I was thankful that I was not as swamped as the young Hitsugaya. Gin looked impatient and I had to admire the brave few souls who did go up to Gin to ask questions.

Kira caught my eye and sidled through the crowd, and when he came up to me he whispered that he was ready to set up the scene.

"That would be perfect, Kira-fukutaichou," I said with a winning smile at Hinamori over the heads of the throng surrounding Hitsugaya. "I will be there in ten minutes."


The room had been set out earlier with the aim of the evening in mind. Kira was smoothing back the sheets with unnecessary vigor, rumpling it more often than he intended, and I eventually sat down near him.

"You fear me."

"Yes," he said honestly, hands stopping. His entire posture went rigid, and it was some time before he could relax and look at me. "I fear you, because you are so important to him."

I regarded the blond lieutenant for a long moment before I said, "Don't lie, Kira. You fear me for other reasons."

He inhaled sharply and dropped back to kneel on his heels. "I-I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean-"

"Why do you fear me?"

Kira bit on his lower lip, worrying the soft pink flesh, and then he murmured, "Because I know the reason Gin does all the things he does to me." He breathed in deeply and then stared me directly. "He does all the things he does to me, because you used to do all those things to him."

I allowed a small smile. "We did have rather exotic tastes, which probably seem quite extreme to you."

"And you hurt him."

"No." My smile faded. "We used pain to drive us to greater pleasure. And... Kira?"

He frowned faintly.

My lips curved again and I leaned over to cup his chin. "It was never one-sided, young man."


When Gin finally arrived I felt my spirits lift. "Good evening," I said pleasantly.

"Aizen-sama?" He grinned hugely, though his voice was soft."What brings you here?"

"I was invited," I answered as I got to my feet, leaving the young blond lieutenant in his place. Pressing my lips to his, I added, "Kira was very persuasive."

Gin motioned for Kira to join us, and the child obeyed immediately with a happy blush. I kept my hand on Gin's waist, proud that he had trained Kira so well.

My lover held Kira lightly, whispering, "Izuru, darling, do you mean what I think you mean? Is this who you want?"

So Gin had let Kira choose the third man. The young shinigami replied, "I know you love him. I-I want you happy, Gin. I want you to be happy and I know you trust him and I think I can..." His voice faltered and he swallowed nervously before adding, "I think I can trust him too."

Pleased, Gin hugged Kira tightly and praised, "You are a darling, my boy. You are amazing and sweet and I adore you."

I watched, seeing how Kira practically glowed with the compliments and once again I was filled with pride that Gin had found this boy of his. Gin seemed to recall that I was there and looked over. "Aizen-taichou?"

I smiled. I knew he wanted to enjoy this night, but he would find it hard to do so if he had to remember me by my title and not the way he addressed me. "Call me the way you always call me when we are alone, Gin," I said.

He stretched out a hand and I took it, following his gentle tug into an embrace encompassing all of us.

"Aizen-sama," he said quietly, his reiatsu glimmering with burgeoning desire, "we are yours tonight."

I ran my hands over his silk-fine hair and said, "I would be honored. But is Kira comfortable with that?"

Kira glanced at both of us hesitantly, his teeth worrying his lower lip, and finally he said very softly, almost fearfully, "I would prefer that... I'd rather Gin lead, please. I'm not saying that I don't like you, Aizen-taichou, I just-"

"-feel more comfortable with Gin. I understand." I patted him on the head to reassure him. "So. We are at your mercy tonight, Gin. How do you want us?"

"Wild and often," joked my silver-haired lover.

Kira and I shared an exasperatedly fond look. Gin always liked to play with words.

I relaxed against the nearest wall as Kira helped Gin out of his uniform. The apple-blossom skin stood out starkly against the black drapes of reiatsu absorbing fabric cascading from the ceiling; his complexion, moon white, practically gleamed with vitality and I wanted to taste him, to see if he was like milk or ice on the tongue. Kira's fair skin looked more golden than his, though both were bathed in bronzed light from the lamps. We were in our own realm now, where Gin was our center, and my reiatsu crept about the two younger shinigami in a hidden embrace.

Kira was shivering slightly, I noticed, and Gin pulled him close to whisper into the blond's ear. I didn't try to listen in, but Kira did relax a little more and then Gin carefully swiveled the young man around to face me. "I'm going to take your clothes off, darling," he told Kira after a kiss to his temple, "and I want you to look at Aizen-sama while I do it. Do you know why?"

"I think... I think you want me to see, um, to see if Aizen-taichou likes what you're doing?"

"That's right, lovely. But more than that." Gin's hands slipped down to undo the lieutenant's belt. "More than that, I want you to see how much he wants us. Look at him, darling Izuru. That little smile – his teeth catching a little on his lower lip. Look at the way his eyes sweep down your body now. Your skin makes him hungry, lovely Izuru, hungry for you, and you are so beautiful right now, darling, the way you flush down your perfect, beautiful skin."

Even I felt the lust in the words and I allowed myself to sink into the hypnotic lull of Gin's voice. Kira was whining for more contact, little noises not quite allowed to escape from his throat, and I restrained the urge to lick my lips while I watched him becoming more aroused with every move Gin made.

"You are exquisite, Kira," I finally remarked as I walked over and tipped his face up. "May I call him Izuru, Gin?" He was Gin's, after all, and I was a polite man.

Gin smiled beatifically. "You certainly may." He then left his pet and came to help me out of my clothes. "Shall we?"

"Definitely," I agreed, and kissed Kira for the first time. He had a soft mouth, and hints of sweetness lingered at the edges of his lips. "Come on, Izuru."

Oddly, when Gin wanted to turn the boy about to kiss him, Kira struggled against the move. "What's wrong, darling?" asked Gin.

"My back, he'll see my back," he whispered and grabbed Gin's forearms. "He'll see my scars."

"My marks, lover." Gin sounded firm and almost disapproving. "You bear my marks, darling. Be proud of them."

"I am, but-"

I cut in smoothly. "May I see?"

The youngest shinigami inhaled and swallowed thickly, before slowly offering me a view of his back.

It was exquisite: Gin had scarred the boy with precise and delicate lines, and the picture that had been carved into the lovely pale-golden skin was the vague outline of a crane with its wings outstretched. The picture was incomplete, of course; Gin would want to take time with such a masterpiece.

"Beautiful," I commented with reverence. My fingers trailed over the main outline, taking care not to drag on his skin even though I knew the scars had formed and were quite permanent now. "Your body is a work of art, Izuru, and thank you for showing me this."

The blond bowed his head, coiling tightly into Gin's reassurance, and I let my fingers skate along the lines of the art Gin literally etched into his boy's body. Some lines seemed oddly placed, but I figured Gin had some time yet to finish the work.

Stepping forward, I took both of them into an embrace and began pressing my lips on Kira, trying to convey without words how much I would cherish him because he was Gin's very own, how much I appreciated him offering himself to us. Gin's fingers slid over my hips to Kira's and then back to me, and I could sense Kira slowly relaxing while we petted and fussed over him together. When he tilted his head back to offer his bared neck to Gin, I bent forward and licked at his mouth, which he parted willingly enough for me.

He almost tasted like Gin, closely enough for me to desire him for his own sake. He moaned, a soft, breathy complaint, when I turned him in my arms and kissed him more deeply, but his responding sigh demonstrated his compliance to our wishes.

Soon we were at the bed, and Gin stopped us.

"Um, how..." Kira was blushing and his hands wrung together nervously. "What should I do?"

I let Gin take the lead as I sat on the other side of the blond lieutenant. Gin busied himself with the oils; I caressed Kira's leg idly and he squirmed a little, eyes darting from me to Gin.

"Lie back, darling," commanded my silver-haired lover.

He looked sexy, all eager to devour his pet, and I pulled him in for a lingering kiss, wet and hot and lustful.

"Your boy is waiting, dearest," I murmured.

"Waiting for me or you?" Gin teased.

I smiled and shifted him to face Kira, and immediately his attention was focused on the pale young shinigami staring at us, mouth parted and moist and waiting.

Gin breathed in sharply, sliding his torso over Kira's lean legs, his lips playing over the soft skin and at the base of Kira's erection, whispering, "You're ready for us, aren't you?You want this."

"Yes, oh god. I want- Gin, how?"

"Do you trust us?" My lover didn't give the boy a chance to answer, taking Kira's cock into his mouth and, from the instantly blissful gasp from the younger male, making sure that Kira wasn't able to form a coherent thought at all.

I captured Gin's slender ankles and rubbed them slowly, observing the ripple of muscle along his legs and back. Gin's pert ass, no longer as full as when I had the care and feeding of him but still beautifully shaped, lowered and rose in a undulating wave as he bent to pleasure Kira.

The blond nodded agreement, but was still shocked when Gin said, "And then, darling Izuru, I will prepare you. I'll prepare you for us."

"For...?" Kira gasped. His eyes were wide and I was fascinated by the color that was spreading over his face and chest. "Both?"

Gin hummed and answered, "Yes, love, both, I want you to feel so treasured by us both." His feet nudged at my hands and I kneaded at the soles of his feet, up his calves and back down again. "I want you to feel so adored, to feel worshiped, to feel loved."

Kira whimpered and Gin bent down more. I could hear the wet, obscene sounds coming from where his lips had stretched about Kira and I knew his fingers were stretching the young man from inside, readying him for me, for us. However, the lieutenant was fighting the idea and I crawled closer over Gin, spreading Kira's legs wider even as my fingers slipped under the crooks of his knees. His bright blue eyes sought mine and I smiled languidly, pressing a kiss to Gin's silver hair.

"Kiss his belly, love," I ordered. "Lick up his abdomen, all the way up to his chest."

Gin obeyed, and then he began kissing and suckling Kira's nipples. When I judged it time I had Gin lie over Kira and then I slipped a slicked-up hand between them both.

Grasping Gin and Kira together was not easy, but their moans and whimpers were worth my efforts. I started a slow, confident stroking, and Gin was the first the respond with quick, shallow rolls of his hips. I tightened my grip a little and Kira yowled outright; I felt more warmth smearing over my hand and smiled to feel their precome easing the motion. Gin's hips rubbed over my cock and I let my free hand move between his legs. He twitched and groaned when I pushed a finger into his heat, and between my hand on their cocks and my finger in his ass, he lost himself to the passion. I pushed the pace a little more harshly and they cried out in unison.

"That's right," I encouraged, "that's right, darlings, just ride the sensations."

Gin's mouth locked over Kira's, and his hands were pinching and dragging over Kira's nipples. The blond wailed and his hands reached wildly for something to grip, even as his long legs found a way to wrap about our bodies

"Roll over, love," I instructed. "Let Izuru lie between us."

Somehow in a mess of limbs and kisses we maneuvered Kira between us. I kissed Gin greedily even as the youngest shinigami wiggled and writhed, wedged as he was in our embraces. Now Kira faced me, and I ran my hands along his flanks and waist. Gin obliged with spreading Kira's leg's for me and I was hot with desire to taste the young man for myself. My lips and tongue wandered down the pale young shinigami's body, tasting a not-unpleasant saltiness even as I drew close to his weeping arousal.

"Relax, darling," Gin purred to his pet. "Let him take care of you. Let us take care of you. God, 'Zuru dearest, I want you so bad, can you feel it? Can you feel us?" He continued to reassure Kira even as my tongue circled the head of the blond's cock, even as I sucked him in and tasted his precome on the back of my mouth. I let myself fall into a natural rhythm and he was breathing harshly, his hands almost on my head, as though he wasn't sure if he ought to push me off or draw me close.

"Gods, Gin, I can't- too much-" Kira had a sweet voice whenever he was close to panic, I realized, and hummed experimentally as I peered up at him and at Gin. I oiled up my right hand from the vial close by and slipped two fingers into Kira, continuing to prepare him for us, and he twitched inside as I deliberately avoided seeking out his prostate.

"Look at Aizen-sama," remarked my perceptive lover, "look at him. He wants you too, so much."

I sucked hard, hollowing my cheeks, and slid all the way down and swallowed, my throat's contractions playing over his cock in a pulsing beat. Now I added one more finger and twisted my hand, before adding a fourth gently, slowly, but a mere nudge against his prostate and a hard suck of his cock were apparently enough to make Kira come thickly.

He even screamed pretty.

When I was sure he could use a breath I pulled away. He had been bitter-sweet-salty, a strangely delicate flavor, considering, and Gin caught my hand to lick off what remained of Kira's seed from my fingers.

"Gin?" Kira's voice was small, pleading. He was still hard. "Can we please...? I n-need, I need this, I can't-"

"Hush, love, we're going to prepare you, darling, we'll take it slow now." Gin burrowed into his pet's golden hair. "I don't wanna hurt you. I want you to enjoy this, to savor this present you're giving me. Gods, Kira Izuru, you are so sexy now, so perfect. You found the perfect man for us, darling, you are amazing and gods I want you right now. Aizen-sama, can we? Can we have Izuru now?"

I reached down again to push three fingers into Kira. He was lax, waiting and hungry for us, but before we both entered him there was something I wanted to do.

"Not yet, lover," I said, and then bent my head again to flick my tongue over Gin and Kira at the same time.

"Aizen-sama, please," Gin begged.

Oh, to have you pleading again for me. I sat back on my heels. "Izuru, are you ready for us?"

Kira nodded, and I shifted him about to straddle Gin's hips. Carefully, I slicked Gin's cock up again and then guided him into Kira's body.

"Lean back a little, Gin," I said. "Izuru, I need you to breathe slowly and deeply, slow and deep, and tell us if it hurts, all right?"

He nodded again. Taking a deep breath, I positioned his legs and then cautiously nudged forward, pushing into Kira's body, feeling every inch of Gin's cock rubbing against mine. Gin was licking and nibbling on Kira's ear, his half-lidded eyes locked on my face. I was about to lean in and kiss Gin when I heard a muted whimper from Kira and I hesitated. "Too much, Izuru?"

"No, no," Kira replied shakily, "just... unexpected. Odd. It's... it's more than I thought."

Gin rubbed his temple soothingly against Kira and said, "Wait till we are both completely in you, darling. It'll be amazing."

I maneuvered Kira, all the while aware of Gin's thundering lust that beat against my mind. It was difficult reining in my own passions but I wanted this to be memorable for the right reasons, and Gin complied with my patience. Kira's body resisted us and I stroked his flagging erection steadily, my left hand plucking at his nipples and skating over his ribs and sides, and slowly he adjusted to our cocks in his body.

"Aizen-sama, please," Gin begged huskily, his control beginning to fray. I could feel his hips beginning to circle and jerk; he was aching for stimulation also. "Please, Aizen-sama, I need-"

"You're in control tonight, remember?" I teased, but I pulled him closer, sandwiching Kira tightly between us.

Placing his hands on Gin's shoulders for support, Kira braced himself as both Gin and I began moving, our hands overlapping on his slip hips. The young blond would have terrible bruises the next day, but as our rhythm picked up he began to sob, and finally his gasping breaths broke into a shriek.

I could barely hold back my own voice. He is so very exquisite, lover.

'Hell yes,' Gin agreed.

Every move brought us closer and closer to the precipice, and suddenly our mental walls melted and we were once again as closely linked as we had been that glorious, brilliant day when we first put on the rings. The feedback from our individual desire added to the overwhelming deliriousness of the whole, and I was not even conscious of where either of us began or ended, only that there was us, and there was Kira, and he was crying as we each bit down on his smooth white neck in sync.

My hand shoved into the narrow gap between Kira and Gin and took hold of Kira's cock, and I pumped him mercilessly, needing him to climax and give us his pleasure before we went on. He tightened, before tossing his head back on a soundless exclamation and came, his insides clenching and releasing in fantastic waves that drove us further towards completion. Gin followed my continued thrusts but he was too close, too close and I ordered him to wait.

Kira's head rolled back and his breaths were too labored, too deep and I pulled out of Kira, Gin slipping out as well, and I threw Gin over his lieutenant.

"Elbows and knees," I ordered, only able to take in the moon-white expanse of unmarked, gorgeous skin, the silver hair mussed beyond reason, slender neck begging to be gripped and bruised. "I want you to come all over your masterpiece."

There was no preparation. I was determined, irrationally and possessively, to make his body remember every minute of this and he seemed to concur, meeting my every move with a roll of his hips.

"Come on him, dear heart," I whispered, feeling the white-hot coil of desire about to snap deep in my gut. He was shaking, our sweat-slick skin sliding over and against each other in the most delightful manner. "He's waiting now. Come for him, come for me."

Gin kept meeting each of my thrusts although I knew he was beginning to falter with the strain, and soon he tensed and his back arched as he ejaculated beautifully over his boy, white ropy strands of his seed painting the pale gold of Kira's skin. I looped an arm about his waist and held him there as I gave in, finally, my vision whiting out at the edges as I climaxed, diving into his heat and wetness and passion.

Eventually we settled in to rest. Kira and I bracketed Gin, fittingly, since he was the star around which we orbited. He turned to kiss me shyly on the lips and I smiled tenderly. My arm lay over his abdomen and my hand on Kira, and I was overcome by how natural this felt.

You found yourself a very loving pet, dearest, I commented as we sank into quiet contemplation.

'Can I keep him then?'

After we've settled in, maybe. If he wants. I would not be displeased by that, but Kira was not trained by me. I doubted that he would follow, even though he loved Gin. Thank you, Gin. He is truly beautiful.

Gin was delighted by my remark. 'You are pleased?'


With a warm smile, Gin gazed deeply into my eyes and I brushed some of his hair from his face.

Rest, darling, I thought. The blazing lust and love that we shared earlier had faded again to a tolerable glow.

'You'll wake us up early tomorrow?' asked Gin. He frowned faintly at the mess on his belly and then smiled at Kira so gently that I felt a sweet pang in my heart.

I will. Now go to sleep, lover. We have a lot to do from now on.

'Yes, Aizen-sama.'

My quicksilver lover shut his eyes and obeyed. Kira stirred and opened one eye, blinking slowly, and I reached over to soothe him. Wordlessly he directed a grateful smile at me and a loving one at Gin, before burrowing closer to his captain.

I regarded the blond, and then Gin's satisfied face, and then I closed my own eyes.

For this reason, Kira would not die.

And I would give Gin the world for him to smile like this every single day.



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