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I woke up to see Nicole dancing around the room. It was pretty funny. She got Zoey to dance with her too. I wonder what the heck they are doing.

"What are you guys doing?" I asked.

"Dancing duh." Nicole told me. I should've known that was coming.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because PCA just got it's first snow day!" Zoey said. What?

"It doesn't snow in California." I said. Zoey walked over to the window and pulled back the curtains. It was snowing!

"Holy crap!" I yelled.

Nicole turned on the TV to the PCA channel. The reporter guy was on there talking about how awesome it was that PCA got this experience. Zoey picked up her phone and called Chase.

"The guys are coming over to hang out. Chase said it's boring there." Zoey told us.

We were all sitting in front of the tv, listening to the reporter guy talk, and drinking hot chocolate. We were only sitting for a few minutes until we heard a knock. Nicole ran to the door. She expected to see the guys, not Coco.

"Oh hi Coco." She said.

"Nicole. Are you girls enjoying your day off?"

"Yes." We all replied in unison.

"Great. Well, I hate to say this but I have to. Butler hall lost power so the guys from there will be moving into this hall for awhile. Girls, this is no ordinary snow. This is a blizzard. You all have to stay inside until further notice. The dean will bring food to each hall, but that's all. No going outside, only to the lounge. Got it?"

"Yea." We said.

"Ok, well you new roommates will be...Chase Matthews, Michael Barrett, and Logan Reese. They should be in their room packing. It'll be up to you six where everyone sleeps. We can't get anymore beds so make do. Oh and Dana."

"Yea?" I asked still not over the fact Logan was going to be living in the same room as me for who knows how long.

"Don't kill or hurt Mr. Reese. I know you guys argue all the time but that's why the dean put him in here, so you guys could "work out your differences". Have fun girls. Oh and make room for the boys to put their clothes and stuff. See you later."

We were all to shocked to say anything. Nicole turned on the news and went to clean out the closet. It was crammed full anyway. Nicole took everything out and put it on the owners bed. I was in charge of cleaning off our shelves that had shampoo and stuff on them. Zoey was cleaning out the drawers.

We finally finished after about 45 minutes. We flopped down on the floor since there was stuff all over our beds. We were just laying there when we heard a knock. Nicole pulled herself up to get the door.

"Oh hi guys. You have alot of stuff." Nicole said, without emotion. I know, I was shocked too.

"Hey Nicole. I guess we are roommates now." Chase said as they walked in with boxes and suitcases.

"Where did you guys get the boxes?" Zoey asked from the floor.

"There were a ton in our lounge so we could pack. And why are you two on the floor?" Michael asked looking at us oddly.

"Because we just spent 45 minutes cleaning out this room. So we could make space for your stuff." I told them.

"Do you think we need this much room?" Logan asked.

"No. We're putting our stuff back in. Just not all of it." Zoey told Logan.

We spent the next hour going through all of clothes to see what ones we wore enough to put in the closet and drawers. We each had 6 things in the closet. We each had two drawers also, when it was just us girls we had four. Everything else went into boxes along the walls. We knew we would need stuff from them, just not right now. We put our shampoos and things like that one the three shelves.

"So now that we're done with that. What do you guys want to do? It's almost night anyway." Nicole said way to fast.

"How about we go see if the dean brought any food yet? If he did, we can eat and then come back here. If not, we'll...i don't know. Maybe just come back here." Zoey said.

We all agreed. In the lounge kids were sitting and eating. The dean had brought pizza. We all got out share, which was only one piece per person, and sat down at a table in the corner. Quinn brought her half-eaten pizza over and started explaining a new 'Quinnvention' to Zoey.

I guess I zoned out because Logan was waving his hand infront of my face.

"Hey Cruz! Are you still here?" He yelled in my ear.

"Shut up Logan." I said.

"Make me." He knows he's challenging me.

"You really want me to?" I threatned.

"Yea. I'd like to see you try. I'll even give you the pleasure of trying in private. Let's go to your...I mean our dorm." He said and smirked at me.

"Fine. Let's go." We started to walk away. "And don't you guys come back for at least 15 minutes." They all nodded.

We walked back into the dorm and Logan sat down on my bed. He had that 'I'm waiting' look on his face. I started toward him. I was almost at him when he pushed me back. Not hard, just enough to move me.

"Listen, I don't want to fight with you." He said. I swear I'm dreaming.

"Um ok." I said a little confused.

"Shocked you didn't it?"

"No." I tried to cover up my mistake.

"Right. Come here Cruz. You're the only one of all our friends that I know hardly anything about. Sit, talk to me."

"Um...what do you want to know?" I asked as I sat down beside him.

"Start easy. What's your favorite color?" He asked.

"Black. Yours?"

"Red, but black is next."

"I never knew that." I said almost a whisper. "What's your favorite class?"

"Um...Science. I like Chemistry but that's it. Yours?"

"Science. I like dissecting things." I laughed.

"I have an idea. Sit in a chair across from me and if we have something in common we move closer if we don't we move farther." He said.

"You got that idea off of Full House you dork. But fine." I laughed as we sat down. We started arms length apart.

"Should we move together a little because we both like science?" He asked. I nodded and we were closer.

"Favorite...food?" I asked.

"Pizza. You?"

"Pizza." I nodded as we moved closer. "Favorite sport?"

"Basketball." He said simply.

"Me too." We moved closer and our legs were touching.

"Writing or reading?" He asked.

"Writing. You?"

"Writing. I hate reading." We moved closer. We were only about an inch apart. We weren't talking, we were just looking at each other.

We probably sat that way for five minutes. I almost wanted him to kiss me. Almost. He leaned in to kiss me, but the gang burst through the door. They saw us and stopped. Logan and I broke our stare and looked at them.

"What the heck was that?" Nicole asked.

"Uh..." How do you answer that? I tried but that's all I got.

"Uh...what?" Michael asked.

"We were uh..." I tried to think up a lie.

"We were...gonna kiss." Logan said. I looked at him but he wouldn't look back. His face was red.

"Oh really?" Nicole said in her perky way.

"Yes really. What? Don't think we could?" I regreted it right away. I knew Logan was looking at me this time.

"Uh not really. You guys fight way to much. You guys could maybe kiss but you could never date because you'd kill each other." Zoey told us.

"We could so. Did you ever think maybe we just don't like each other?" I asked.

"You don't like me. I like you." Logan said quietly. I almost didn't hear.

"Wh-What?" I asked, double-checking my hearing.

"You know what I said. I have to go." He started toward the door. I ran to get infront of it.

"No. You have to stay."

"I'm not afraid of you Cruz. Now move."

"No, I won't move. I know you aren't afraid of me, Logan. I'm not that scary. But, who said I didn't like you?" I asked as I stood, arms spread, infront of the door.

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