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So two weeks ago, Logan and I kissed. It was the best kiss ever. We've had our fights but we've mostly been going strong. I hope we last, I really like him. He says he likes me too. I know that if he dumps me again, I could never take him back. It would just hurt to much. He tells me he'll never do it again. Zoey and Nicole always ask if he's said 'I love you' yet, but he hasn't. I know that he's not the kind of person to say it if he doesn't mean it, and that's a good thing.

Oh and about Logan's grades. He has 4 C's and 4 B's in his classes. His dad called me and thanked me. He said he didn't really think I could do it. He also didn't think it would work because we're dating now. He was wrong. Logan made up this little joke-like thing. Every time he gets an A on an assingment or a test, I have to make out with him. At least I know he's trying hard, even if it is just for a kiss.

Chase and Zoey are still at that just friends level. Chase admitted to liking Zoey, but he hasn't acted on it. Zoey claims that if he asked her out, she'd say yes. She hints toward it a lot, but he just doesn't get it. Maybe he's turning to be like Zoey, to oblivious for his own good.

Nicole, on the other hand, has a new boyfriend. His name is Chris and she likes him a lot. They've been together for this whole week. Nicole is always hanging on him, and I know personally that she'd tell him she loves him if he did it first.

Michael also has a new girlfriend, Alyssa. She's a really laid-back girl, which is just what Michael needs. He is always with her. Walking her to class, holding her hand, kissing her, and sometimes it makes me sick. But I know Logan and I do it too.

So here's our happily ever after. We all hope that Zoey and Chase will get together some day, but right now I just don't see it.

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