Special Tribunal Court of Amestris

Central City, Central Sector

Affidavit for warrant of arrest for the following person:

Roy Mustang

Aka: The Flame Alchemist

DOB/ 05/12/1882 Sex/ M

Pursuant to the temporary article of Ishvalla Reconstruction and Reparations Act, which the above signed court is hereby ordered to investigate and duly fulfill all aspects of this new law, we the undersigned affiant (s) being duly sworn, deposes, and says that he has reason to believe that the above named person committed the offenses of:

Capital Murder penal code 11:24:b3 Genocide penal code 75:10:g7 Perjury penal code 02:33:a1 Other crimes to be determined at special trial.

Potential crimes to be examined include but are not restricted to assaulting a fellow officer; forgery; money laundering; blackmail; conspiracy to commit murder; destruction of government property; dereliction of duty; corruption; unauthorized distribution of firearms; tampering with military personnel records; illicit recruitment of minors into the State Alchemy Program; unauthorized relations with a foreign government; arms smuggling; human smuggling; tampering with evidence; burglary; inciting violence; rioting; having sexual relations with a subordinate; knowingly engaging in acts of warfare and misleading the good people of Amestris.

Colonel Mustang left off reading here and looked up at the two military police officers who had delivered the warrant. "Very well, gentlemen, but can you see to it that I have access to paper and ink in my cell?"