Title: Close Your Eyes

Characters: Sora/Kairi

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone or anything. Co belongs to Square Enix and song belongs to Westlife.

Summary: Sora reflects on leaving Kairi.

A/N: Song wouldn't leave me alone (Sticks tongue out at song). It wanted me to write this story.

Chapter 1: Close Your Eyes

A spiky blonde haired male lay back on the grass with his hands tucked behind his head as he stared up into the night sky where the starts were twinkling brightly. The full moon shone onto the ground.

A little further away from him, a duck clad in a blue shirt was sleeping, curled up. A tall dog dressed in orange trouser and a green top was also sleeping peaceful.

The boy sighed as he gave a tender smile as he looked at them before looking at the stars once more and wondered if she was looking up at them too.

If you wanna know

Tomorrow morning I have to leave

But wherever I may be

Best believe I'm thinking of you

I can't believe how much I love

A red haired female was sitting on the sand with her legs stretched out as she lifted the sand and watched as the soft grains trickled through her fingers before she lifted her blue eyes up to the sky and saw the stars twinkling.

It was infuriating, how they were being kept apart from each other by different worlds.

She gave sighed softly as she laid back onto the sand before she thought back to when they had last seen each other

All we have is here tonight

We don't want to waste this time

Give me something to remember

Baby put your lips on mine

"I'll come back – I'll find a way – I promise," he told her as he held onto her hand as the ground moved further apart.

"I know," she told him as their hands slipped apart from each other.

He found himself surrounded by stars as he continued to shout her name while she found himself back on their island, alone with just her tears and his promise to hold onto.

And I'll love you forever

Anytime that we find ourselves apart

He worked hard to keep his promise to her. He was fighting the Heartless even more. He knew what his job was, he knew that he would find her again and they would be together just like they always wanted.

All they wanted was to be together once more – to lie on the beach once more, just gaze at the stars together like they used to.

Just close your eyes

And you'll be here with me

Just look to your heart

And that's where I'll be

If you just close your eyes

Till you're drifting away

You'll never be too far from me

If you close your eyes

They closed their eyes together. He appeared in her mind's eye. She appeared in his mind's eye. They had been apart for so long; the only time they could meet each other was in the dreamscape where they lived once again.

I know I'm gonna see you again

But promise me that you won't forget

Cause as long as you remember

A part of us will be together

So even when you're fast asleep

Look for me inside your dreams

Keep believing in what we're sharing

And even when I'm not there to tell you

She had forgotten him for a short moment. He had forgotten her as his memories were taken apart, but their feelings for each other kept them grounded. She always had a nagging feeling that she was missing something and fought hard to remember him.

He fought hard to remember who he was missing. He knew that he was replacing the image of her with another girl, but it soon broke through and he remembered who he was.

I'll, I'll love you forever

Anytime that I can't be where you are

Kairi loved him for who he was. His adorable smile whenever he smiled at her. The way he blushed slightly and scratched the back of his head because he had been caught out doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing.

Sora loved her for who she was. The sweet smile that crossed her face whenever she saw him. The way her blue eyes lit up with happiness and excitement whenever she learned or saw something new.

Just close your eyes

And you'll be here with me

Just look to your heart

And that's where I'll be

If you just close your eyes

Till you're drifting away

You'll never be too far from me

If you close your eyes

She made her way into the secret spot in her dream. There he was, standing in the middle, looking at all the drawings that had been put on the windows from all the children coming here to make this place their own.

He turned around and gave her that smile, the one that made her weak in the knees. She moved closer to him.

They came to a stop in front of each other, looking each other over, taking in the changes that they had undergone after being apart for so long.

Is there anywhere that far?

Anytime you're feeling low

Is there anywhere that love cannot reach?

Oh no

It could be anywhere on earth

It could be anywhere I'll be

Oh baby if you want to see

She flung herself into his arms, holding him close as she buried her face into his neck, inhaling the scent that was him.

He just closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her body, holding her close and smelling the soft scent that was hers.

They just stood there, holding each other close as they could.

It was their haven…their home.

Just close your eyes

And you'll be here with me

Look to your heart

That's where you'll be

Just close your eyes

Till you're drifting away

You'll never be too far from me

"I miss you Sora," she whispered and he smiled softly.

"I miss you too Kairi, but I'm keeping my promise – I'll be home soon," he whispered before he gave her a soft kiss on the lips and they both faded out of the dream and back to reality where they both stared at the stars once more with sweet smiles.

The End.

Thanks to my beta: Anathera