AN: Took forever to shave it down to 100 words (not counting disclaimer and author's note), but I could not have done it without my beta, even though he is being a spoilsport by wishing to remain anonymous.

Disclaimer: Hermione and Severus are Rowling's creations but only my playthings.

"Hermione, it won't fit!"

"You getting angry won't make this easier. A little harder- I promise it'll go in!"

"I…can't! It's too big!"

"Another few inches. Okay, keep trying!"

"I'm pushing as hard as I bloody can, Hermione! What can a bloke do? It's too big!"

"I don't remember any of the others' being this big. I swear, yours is the biggest I've ever seen! Give it a good shove. I can get this in!"

They strained until it finally went in. Panting, Hermione grinned.

"I told you that if we persevered, we'd get your couch into my flat without magic!"