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Chapter Seven

As soon as the door closed shut, Hiruzen Sarutobi narrowed his eyes slightly, frowning at the paperwork on his desk. Once again, he had been presented with a problem, and Naruto was right in the middle of it, as usual. Now, however, he had been given several things to begin considering over – his two jounin, recent events, and their candidate for citizenry and possibly a ranking as a shinobi. Taking a puff of his pipe, he let out a deep sigh and curled his left hand into a fist.

There was something going on with Team Eight and Seven, but he didn't have near enough information to come to a logical conclusion. First there was the merging of the two teams, which was enough to cause him deep suspicion. The three-man rule had been practiced since the very beginning of Konoha's establishment, as two-man and four-man teams were ridiculous for the formulation of tasks and services. Though having such flexibility could be welcoming at times, it lacked the structure and strict teachings the younger shinobi needed in order to prosper into capable ninja. Going along that line of thinking, now he had to wonder about the genin themselves – Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, and Hyuuga Hinata.

While he knew Naruto to be a boisterous boy with an easygoing façade and a dark past, he now had to wonder if what he knew was simply just a ruse all and in itself. However, Hiruzen was quite certain Naruto had never developed any close relationships with anyone in his class, much less the other loner, Sasuke, and especially the famed clans of the Aburame and Hyuuga. It seemed that Hyuuga Hiashi had not yet gained wind of the news just yet, which suited him just fine. Although the Sandaime was happy for Naruto and his success of making friends so quickly, it seemed a bit…too quickly given the circumstances. Plus, his ANBU had given him several reports detailing many sightings of the young vessel and Haruno Sakura together on various occasions. The last he had heard, the young Haruno had set her eyes on the last Uchiha, much to the boy's distress.

In addition to that, several sightings of the young Uchiha and Hyuuga had also been witnessed by his information squadron. Three and one half months before, the two children had never even seemed to notice one another, and now they were walking together and laughing as if they had done it for years. The old Hokage narrowed his eyes slightly, and thought back on the two team's jounin instructors. They, like the children, had changed quickly.

As far as he had been aware, Hatake Kakashi and Yuuhi Kurenai had never gotten along well, ever since the female jounin had first arrived in their village. Her standards of how a ninja should act clashed greatly with Kakashi's general nature – promptness, attitude, the will to work…

The more Hiruzen thought over it, the more confused and annoyed he became. How could two people with completely opposite interests and methods become so close so quickly that they would want to work together for an infinite amount of time? Alongside of that, their skills were on polar ends as well – Kurenai being a genjutsu mistress and Kakashi being more of a combative ninja. Two completely opposite characters and personalities being able to work with one another with near ease…impossible for such a short time limit…

Hiruzen didn't even want to think about the young man they two teams had brought in to be accepted into their ranks…

"This is ridiculous," he muttered, putting down his pipe slowly as he lifted his narrowed eyes.

"Hawk. Falcon."

Within a few nanoseconds, two ANBU appeared before him, each kneeling down with their right fist touching the floor and head bowed. The Hokage leaned forward, resting his elbows gently on the desk and supporting his chin with his hands.

"Find Bear, Mongoose, Parakeet, and Tiger. You are to team with them and inform them of a new mission."

"What is it you would have us tell them, Hokage-sama?" asked Falcon, the ANBU's head still bowed.

"Team Seven and Eight, the newly formed Team Yuushain, are partaking in a hunt-and-kill mission in the Land of the Snow. The task is to follow them, and take note of their techniques, jutsu usage, chakra levels, character foundations, team interaction, and follow-through in the mission overall. Four of you will follow those two teams – two to a team – and the other two will keep an eye out on Team Ten, who of which will also be in that country. Pay close attention to their interactions as well as the other details I have mentioned. Send me corresponding reports detailing these specific details, and inform if Team Yuushain seeks out Team Ten at any given point.

"If such an occurrence takes place, inform me immediately. From that point on, you will pay foremost attention to the jounin. Listen closely to their conversations. Though it pains me to think as much, if there are so much as any treasonous words spoken, apprehend them all immediately."

The two ANBU's heads raised quickly, their surprise evident in their slack forms.

"Team Seven is led by the infamous Copycat Kakashi! Hokage-sama, surely you can't be…!"

"Do not question me!" Hiruzen growled out softly. "Or, do you see yourself fit to question me?"

"No, Hokage-sama!" both ANBU said quickly, each standing to attention.

"Dismissed," the Sandaime commanded, and within seconds, the two ANBU were gone.

Treason? No, he didn't think that any of the people on those three teams were capable of such, but there was something not quite right about the information he was aware of. However, such things were not fit to be stated in front of his loyal shinobi – especially if it was solely based on suspicion.

"This mission," he murmured, rising from his chair and moving to look out the window overlooking Konoha. "Something doesn't feel right…"

Naruto stood against the railing alongside Shino, his face grim as he stared across the frigid ocean waters. Whether unfortunately or not, the Aburame was the only person whom he could talk to at the moment without becoming really upset. His girlfriend Sakura, and the rest of Team Yuushain were not the best company to keep after what had happened when they had all decided to go shopping for new goods.

Unfortunately, he really should've expected that scenario to take place…but after years of being in good relations with most of the civilian and ninja community, he had long since forgotten the times where things had not always been as easy – or rather, he had tried to forget. Naruto had forgotten his rules concerning shopping, eating, walking around town, and other miscellaneous things that most took for granted. He had forgotten that whenever he went shopping, there was always a sudden inflation in prices, for some odd reason, but then a sale would take place as soon as he left. He had also forgotten about how when he chose specific weaponry, or armor, that the salesclerk would suddenly tell him that those items were not for sale, even though another ninja could come right up and buy them. For simplicity's sake, Naruto had forgotten everything that had been known to give him nightmares – it was just easier that way.

The fact that he was in the past ran through his mind again – somehow, it didn't seem as if he were, but rather that he was living in a far away dream. Of course, little things would pop up every now and then that would show he was definitely not in the future – his height, his lack of rank, his stupid, old apartment, the fact that he could not have sex with Sakura even though he'd never had it before in the first place (at least it was more probable when he was twenty), and the fact that he had lost some close relationships.

The young vessel also realized why he never went shopping with anyone else. Looking around, he saw her as she turned her green eyes towards him, the depths still darkened from her earlier fury. If she was still furious, then he knew that Sasuke, Hinata, Kiba, and surprisingly, Kurenai, and Kakashi, were no better off. Each one had reacted in different ways, but that storeowner knew that his business was practically done for. The storeowner had unknowingly pissed off five major clans, and two up-and-coming ones. Taking that into consideration, Naruto hadn't been surprised to see the older man immediately set up an "out of business" sign as soon as they had left.

With what had happened, he hadn't even wanted to take the clothes anymore, but found himself being stockpiled with outfit after outfit and armor after armor. The proprietor had even been "kind" enough to allow him the forearm brace and glove set that he had been ogling for nearly a half-hour. However, even with all of that, his friends were still very, very ticked off, and it was very hard for him to even remain on the same ship with them. The blond genin could tell Shino was angry as well, due to the rapid movement of his Kikaichuu insects, but at least the other young man wasn't ready to lash at Naruto at any given time.

As Naruto patted down his new clothing, – he'd decided to incorporate some orange into his outfit again, though it was only apparent along the seams – feeling dirty from the methods used to acquire it. He had quickly thrown away his old trousers, sandals, and V-neck shirt for a more practical, modern look. Naruto found that he enjoyed wearing a black turtleneck, long-sleeved shirt with an open vest lined with lead. His trousers were nothing exceptional, though he could unzip the bottoms off at any time and walk around in shorts. The young blond was just happy to have large pockets again, and a place to stick his utility belt. Glancing at his hands, he flexed open his fingers as he looked at the fingerless gloves. They were sewed carefully to a metal plate on the back, and were also carefully stitched to the sleek, ebony metal running along both his forearms. They were heavy, and only stayed attached via a constant supply of chakra, but they were great for defense and even allowed him to make a chakra shield.

Of course, Naruto hadn't been the only one to change his style. Sakura, he had noticed very quickly, wore something similar to when she had been a teenager in the past – future? – and was, in his opinion, very attractive. Her long hair – which she threatened to cut off almost daily – was tied up in a high ponytail, her shorter hairs framing her face, causing her to have a slightly more mature look. Sakura's not-quite-so-developed body (not that he was complaining…at all) was clothed with a high collar, white-seamed, red shirt that looked both fashionable and allowed her quick movement. It trailed down around her hips (they were widening – not that Naruto had ever noticed…really) and was held against her body by a long, white sash in which the entrails would flow gently around or behind her. Her black, knee-length scooter (similar to a skort but with the "skirt" enhancement sewed in 360 degrees instead of only in front) ebbed around her as she walked. The young man couldn't honestly say that even though he thought that kind of clothing was out of style (way out), Sakura pulled it off nicely. Of course, the rosette wore her black, near knee-length boots and black leather gloves to complete the outfit.

Again, Naruto couldn't help but love her skirt…thing.

Hinata, the vessel had noticed, hadn't changed her style too much from before. She still wore a conservative, lavender jacket, though it was only to cover her skin-tight black undershirt. How he had seen what was underneath, he would never tell a soul. Naruto lowered his eyes slightly, enough to see her slightly-roomy black pants that flowed over her heeled shoes. Actually, aside from the age difference (and lack of having giant boobs like before, not that he had ever noticed – no…), there really wasn't much of a change from how she had always used to dress. The attitude change must have overpowered any desire of hers to change outfits.

Sasuke, however, had switched out his high-collared t-shirt for a more mature half-length sleeved midnight-blue V-neck shirt that dipped down to the tip of his abdomen. On top of that, he wore a black sleeveless vest made of a very light material that flowed down just below his hips, tied down only by the black belt her wore around his waist. His midnight-blue pants were nothing of interest to Naruto, nor were the black sandals the Uchiha wore. Of course, the Uchiha clan symbol was prominent on the back of Sasuke's vest, but that didn't really interest Naruto either – it was old news, after all.

Kiba and Shino hadn't really changed anything about their styles – ah, to be young again – and neither had Kakashi. Kurenai, however, had quickly discarded her old style after hearing Sasuke mutter to Hinata that the genjutsu mistress looked like a big piñata looking to be hit. Now, the older woman just wore a skin-tight, red, short-sleeved shirt, long black slacks, black heels, and a flak jacket. So much for originality – Naruto had kind of liked the piñata style shirt.

Tilting his head slightly, he narrowed his eyes slightly at the oncoming harbor. Much to the supposed relief of Team Ten, Team Yuushain had helped with the earlier incident when the foreign ninjas that were after the princess attacked. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura decided against beating them as it wasn't their mission. As far as the blond was concerned, whether Koyuki would be convinced into taking her spot as queen or not was solely up to the skill of Team Ten. It wasn't his job this time around, though he would have to make sure they didn't somehow screw up and get the princess killed.

Sighing, he chuckled. Naruto knew that there was no way Nara Shikamaru would allow his client to die, and neither would Sarutobi Asuma. So, it was with a slowly forming grin on his face when Naruto turned to walk to the plank that would allow everyone to disembark from the ship. The only things, he realized, that were weighing heavily on was the overall performance of his team, and the enemies they were about to kill.

The whole situation made him very wary.

"I'm cold. And I'm hungry. Oh, and let's not forget how cold I am."

"Want some cheese with that whine of yours? Or how about I just make you unconscious to help you along…"

Kiba shut his mouth quickly, glaring over at Sakura, who did the same in turn. Her ire rose when he stuck out his tongue at her, and Naruto moved to grab her arm before she damaged their precious comrade. The rosette turned her now emerald-green over to Naruto, and he quickly leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. Completely taken by surprise, Sakura's eyes faded quickly back to their normal leaf-green and a flush ran across her cheeks.

"He's our friend," teased Naruto. "Remember?"

"Y-yes," Sakura managed to stutter out, much to everyone's amusement. Clapping his left hand on her shoulder, Naruto guided her forward away from the young Inuzuka, looking back only to wink at the latter.

Kiba let out a soft chuckle, and moved to catch up with the main group.

Since Team Yuushain had split up with Team Ten three hours, before, they had each performed separate reconnaissance around the eastern part of the country. However, each member had soon discovered the island to be far larger than the original Team Seven could remember. In addition, Squadron Firosu was nowhere to be found, nor was Team Yuushain even able to identify any unknown chakra patterns. As the entire group gathered together, Kakashi slid his hands in his pockets, his one apparent eye showing complete seriousness. He first looked at Kurenai, and at her gentle nod, he turned back to the group.

"As I'm sure all of you have noticed," he began, posture tense as he continued to mentally scout for more chakra signatures, "the mission seems a bit odd. Supposedly, according to Hokage-sama, this Firosu squadron is comprised of twenty genin, two chuunin, and two jounin, or something similar to that of. What's missing in this picture? Shino? Kiba."

Kiba turned his gaze to look up at Akamaru on his head, and bared his teeth slightly. "Can't smell shit on them. Snow makes it hard enough, but I don't even smell traces of a fire, or even old urine. Akamaru can't get any scents either."

Kakashi nodded slowly, and both he and Kurenai turned their attention next to Shino, who shifted up his dark glasses slightly. Shino buried his face deeper into his high-collared jacket.

"My insects have been unable to track down any chakra signatures as well. To be quite honest, it almost seems as if there were never any traces of there being ninja here in the first place. Or, if so, it may have happened quite some time ago."

"That's true," agreed Kurenai softly, her blood-red eyes trained on the two novices. "Evidence shows that the snow has not been disturbed for quite a long time."

She turned her gaze up to Kakashi's. "During my reconnaissance, I was unable to see any shifts in the air, or any slight chakra changes. I thought, at first, that we might have just walked into a large genjutsu without knowing…which may still be true. When I sought to cancel it, nothing happened. So, either we're dealing with a wild goose chase, or very, very advanced ninjas. And if I may suggest: let us please hope for the former, because if we are, in fact, meant to fight against ninjas that can hold a genjutsu so complicated and difficult to detect for so long a time, then…"

Kakashi sighed softly, but nodded his agreement. "I thought along the same lines as you, and so tried to look around with my Sharingan. I was unable to pick up anything out of the ordinary," he ended softly, before turning over to Sasuke. "What about you?"

"No, nothing," Sasuke murmured softly, his Sharingan's three tomoe swirling wildly. "No distortion, no enhanced chakra signatures, no obvious triggers for anything. Something about this mission is a little off."

Hinata pushed more chakra into her Byakugan, the veins around her eyes enlarging as she forced herself to look farther and farther. "I'm not seeing anything," she muttered bitterly. "Forest critters, flying birds…ah."

"What's 'ah' mean?" asked Naruto immediately, with everyone else looking expectantly at Hinata. The young girl frowned, and the veins bulged further. She clicked her tongue softly, before completely deactivating the jutsu.

"Approximately two miles away, there's a small village. It's very low-key, and they live within the confines of a cave that delves underground. The population seemed to be low as well, but, they may be a decent source of information."

As soon as Hinata spoke her last words, she saw her surroundings shake violently as pain ran through her chest and around her eyes. As the pain grew around her eyes, she let out a cry that cut short as she began to fall down to the ground. Sasuke immediately was next to her, holding her in his arms as he watched her stare up at the sky in bewilderment.

"What happened?" Naruto asked anxiously, as taken aback by Hinata's sudden pain as the rest of the team.

Hinata blinked slowly at first, not quite sure what had happened at first.

"I'm…not really certain myself. I suppose I used too much chakra too quickly," she said, chuckling as she pushed herself up to standing. Sasuke made sure to stay right beside her and hold an arm around her waist.

She smiled gratefully at him and made a half-hearted grin when Sakura glared over at her. "I'm fine, I'm fine! I promise!"

"If you're sure," Kakashi started slowly, "then that's fine. Which direction is the village?"

"Northeast from here in a small coven area within some sheer, rock cliffs. Only about five minutes away if we travel by trees."

Sakura crossed her arms over her chest, and looked back at Naruto, who raised an eyebrow at her. She turned slowly, gesturing towards Hinata as she whispered softly, "I want to stay back and check on Hinata for just a bit. Why don't you go scout ahead with Kiba and Shino?"

"What?" he asked, raising his shoulders in a quick shrug. "Sakura-chan, she said she was fine. Just let her be."

"Didn't you see how much pain she was in? No matter how momentary that may have been, I want to make sure that she really isn't in any more pain."

"If she was in pain, she'd just say so," Naruto said, exasperated. "She's not a kid. I think she knows when she's in pain."

Sakura stared at him, anger causing her cheeks to begin flushing. She looked back at Hinata, who glanced over at her knowingly, before she grabbed Naruto's vest and whispered in his ear,

"I think I keep forgetting just how dense you are sometimes."

"What?" he whispered back harshly, eyes filled with confusion. "Why?"

"Haven't you noticed by now how Hinata hates voicing her true opinions?"

"Since when? She's always giving us a piece of her mind! You're just looking into this too much!"

As she released his jacket, Sakura glared at him and started turning around to walk back towards Hinata. "Pain," she whispered just barely loud enough for him to hear, "and true love are two things she would never voice to anyone."

Naruto narrowed his eyes slightly, though he still couldn't understand what Sakura had been aiming at. "Pain…and true love? She loves Sasuke…she says that all the time. Everyone can tell. What the hell's Sakura-chan aiming at?

"Come on, Shino, Kiba!" he yelled at, crouching down slowly. "Let's go!"

All three boys jumped high into the air, each landing on the nearest branch, and propelling themselves forward. Kiba and Shino both glanced over at Naruto, before looking at each other silently. All three looked up quickly as they saw tall cliffs looming closer in the distance, and Naruto noted inwardly of how correct Hinata had been.

There's nothing wrong with her, he thought fervently, gritting his teeth hard. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing!

Naruto held up his hand and upon that signal, all three boys stopped at the edge of the forest, looking over at the cave.

"It's faint, but," said Kiba as he and Akamaru began sniffing. "I can smell a definite sign of smoke coming from that cave."

Akamaru barked at Kiba a few times, and the boy nodded, turning towards Naruto. "Akamaru says he smells food. And there's some trace of someone having been here recently."

"Well, that's weird," Naruto said slowly, his eyes narrowing. "How did we miss this area?"

"There's a strong genjutsu around this area," came a voice from behind them.

All three boys looked back to see the rest of the team jumping towards them, and Naruto immediately turned to look at Kurenai, who had spoken earlier. "There was really no way of us noticing on our own," the older woman continued. "It takes a strong technique to be able to see through such a jutsu. Its very fabrication is meant for concealing. Because all its strength is geared towards that, it's really no wonder that we never found it. Luckily for us, though, we have the Byakugan on our side."

Naruto's widened slightly and he turned to look at Hinata, his eyes narrowing as he did.

"Are you all right, Hinata?"

Hinata, surprised, chuckled slightly while quickly throwing a sharp glare over at Sakura. "Yes, yes, I'm fine. Do not worry."

"If you are ever in pain again," Naruto implored vehemently, "please say so!"

Hinata shifted uncomfortably, lowering her eyes to stare down at the tree branch. "Ah, yes…"

Naruto grinned widely, causing a gentle flow of red to glide across Hinata's cheeks, and she cursed herself The blond was about to say something else when a voice rang out:

"I've…found you! Prepare to die by my hand! Katon: Nanajugoku no Honou!"

All representatives of Team Yuushain looked up as a large balls of fire came in at them from all sides. Hinata looked at Sasuke, shouting,

"Sasuke, water!"

He barely glanced at her before flying through seals and roaring out, "Katon: Daihonou Myakudou!"

As soon a giant wave of heat flew through the area, melting all the nearby snow, Kakashi yelled,

"Gyakusuirou no Jutsu!"

Within nanoseconds, the water from the ground flew up around Team Yuushain in a dome-shaped fashion, acting as a heavy barrier of water as the large balls of fire slammed into it. Kiba and Shino watched as layer by layer of the water shield evaporated before the balls were slowly encompassed. Naruto and Sakura both stared up at the now dissipating water dome, each feeling their heart beats slowly slow down from its earlier erratic beating. Sakura rested a hand on her chest as she breathed in deeply, before she slowly raised her head, eyes deeply narrowed.

"Whoever attacked us, show yourself now!"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes as well, his hands slipping quietly into his pants pockets. "If you don't," he continued, following Sakura's example. "Then we will destroy you. This isn't our country, so don't think we won't hesitate to destroy it just to get to you."

Naruto chuckled, lifting his hands up to rest them behind his head in a carefree manner. "Hey, Sasuke! I heard that fire and wind make a destructive combination!"

"Do they?" the Uchiha murmured questioningly. "Then it would be a shame for anyone who happened to get caught up in that, wouldn't it?"

Kakashi looked around carefully, his Sharingan uncovered for better analyzing the area. Via his eye, even despite looking around over and over again, Kakashi found that there were no chakra figures to be detected. Such discrepancies were starting to become tiresome for him, and make him slightly irritable. Turning to Naruto, he nodded slightly. "I suggest you go ahead and do whatever attack you're going to. They're not coming out. Whoever this is has an amazing control of her chakra – she can hide it from even my Sharingan."

Naruto blinked slowly and turned to look at Sasuke, who nodded in return. Sighing softly, Naruto crouched down, drew back his right hand while clenching it into a fist, and threw it forward with a spiraling force, shouting,

"Fuuton: Tatsumaki!"

At the same, Sasuke breathed in a large gulp of air and let out with a murmured,

"Katon: Karyuu Endan!"

The large blast of fire flew from Sasuke's mouth and swirled around the roaring waves of air of Naruto's Tatsumaki attack. Small sparks ignited as the fire continued to swirl around before the air seemed to start roaring from the ferocity of the combined elements. The large, fiery tornado spun rapidly through the trees, setting them ablaze almost immediately on contact, and melting the snow within seconds. Kakashi and Kurenai watched as a small girl ran out into the opening and circled her lips with a hand:

"Doton: Doryuu Heki!"

Sakura watched closely as the whirlwind of flames slammed into the earthen wall and split, flowing around it and back into the forest. As soon as the flames had dispersed from the wall, she jumped down to the ground, and flew forward, hair flying back as she readied her right fist. Her gloved fist, glowing with chakra, slammed into wall, cracking it apart as if it were a thin sheet of glass. From behind the wall, the girl widened her eyes quickly and she jumped back to keep from getting hit from mud shards.

"You're...not human!" she gasped out, flipping in a reverse somersault and landing some distance away. Sakura clenched her fist and brought it back tightly, her chakra beginning to swirl around violently. The enemy girl settled back into a fighting stance, and narrowed her eyes as she saw everything begin to darken around her.


The last thing she saw was Sakura's eyes glinting a deadly sheen.

Some time later, the girl's ocean-blue eyes slowly opened, and as soon as she tried to move, she found herself tied down tightly to the ground. She grunted heavily as she struggled to raise up her wrists, and bit her lips hard.

"Stop struggling…or you'll hurt yourself."

Jerking with surprise, she turned her head over to see a small, blond boy with cornflower-blue eyes staring down at her. His arms were crossed over his chest and he didn't look all too happy as they locked gazes with one another.

"Who are you?" she asked bitingly. "Why have you imprisoned me?"

He lifted an eyebrow at her, and she noticed five more people walk over – along with a dog? – and look down at her. Taking note of his companions, she noticed a black-haired boy and girl, – or perhaps her hair was blue? – and two boys each with heavy jackets, though one wore sunglasses, and the other had the dog. Then, she noticed the pink-haired girl, and anger flared through her.

"You! You are the one who caused me to see black!"

Sakura's face blanked slightly as she repeated, "…'Caused you to see black?' That would be genjutsu, which I suppose isn't your forté…"

"Still doesn't answer our initial questions, though," Sasuke quietly said, his eyes' depths frozen. "Though no one asked, I guess I will. Who are you, who are you working for, and why did you attack us? And don't think being a girl will get you out of your binding.

The girl glared at Sasuke, her eyes narrowing sharply. "My name…I go by Monami. Tsuruzu Monami. I am a ninja of my own right – bound to no village! And I attacked you because…I thought you were them!" she spat out.

"Them?" asked Shino quietly.

"Yes, them," she conceded bitterly. "They who killed my entire village…everyone except me! And I was only spared because I was on a mission! I was in line to be the leader of my village! Now, I don't have a village to lead! All because of them!

"And by them," Monami softly drawled out, "I, of course, mean the ANBU squad… But, I suppose they go by the name Firosu now."

All of the postures of Team Seven straightened quickly upon hearing the word, "Firosu." So Firosu really existed? Then…where we they, and why couldn't Team Yuushain find any sign of them?

Katon: Nanajugoku no Honou – Fire Release: Flame of the Seven Hells
Katon: Daihonou Myakudou – Fire Release: Great Flame Pulsation
Gyakusuirou no Jutsu – Inverse Water Prison Technique
Fuuton: Tatsumaki – Wind Release: Tornado
Katon: Karyuu Endan – Fire Release: Fire Dragon Blast
Doton: Doryuu Heki – Earth Release: Earth Style Wall

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