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Summary : After a traumatic case, a distraught and drunk Gibbs turns to someone for comfort. This leads to unexpected consequences….

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Warning : Adult Material.

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He grabbed a glass and poured a generous shot of bourbon. Downing it in one second, he gasped at the fiery trail it blazed to his stomach. His eyes stung and his breathe caught as his mind replayed his day from hell.


"Clear." McGee called out through the mouth piece as he entered the house through the garage.

"Clear." DiNozzo called out from the back door.

"I see movement in the left upstairs window." Ziva warned, rushing to meet Gibbs at the front door.

"Move in." Gibbs ordered.

They cleared the bottom floor within moments. As Gibbs led the party up the stairway, a hysterical cry from a little girl drowned the silence of the rest of the house.

"Stop crying. You like this. You always have. Now hold still!" A harsh voice growled.

The little girl cried out again, just as Gibbs and Ziva burst through the bedroom door.

"NCIS! Get away from her NOW!" Gibbs growled.

He refused to look at the child. He refused to be distracted.

The bastard in front of him was stunned for an instant. Then he started laughing.

"She likes it, you know. I'll even share her with each of you for fifty bucks."

"#...!" Ziva swore in Hebrew as DiNozzo and McGee moved further into the room.

"Not interested. Well that's too bad." The bastard smiled.

His eyes were glazed and his body muscular and rigid.

Within a blink of an eye, he had the girl, the sweet, innocent 7 year old red hair, green eyes, Emily in his arms. As 4 shots rang out, the bastard turned and threw Emily's weightless body out through the window. The impact of the shots threw the bastard out of the window after her.

Gibbs rushed to the window sill as the rest of the team ran down the stairway.

Emily lay in a crumpled, broken heap, her bright red blood soaking the grass around her head. Her vacant eye's stared up at Gibbs, asking for an explanation.

Why didn't you save me?

Shock and disorientation took up residence in Gibbs' soul as Emily's accusing eyes became Kelly's and Gibbs heard her voice demand, why did you leave me to die? Why Daddy?


Gibbs took the empty glass and threw it against the basement wall, where it shattered into a hundred pieces. Grabbing the bourbon bottle roughly, he gulped a mouth full.

He needed to escape those haunting, accusing eyes. He needed to forget what had happened to Kelly, just for a short while. He needed to find a way to breathe without gagging. He needed to find a way to stay away from his Sig and end it all. He needed to get so drunk that nothing would matter any more. Nothing!

So he drank and drank until the bottle was drained. Then he reached for a second bottle and nursed it.

But those eyes were still with him, still haunting him, still asking him questions he couldn't answer.

Then a soft feminine voice reached out to him. At first he thought it wasn't real. But it became louder and grew closer.

"Jethro, you've had enough." She said taking his bottle.

"No, leave me alone."

"Jethro, this isn't going to change anything." She said.

"It will make it bearable for a while."

"You've already had too much. Let me help you to bed."

"Get away from me." Gibbs growled grabbing her arm and pushing her away.

But he was unstable and succeeded in loosing his balance. She grabbed his forearms as he landed heavily across her. Now she was pinned underneath him but luckily they had fallen on the couch and not the floor.

"Jethro?!" she gasped as he lips caressed her neck.

"Help me forget…." Gibbs whispered.

"No. Jethro. You have to stop." She insisted pushing against his chest.

But he was a strong and heavy man and he didn't budge.

"I need this. I need you!" Gibbs whispered, his lips closing over her right nipple through her clothes.

"Oh God, Jethro…stop. You'll regret this in the morning." She gasped, her nipple aching as he suckled her hard.

"Please, help me forget… It hurts so much…" Gibbs whispered, before moving to her other breast and giving it the same attention.

"Gibbs, you don't know what you're doing or… what you're asking." She gasped, trying to push him away again.

He leaned back unsteadily. Then without warning, he ripped her blouse apart, exposing her beautiful breasts encased in a lacy black bra.

"Gibbs!" she cried out moving her hands to shield her body.

"I want this… I want you … I need you … I need to taste you." Gibbs growled, leaning forward and exposing her taut nipple. Then he licked her and sucked on her like a man dying of thirst.

All she could do was cry out in exquisite delight as heat and need rushed to her core, wetting her inner thighs.

His hand traced a path down her body and came to rest at the junction of her thighs.

"I need to be inside you… I need to feel you move against me… I know you can make me forget." He murmured.

"Aaahhh," She moaned out as he slipped a finger into her wetness.

"Yes, Jethro… I can make you …. Forget!" She moaned, cupping his face in her palms and bringing his lips to her.

And she did make him forget. He took her with a ferocity and intensity she had never felt in him before. He kissed her, licked her, and bit her leaving numerous love bites across her shoulders, breasts and inner thighs. He ravished her making her forget who she was and where she was. In that moment only they existed and their all consuming passion was all they needed.

As their passion wound down and Gibbs' satiated member slipped out of her, he sighed, "Jen!"

She smiled, pleased that she had been able to help him, although the manner in which she had done that, had not been her original intention.

But her smile faded a moment later, when she felt his stickiness coat her inner thighs.

Oh God, how could I have been so stupid! I should never have let this happened! Jen admonished herself as she pulled out from under a naked and passed out Gibbs. She covered him with a throw that rested on the back rest of the couch before dressing quickly. In her haste, she didn't find her bra and decided to leave without it.


The next morning, Gibbs woke up with the mother of all of hangovers. As he rolled over, he fell off the couch and hit the floor hard.

"Shit!" he swore.

When a breeze hit his body, he looked down at himself.

"Shit! Why the hell am I naked?"

Running a hand over his face he sighed. As he prepared to get up off the floor, his eyes landed on a black lacy bra, lying under the couch.

"What the hell?" He growled reaching for the bra.

Suddenly memories flashed through his mind of him and a beautiful body engaged in a rhythm as old as time. Just remembering the intense sensations and the powerful climax he had experienced made him hard.

"Who was she? God Damn it, who spent the night with me?" He growled as he finally set up and proceeded to throw up.


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