Disclaimer: Kamen Rider Den-O is the property and creation of Ishimori Productions and the Toei Company. I claim no rights to it, nor do I claim any rights to the Toei Company.

Kamen Rider Den-O: The Ed Express

Chapter 1(Prologue): The Train of Time

We begin this story in a strange land known only by a few, but closer to us all than we could possibly guess.

No people, no, civilization, no signs of life whatsoever. Nothing more than a sea of sand stretching as far as the eye can see, flanked by dusty red cliffs and canyons. A great light shines down on this strange land with the colors of the Aura Borealis.

Nothing was present, nothing was moving.

Nothing that is, but a peculiar looking express liner. The front windows, ovular and skewed, resembled the red eyes of a grasshopper. The top half of the main locomotive and every car after it was painted black with the bottom halfs contrasting in white. It turned and twisted along a single railroad.

Its horn echoed across the vast landscape as it rushed to the end of its trail; a straight drop off of a rapidly approaching cliff.

As the train neared its sheer drop into oblivion, a swirling vortex of light untwisted from nothingness and began expelling a line of rails suspended in mid-air. Defying all logic, the liner kept set on its course and took flight along the floating path.

In one of the cars of this amazing vehicle sat three individuals; an old man in a gray suit with a cane, a young, smiling woman wearing the uniform of a stewardess, and a girl wearing a white jacket with black jean shorts.

The stewardess brought a cup of coffee to the old man with a smile. He nodded in acknowledgement, and returned to staring out of one of the windows. The girl was preoccupied with a black plastic device in the shape of a rectangle.

What was all of this? What was this strange place? Why does this train alone lay claim to such a barren land? Where was it headed?

The answers to these questions are fantastic and unbelievable, but true in every word.

This desert is the Sands of Time, and the train that traverses time is the DenLiner. It rushes forward towards its next destination.

Will that be the past? The future?