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SET IN MID 2025 (May)
PIPER born August 7th, 1973 – 51
· WYATT born February 2nd, 2002 – 23 (All his powers)
· CHRIS born May 16th, 2004 – 20 (Orbing, Telekinesis, Telekinetic Orbing)
· MELINDA born 2007 – 18 (Molecular Immobilization, Combustion)
PHOEBE born November 2nd, 1975 – 49
· "LADYBUG" (Patty) born 2008 – 17 (Empathy, Feeling projection)
· OTHER DAUGHTERS (Penny, Victoria) born 2010 and 2012 – 15 and 12 (Premonitions; Levitation and flight)
PAIGE born August 2nd, 1977 – 47
· HENRY JUNIOR born in 2009 – 16 (Telekinetic Orbing, sensing)
· "THE TWINS" (JANICE, SAM) born in 2012 – 12 (Orbing, glamouring, astral projection)
BILLIE born December 1st, 1987 – 37

"This is ridiculous."

"No, it isn't. We've only been waiting for a few minutes. The demon'll be here, just wait."

Chris jerked his hand at his two bickering siblings in an attempt to keep the two of them quiet. Melinda almost seemed to argue with Wyatt more than she did with him, something that never ceased to surprise him. Now wasn't the time to listen to them, not with a demon on the loose.

"Did we really have to come to the park this late at night?" Melinda asked quietly.

"Yes," Chris said through slightly clenched teeth. That was the third time that night that she had asked that question, and he was getting sick of hearing it.

"I just—you know I had plans with my friends, and—"

He couldn't take it anymore. Wyatt had his plans, but he canceled them. Chris had his own plans, too, but he canceled them. Melinda had griped about canceling hers more than enough. He didn't want to hear about it. "Mel, seriously, just stop it," he snapped. "You knew that toward the end of your senior year, we were gonna have to get you used to demon fighting. Mom's rules."

"I know that. But it doesn't mean that I have to be happy about it." The youngest Halliwell looked at her two brothers disdainfully. "I just want to blow the stupid thing up and get back home."

Wyatt, who had been quiet for a moment while he looked up at the cloudless, night summer sky, said, "Yeah, well, you're not the only one."

This almost seemed like some kind of chore for the two of them, Chris thought irritably. Sometimes he felt like he was the only one that took things seriously. He knew that he wasn't, though; even if Wyatt didn't always act like it, being a Charmed One was still very important to him.

It didn't explain why right now both him and Melinda were so into the idea of getting out so quickly. Maybe it was because they hadn't thought this demon to be much trouble. They had traced it here, and they knew that the reason why the trees, shrubs and flowers in the park were doing so poorly was because this particular demon had a taste for the nymphs that took care of them. Chris just wished that they had been able to catch it sooner, so that they could have prevented the unnecessary deaths.

There was a sudden rustling in the bushes not too far away from them. Chris turned his head around just in time to see a figure rush out and head right for them. His immediate reaction was to try and orb away, but before he was able to he felt an impact as whatever it was collided with him, knocking him onto his back. His attempts at orbing were thwarted with the thrashing of the thing on top of him, and he tried to cover his face.

"Get it off me!" he shouted, voice muffled by the crook of his arm.

Just before he felt the creature fly off of him, something hot, sticky and gross dripped on and over his arm, dripping onto his neck and collarbone. He didn't know what it was but it felt disgusting.

"Mel!" he heard Wyatt shout. Soon thereafter there was a growling sound, followed by a heavy thud. Wyatt had used his powers to telekinetically throw the demon into a nearby tree.

When Chris managed to get up onto his feet again he wiped at the glop of crap on his neck, flicking his fingers toward the ground. He looked up just in time to catch his sister blowing up the demon with a surprised sort of yelp. It exploded into a number of pieces, with some more of the goo that had dribbled on Chris spurting out and over the grass around them.

Piper's three kids stared at each other before regrouping together near the tree that they had been hiding by.

"Good job," Wyatt said. At the sight of his brother wiping at his neck, he asked, "What happened?"

"Looks like he got gooed," Melinda interjected. She smirked.

Chris furrowed his brow. "Haha, funny. I got gooed. The demon…drooled on me, or something. I'm not really sure. Whatever it is, it's gross, and it's warm. I need to get a shower."

"Thank God it's not me drenched in demon guts." Wyatt grinned at his little brother and patted him on the shoulder. Chris just snorted. "But now that I that's /I done and out of the way, let's get back home."

Suddenly, Mel asked, "Could one of you maybe orb me to Aunt Phoebe and Uncle Coop's? I was gonna hang out with Patty and Penny…"

Chris didn't really feel like doing it. Looking at his brother, Wyatt silently seemed to agree to it, and he clasped his sister's shoulder. "Yeah, Mel, I'll take you. Come on." In just a second's time the two of them were orbing away, leaving their middle sibling in the somewhat dark, cool air of the park.

He wiped at his neck again. There was a tingling sensation that made him keep thinking that there was still something there, but he knew that there wasn't. Nothing was coming off onto his fingers. As he orbed home he thought about how showering was sure to get rid of that feeling. This wasn't the first time that he had been hit with demon residue, and he was sure that it wasn't going to be the last.

Upon arriving in the foyer, Chris glanced at the grandfather clock to check the time. It seemed so much later than ten at night, but he wasn't really sure why. They had left for the park sometime after it had started getting dark, which had been close to around nine, he thought. Maybe he had been wrong.

Chris was on his way up the stairs when he saw his mother coming down them. Piper was dressed in her pajamas, and she had a small, half-gallon of ice cream in her hands, along with a spoon. She chuckled at her son.

"Get the demon?"

He glanced over his front, then to his mom with a disbelieving look on his face. "Can't you tell?"

Piper snorted. "Oh, you know I can. I was just teasing you. What's got you all up in a knot? Did the demon blow up on you?"

"Well, as a matter of fact, it did. And I'm heading up to get a shower now. This is seriously gross." Chris wrinkled up his nose.

"Yeah, you're right." Piper reached up and ruffled her son's hair. "Now get into the shower. You're stinky."

Chris stayed on the staircase and watched his mom step into the sitting room before he finally went upstairs. He half-expected Wyatt to orb into their room when he went inside. But, no, he probably had called his friends and let them know that he was just going to be late for their hanging out instead of not coming at all. There was nothing saying that he couldn't do the same himself, but he was kind of tired after the vanquishing. He could hang out with them later.

Clothes in hand, he headed into the bathroom, shut the door behind him, stripped down and stepped inside the shower. The hot water felt really nice, particularly on the spots where he had been slammed into the ground by the demon. Idly as he washed he wondered if he was ever going to get a power that would be able to vanquish like Wyatt and Melinda had. They both seemed to have a form of their mom's power of combustion, but only Mel had the ability to freeze. It seemed only fair—he and Wyatt could both orb. That gave her something unique, something that added to their Power of Three.

There was so much they had to plan out, he thought. With their sister graduating soon, they would be able to fully reconstitute the new Power of Three. He and Wyatt had been demon fighting on their own for nearly four years. And then there was that year or so where Wyatt had sort of done it by himself, going out with their mother and aunts…like he really needed the extra practice, anyways.

After about ten minutes Chris found that he couldn't be in the shower any longer. He stepped out to dry himself off, and he dressed himself in an undershirt and a pair of boxer briefs. Outside the bathroom, the manor was surprisingly warm, he noticed—warmer than it usually was. Yet still the hardwood floors of the hallway and his bedroom were nice and cool. He just hoped that it would stay that way.

He was hit with a sneak wave of tiredness upon climbing into bed. It was the first time that day that he had managed to just…sit, or in this case, lie down. Tomorrow, he decided, was going to be a break. Not just for him, but for Wyatt and Mel, too. They deserved it after all of the stuff that they had done that week. Sunday was going to be a day for them all to do whatever they wanted, and not have to worry about demons. The concept was pretty appealing, especially since this was the second time that month that he had to cancel on his friends. At the rate he was going, he wasn't going to have any friends by the time of his birthday that following Saturday.

Yawning, the young Halliwell rolled over on his bed and looked at the door, whisking his hand in front of him to close it with his powers. He was too lazy to get up and do it himself.

It didn't take him long to fall asleep.


When Chris awoke that morning it was to the sound of someone rustling around in his room. Somehow in the middle of the night he had pulled the covers up and over his head, and when he opened his eyes to see who it was, he was met with the thick, opaque fabric of his comforter. He twisted around inside of it for a second before he managed to get it up and over his head. He didn't even remember slipping under the covers in the first place.

The sight of who it was in his room sort of surprised him. "Mom?"


Piper, who had been in the middle of taking off the comforter from Wyatt's bed, looked over her shoulder at her son. She looked a little spooked. "You scared me. I thought you were asleep."

"Well," he said, "I was. But I just woke up." Chris rubbed at his eyes, yawning. "What're you doing in here?"

"Came to get the laundry and bedding. You know the Sunday drill. Is all your laundry in your hamper?" Piper turned and took a seat on her eldest son's bed.

"I…think so." Chris moved to sit up and glanced over at the open closet door. There were clothes strewn all over the closet's floor, with some even hanging over the hamper itself. At least some of them had made it into the hamper. "More or less," he added as an afterthought.

Piper snorted. "You two…I swear." She moved to get up, and in one solid swipe she had Chris' covers up and off of the bed. She rolled them up into a ball in her hands and stepped over to the closet, popping it into the hamper, with Chris stumbling around on the bed all the while.

"Jesus, Mom—"


Chris rolled his eyes. "You could at least let me get some pants on first."

"It's not like I don't see you dressed like this every night when you go to bed, Chris." Piper tossed a few items of clothing into the hamper and then looked over her shoulder at her son with a small smirk on her face. She returned to her attention to the hamper and picked it up. "You need to get downstairs and get some breakfast before it's all gone and you have to eat cereal."

"Yeah, yeah…"

For a moment, Chris just stayed there on his bed, trying to brush off the sleepiness he was feeling. It usually didn't take him so long to wake up, and when he stood, he felt a little lightheaded. That hadn't happened before. Although he stumbled just a little it wasn't noticeable enough for Piper to say anything. Really, Chris was glad that she hadn't seen it. His mother had become more of a worrywart lately and he didn't want to deal with that so early in the morning.

He eventually wandered through the hallway and down the stairs into the kitchen where the rest of his family was. His father, Leo, had the newspaper in his hands and was reading it at the kitchen table, while Wyatt and Melinda were up and about the kitchen. Everyone was dressed besides him, which felt a little odd.

"Morning, sleepyhead," Wyatt said to him with a grin on his face. "You sleep okay? You were tossing and turning all night."

Chris shrugged in response and headed over to the island stove to dish himself up some of the left-over hash browns and pancakes. It wasn't until he sat down at the kitchen table that he realized he had forgotten to grab a fork and something to drink. He made a face.

"Mel, will you grab me a fork and some milk? I forgot to get them."

Mel, who was watching the small television kitty-cornered on the counter, barely gave her brother a look as she said with a snort, "Get it yourself!"

So much for kindness, he thought irritably. Chris got up from the kitchen table sort of groggily—why was he still feeling so off, he wondered—to pour himself his milk and to grab his fork. Everything was fine when he grabbed the fork, but when he went to shut the fridge with his hand after getting the milk it was as if someone had let off some kind of mini-bomb on the counter beside him. Everything underneath the cabinet atop the counter—the cookie jar, the toaster, the dish drainer—all went flying toward the wall. There was a horrendous mix of crashes, smashes and clanks as the ceramic cookie jar shattered and the toaster clanged into the wall.

Chris' immediate reaction was to duck his head and step back. He was thankful that he did so, because the shattered remnants of the cookie jar splayed all over the counter and onto the floor below as well. If he were still standing where he had been just a moment previous he would have surely been cut by a few of them.

Leo, Wyatt and Melinda all had similar reactions to what happened. He could feel all of their eyes on him. It made him turn red.

"Chris, what the hell was that?" Wyatt asked suddenly.

"I—I dunno," Chris spat out. He looked up and over at his brother by the kitchen table, noticing that his father had gotten up and was looking at him strangely, somewhat worriedly.

Right around this time Piper came into the kitchen with Chris and Wyatt's hamper in front of her. She stopped. The sight of all of them standing around was probably really odd. She didn't say anything at first, however.

"We're trying to figure out what just happened," Leo said in response to the look that was on his wife's face. "Chris was getting some milk, but there…Chris, what did happen?"

"I don't know," he said again. He put the gallon of milk on the island. "I was just…grabbing milk, like you said, and I went to shut the fridge door, and…boom—" he made an exploding motion with his hands, which caused a wave of telekinesis to wreak havoc. As he was facing his father this time it was all sent in his direction, and Chris watched in shock as his dad lifted right up off the ground, flying toward the wall behind the kitchen table.

"Chris!" Piper shouted. Her hands were up quicker than any of them noticed, and Leo was abruptly frozen in mid-air.

Chris didn't know what was going on. Before he knew it his brother was walking towards him, and put his hands on top of his younger brother's, slowly lowering them to face the floor.

"Let's…keep your hands there for now, Chris," he told him, at which point the flush in the younger one's cheeks seemed to nearly solidify.

"Don't—Wyatt—" Chris raised his hands again from under his brother's, but when he felt something weird happening inside of him, he paused immediately. There was no use in trying to argue.

He didn't know what to say.