"If you don't mind, I'd rather you call me J.D. It's just what I've always gone by. But you, you're Dr. Temperance Brennan!" Julie Delilah Turner said to the latter as they shook hands firmly. Their eyes met for a moment, deep green against sparkling blue. Angela, being the sensitive person that she is, felt the electricity between the two, and determined that it was best to separate the two women before they tore each other to shreds.

"Ladies, perhaps we should—" Angela began, but was quickly interrupted. "So, you're here to help us solve this murder? Well I don't think we need you," Bones said decidedly to a confused Turner. "Bones, that isn't very nice. At least let her know who we are before you kick her out," Booth said as he approached the two ferocious women and the one petrified one. Smiling his charming smile, he shook the British woman's hand and introduced himself. Keeping a close and wary eye on Brennan, the possibly new squint smiled back at Booth and said, "Thank you, it's nice to have a warm welcome. I actually am not here to do your work, Dr. Brennan…they, uh…ahem…well…"

Angela, who had still not attempted to speak since Bones interrupted her, said hopefully, "Forensic artist? Here to study under me?" Zach and Hodgins galloped onto the platform, grinning like fools. Their boyish excitement over a new female in the workplace had never ceased to exist, even though one of them was engaged and the other too shy to approach his female boss.

"Hey!" they said at the same time. Angela rolled her eyes.

"Hi, um…guys," J.D. said nervously. Angela could be heard muttering to Hodgins and Zach, "Do you two ever grow up?"

J.D. continued. "Anyway, I'm…ah, this is kind of embarrassing…I'm a Harry Potter expert, and I'm here to help you solve the case."

Everyone on the platform, with the exception of the Potter expert, burst out into hysterical laughter. "You…you…you…" Booth tried to say several times, but instead balanced himself on Bones, who had fallen to her knees on the stairs. J.D., however, frowned.

"It's not as ridiculous as it seems! I'm actually a detective for the London police. Yes, a murder detective, but since you—" she indicated Booth, who had risen to his feet and pulled Brennan up behind him, "—and the FBI seem to be covered, they sent me over to be a Potter expert. Don't ask me why, but I can tell you that a lot of responsibility is placed on my shoulders."

Bones looked skeptical. "How? How important to a whole country could the murder of one author be?" she said. Booth glared daggers at her, and J.D. smiled and said, "Is declaring a national day of mourning important enough for you?" Temperance looked surprised, but shrugged and said, "I suppose so. But…that's still kind of an unimportant role. I mean—"

"Tell me, where was the victim murdered?" Julie interrupted, beginning to grow annoyed with Dr. Brennan's attitude. Booth came in, so that Bones didn't have a chance to argue back and start the case off on the wrong foot. "In her cabin, titled Hagrid's Hut. But what's the significance of that? I mean, it's the perfect spot…" he said. J.D. smiled. "They could have murdered her on a busy London street, which is where she often walks out in the open. So obviously, the criminal was American, either too poor or too lazy to travel to London, and a Black family lover."

"Wait," Hodgins questioned, "how do you know the culprit is a Black family lover?"

Again, Julie smiled smugly, her green eyes gleaming. "Rowling owned two other cabins, one called Grimmauld place, which was Sirius Blacks' inherited home, and the other she used only when she was writing novels: it was called Azkaban, because she locked herself in. Obviously, the criminal in the situation couldn't dare disrespect ground named for the place where Sirius Black lived or Bellatrix Lestrange was imprisoned."

At long last, Bones smiled. "Well then, welcome aboard." As the group meandered down the platform steps, Booth lagged behind with J.D. "That was some impressive "Pottering" back there, obviously." Laughing, the British woman said, "Why do you say that?"

Now it was Booths' turn to laugh. "You earned the respect of Temperance Brennan," he chuckled, "in 15 minutes. It took me 3 years."