Title: Hugs and kisses.
#2:news; letter
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Dear Lord Michael,

Earth is doing well! We're stationed in Canada right now. Even though it's Easter, it's snowing out. This is really annoying even though it's pretty to watch. Kagetsuya thinks that the odd weather is a result of the human's disrespect towards the planet. I think it's just odd weather for right now. I mean, the humans have been working really hard around here to stay more environmentally friendly, although much more could always be done, of course..

Anyway, enough about that! How are you and Lord Raphael? Kagetsuya and I are fine (even though we're cold). I heard that the check-up exams would be taking place soon, although it's barely been any time since the last ones. Is it because of the Cancer? We're still trying to figure out what' happening with that. There's just no information available.

Enclosed is my latest 'plus' report.

Please say hello to Lord Raphael to me, and give my warmest regards to everyone!


PS: Hugs and kisses!

Michael neatly folded up the letter and looked over the desk to where his secretary was trying not to look curious. He calmly stood and strolled over to the other desk.

"Chihaya says hello," he said cheerfully. Michael looked up.


"And…" he stooped down for a moment and pecked the other angel on the lips. Michael blinked.


"Hugs and kisses!"

Nonchalantly, he returned to his desk and began to work again.