This is my first Edwin so be nice!!! Comments welcome…oh yeah, we have to assume they are now married (I'm placing this around the early 1920's)

"A Long Nine Months"

It was early in the morning. Ed rolled over, shielding his eyes with his arm from the sun that was peeking through the curtains. He rolled over, reaching out his arm, looking for Winry's warm body. He opened his eyes when he did not find her. Looking at the clock beside him, he saw that it was a little before seven. That's weird, he thought, Winry's never up this early.

Loud retching noises broke the silence. Ed shot up, not sure if he heard correctly. Hearing it again, he got up and ran to the bathroom. Peering through the doorway, he saw Winry kneeling on the floor, leaning over the toilet, her hands on the rim being the only thing that was keeping her from collapsing.

Ed rushed over to her, one arm around her shoulder to keep her steady. He used his free hand to brush her long blonde hair from her sweat-covered face. "Winry," he said, "what's wrong?"

Last night's dinner prevented her from responding.

All Ed could do was sit there and hold her up, brushing her hair from her face until it was over.

"Edward," Winry hiccupped, "we need to talk." With the help of her husband, she stood up, only to be overwhelmed by a wave of dizziness. Kneeling back down, she vomited again. Ed rubbed her back, fear rested in his eyes.

Winry tried to stand again, and this time she succeeded. Walking back to the room, she leaned on Ed to make sure she did not fall. As they entered the room, Ed gently sat her down on the bed, then sat next to her, closing his cold hands around her warm ones.

"Edward," she began, "I…I'm pregnant." Winry looked down as though she were ashamed.

"Pregnant?" Ed's eyes grew wide. "When did that happen?"

"Edward, you know when that happened."

"Oh yeah," he said, a childish smile broke out on his face as he remembered that one night. "So you would be just over three weeks then, right?"

Winry was about to reply when she felt a gagging feeling. "Hold that thought, okay, Ed?" She ran to the bathroom, barely making it in time. About two minutes later, Ed heard a flush, and Winry came back into the room, her face even more pale than before. "Yeah," she said, resuming their conversation, "I'm just about three weeks."

Ed grabbed her hands and sighed.

Winry looked surprised at this. "You're not mad, are you?"

Ed looked up at his wife. He was clearly not expecting to hear this. "I'm not mad, Winry. I'm happy, I'm excited for this."

"You don't look happy though," she said, looking as though she were about to cry at any minute.

"That's not it, Winry," Ed stroked his fingers through her long, blonde hair. "I just wasn't expecting that."

"You're really happy?" she asked, a single tear fell down her cheek.

Wiping the tear away, he said, "Yes, Winry, I truly am happy. We're gonna have a baby. We're gonna have a family." He smiled as he kissed his wife, only to regret it after he tasted the horrid vomit remaining in her mouth. "You're going to be a mother, Winry."

"And you're going to be a father, Edward." A frown suddenly appeared on her face. "Hold on one second." She quickly rushed off to the bathroom.

Sighing, Edward followed to give as much support as he could. Smiling to himself, he thought, This is going to be a long nine months.