Au note: I'm sorry this chapter is kind of jumpy, but I simply can't stand rewriting exact events from episodes. Please forgive and enjoy the fourth kiss.

And the fourth time, Cain kissed back...


Normally Glitch wouldn't have noticed such a subtle shift in behavior, but when it can to Cain, he most definitely noticed the change. He had been obvious in his advances, right? He had tried to make Cain see that even as Glitch he still held the same awkward attractions that Ambrose did, right? They were outside of Azkadelia's tower, crouching the dirt as Glitch thought this.

He had saved Cain's life, and they had spent a glorious couple days just in each others company. The bond was obvious, anyone watching the two could notice the closeness, notice Glitch's hopeless crush. But then she had to come back. DG. Once the Tin man saw her, it seemed like Glitch had fallen out of the picture, he felt as though he were kicked aside as a useless houseboy in Cain's eyes.

And he didn't like it one bit.

His tin man was drifting away, and all because of a pair of big blue eyes. It wasn't something Glitch could stand for very long. It wasn't particularly that he disliked DG, on the contrary they were fast friends, but something about Cain hanging on her every word and shushing Glitch's that just rubbed him the wrong way.

And then the time for thoughts had ended, and the time for action had begun.


The feeling of being reconnected to your own brain is indescribable. All Glitch knew was that he was no longer the one controlling himself, it was as if the tiny indirect connection with his brain was more powerful than all the thoughts his misfired mind could create. He could see from his eyes, but all was cloudy. He could hear; he could hear Cain saying a name that wasn't his.


'That man isn't me anymore Cain, please call me Glitch!' his half brain screamed. It was painful, feeling like everything you are was just shoved off into a corner of itself. It was the greatest feeling of loss, and of hopelessness on Glitch's part because he knew that the one taking him over was…himself.

Just like that it was done. For a few seconds he tried to regain a feeling for his own body, but an arm wrapped around his chest holding him still, making him watch as Cain got shot and fell from his sight. Before Glitch even had time to think, he was connected back, weaker this time, and he still had a sense of self. He tried to shout, to scream, but could only manage to mutter a few numbers to confuse the boy before a hand silenced him.

Then he was back, Glitch, and he still was held, his mind grasped around for ideas, but all he could think was "Cain! Please be alright, please Cain!" The brain in the tank before him shook slightly with the taxation of its nerves.

All of a sudden the man behind him released his hold. Glitch wasted no time in lashing out at the other man, knocking him down in a flurry or kicks. A blinding pain flashed through his body, his eyes barely caught the bald headed man before he fell, black to the world around him.


Cain rushed over to Glitch as soon as he could. A pained expression on his face. He shook the lifeless body, getting no response. Raw stood off to the side calming the young viewer. Cain backhanded the headcase on the floor. This finally stirred him, and Glitch opened his eyes and rubbed his cheek.

"Hello. Do I know you?" The confusion of the question was answered by three words.

"Good morning Sweetheart." Cain said this lightly.

"Cain!" Glitch was now fully aware of the situation, fully aware of the hand resting warmly on his chest. Fully aware of the smiling tin man above him.

"I'm sorry, Glitch." He said softly. Glitch reached up and pulled the tin man down connecting mouths in a whirr of harsh need, and ill disguised want. Cain kissed back, his arm trapped between their chests where he had been holding it. His other hand grabbed Glitch around the back of the head, burying his fingers in that flyaway hair. The kiss went deeper, tongues colliding and clashing battling for dominance in a kiss too long in coming. Cain grunted in pain, and pulled away.

"We need that last number to reverse the beam, now think." Cain said, panting through the pain, and heat of the kiss. He grabbed Glitch by the hand and forced him up, taxing his own strength in the process. Glitch hurried to the tank, and stared hopelessly at his floating brain.


So it was over. Raw stood, with his hands reassuringly on the shoulders of the young viewer. Cain looked at Glitch with raw emotion in his eyes, an emotion that the half-breed knew immediately recognized. Glitch in turn looked back.

Cain took Glitch's hands in his, and kissed him once again.

"What is that feeling?" young Kalm asked.

"Glitch Cain, Love each other." Raw answered. He smiled at the pair, and squeezed Kalm's thin shoulders.


And for the next million kisses, Cain kisses back.