A Renkotsu centric, done to challenge myself by writing a character I have almost never written.

InuYasha and the Shichinintai belong to Rumiko Takahashi.
He hated it! He truly hated it! Renkotsu threw a few more explosives into a basket that he could wear around both shoulders.

He was in the same cavern where he had first repaired Ginkotsu. It had also served him as a workshop in his first life. When he had come back, when Ginkotsu needed tuning up from the ten years they, the Shichinintai, had been dead, he was surprised to find exactly in the same order he had left it, a few weeks before his death. At the thought of Ginkotsu, a new hate for the Shichinintai's young leader Bankotsu filled the second in command.

So what if all of the Shichinintai had died before? Did that mean that a few words from Bankotsu would help him get over the fact that his loyal friend Ginkotsu had died for him? That Bankotsu had the right to lead himself and the rest of the Shichinintai to death before? Bankotsu had practically sent he and Ginkotsu on a suicide mission!

Give it up, a part of him said. You're just saying that to be angry at someone. You know that you practically signed a death sentence when you became a mercenary. It has nothing to do with Bankotsu or the other five. You chose your own fate.

So? he demanded himself. I did not get fooled by that stupid daimyou, the one who sent us to the grave!

Yes you did, the voice replied.

Shut up! Renkotsu urged the voice.

You're making a mistake. Bankotsu is far stronger. If you steal that wolf demon's Shikon shards, you'll be weaker than even Kyoukotsu. And if Bankotsu finds out you're using Ginkotsu's shard, he'll kill you without hesitation. You should have handed it to him when you still had a chance.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Renkotsu roared, although no one was around to hear the pyromaniac's outburst. "If I have the power of five shards, how the hell could I be weaker than that idiot!"

You will see…

"What? Answer me damn it!"

But the voice – his conscience perhaps? - did not answer.

Fine! Whatever! He needed no help from some voice that had no useful information to give.

He put the basket's straps around his shoulders and began walking out of the cave, maybe for the last time, but a flash of dark red caught his eye. Fire sticks. Thinking, he grabbed the sticks and threw them in with the rest of his arsenal. He knew that if he did not succeed in his plan, he would have to sacrifice himself, and preferably whoever was in the vicinity.

He had no plans to apologize to Bankotsu for using a shard without permission. What would he say?

"Oh please Ooaniki, please let me continue using Ginkotsu's shard, so I can kill you and steal your shard?" Yeah, right.

He shouldered his final weapon, a hand cannon, and walked out of the cave without a single look back. He was walking to his death. Well, he had died before. He didn't care. If Bankotsu was going to kill him, good for him. Bankotsu was dead as well. He could be killed easily. And Bankotsu had no way to kill him.

He, Renkotsu, was fireproof.

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