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Brief Summary: An improved and hopefully better version of my Project Guntech.

Robotech: The Cosmic Era


Launch of a Legend!

Battlefield: Reflex Point REF Research Base

Location: Ruins of Reflex Point, Ruins of New Macross City, Montana Sector, North America

Status: Under Attack

Condition: Base Seizure Imminent

Final Orders: Hold at all costs until Project Fenix is away!

Date: March 25th, 2054 Amino Domino

Cannons roared to life as turrets pivoted as the final defense of a seemingly basic research base tried to stem or at the least, which was the more probable, slow the tide of enemy mecha at the gates to the most heavily defended part of the base.

The one dome looked insignificant to any who had ever seen, but that was the whole point as it hid a great secret, one that the attacking enemy was desperate to destroy.

The defenders fought back valiantly, but the enemy was too great in number and it was only a matter of time before the base fell, but what a blast it would have going out!

Inside the Command Center, the base commander knew that the base would fall soon. He watched and he listened to all that was going on around him. The launching of the reason, the true reason for his base was nearly ready as the lead scientist stumbled in… and clearly full of fury.

"What is the meaning…" the woman's voice failed as the base commander turned and shot her with a tranquilizer dart.

Two men grabbed her as she fell, the world fading before her eyes as the base commander spoke to her.

"Protect our greatest treasure and ensure a free world for humanity," the aged man watched as the defenders charged with the last of their mecha into the teeth of the enemy fire, "built upon the Trinity of Freedom, Justice, and Liberty for all," more soldiers were cut down as they fought, "so that our sacrifice, and that of others shall have merit and that the United Nation of Earth with be whole and free once more," taking a breath as the final turrets fought back and were lost, " So that all of humanity may be free once more."

The woman fell into a forced slumber as the two guards carried her away and to the ship that would ferry her and others to safety.

The commander of the attacking forces watched as his forces forced their way into the target. He held a smile of absolute glee and that his troops have finally won. They have finally ended decades of foolishness and war brought on by crying and good natured fools. Yet, all that was shattered when intense fire came out of the doom and the lead forces sent a final, garbled message.


Defense forces surged forward as their ambush had worked and so did their trick. The dome was a decoy to lure the enemy away from the real site. In fact the whole base was a decoy and did what any Research Base did; research, but also a decoy for the real facilities that were rebuilding a legend.

The base would yet fall, but it would not be so soon.

Hidden Base of Project Fenix

Final Preparations Nearing End

"Two more hours and all will be ready my old friend," the man said as he gazed upon a marble of engineering and determination.

An aide spoke, "That is going to cut it close to the limit, but it will work, but I just don't like…" the aide collapsed as he had been shot with a tranquilizer dart by his superior.

"I'm too old and you're too young. Live well my friend," the young aide was picked up and carried to be cryogenetically frozen for the long trip.

"T minus one hour and thirty eight minutes till launch," the PA system announced.

"Move it!" yelled a military officer rushing his troops aboard the ship.

As soon as the announcement was made, everything picked up. There would be no second chance; there would be no chance to come back for things or peole either. Using information obtained years ago by dumbest luck to exist, a mighty legend would be hurled into space, to await its return when the world the order came and the fleet rejoined.

That was the plan, but as all know, the best laid plans always have a habit to go awry.

…And now was one of those times.

Research Base's Main Command Center

"The enemy has found it!" cried a controller as she watched as the enemy began to move towards the real facilities, en masse and intent clear as a day in July.

"Then make them pay for their traitorous acts! Make them pay for all the innocent blood they spill for the sake of their power! Show them want we have and they lack!" roared the commander as the battle entered its final phase.

The battlefield

The Robotech Defense Forces rallied to hold off the rebels with one last great charge…

…and succeeded, but at the near lost of all their remaining forces.

But, two more precious hours had been brought, more than enough.

Research Command Center

"Men, women, it has been both a pleasure and an honor to have served with you," the aged commander spoke, "and today, I'm sure you'd agree, is a fine day as any to die," the general looked around, not at subordinates, but his, "especially with family such as you."

The men and women left alive in the Command Center smiled, even with the enemy breaking down the doors to get inside the Command Center and take control of the base. The doors were stubborn as were the defenders. All aimed their weapons. They would take as many as they could with one last stand.

The doors finally gave…

The enemy rushed in…

There were rifle and assault weapons discharge everywhere…

There were grenades going off…

Soldiers fell…

Others screamed…

The base commander looked on calmly as he hit a special button…

…And the entire research base began to self destruct with a weapon stolen from the enemy…

…they call it a Cyclops System.

The commander's last thought was, 'Logos, we, the United Nation Spacy, deny you these weapons and your future!'

This was at the same time as the legend of old rocketed into space, looking as magnificent as it did many years ago when the First Robotech War broke out on her commissioning day. She would most likely be lost and forgotten, but then she would be magically reborn, like she was over the last few years from a pile of rust they had found and unburied. She would once more continue to protect Earth and the whole of humanity.

After all, 'Great Empires fall from with in, not from without.'

The Battlefield

The main bulk of Logos' forces were wiped out in the releasing of microwave energy. The soldiers blew up like balloons and then exploded. Their equipment overheated and became giant bombs that sent debris flying in all directions.

In short order, Logos lost ninety-three percent of their forces…

…With their own weapon.

As the explosion finally ended, the legend that all had fought to protect safely reached a high orbit above the planet. The hopes and dreams of so many fallen now rested on a single ship once more, but like her first time going into hyperspace, something went wrong and she was now trapped inside a temporal bubble not far from a site that would see heavy fighting many decades into the future. Then a legend would return and terrorize those who used people as tools, slaves, servants, and finally as pawns.