Alright, I've fallen behind and developed one nasty backlog. I'm currently playing catch up, too many ideas have been bouncing around in my head and I've been having hell getting things written down. I'm working on clearing things up and have chosen four stories to put all my attention on.

These four are of course Robotech: The Cosmic Era, Maelstrom Tiger, Vipers, and Uzumaki no Nami.

Now this will take some time to get them all up to date and that's not including the two stories, The Endymion Ghosts and Classified, which are being worked on at this time. One is undergoing a refit and the other is a new idea that has several takes, but is currently very complicated and I'm looking into possibly two different stories.

I'm also going through my notes to get my Xenosaga/Halo crossover going again. So there will be delays in the future, but they shouldn't be too bad. I'm not going to simply jump in and trend like I have been.

I used to have many hours of to work, but I've been limited to just a couple of hours a day, literally ONLY two hours a day, at least until I can get my computer up and running again along with updated OS and systems. I know that I this ain't fair, but I really need to get to work, I've been looking for the needed spare parts and I've got a good lead on one to get my computer working again, but for now, I'll be doing several things to bring the stories up and running, including Previews.

Like now!

The following is a preview of the next exciting addition of "Robotech: The Cosmic Era."

"Today, the United Emirates of Orb has made the following startling announcement of the marriage between Chief Representative Cagalli Yula Athha and Ace Mobile Suit pilot and war hero, the Flames of Justice himself, Athrun Zala!" the Fed-Net anchorwoman announced to a stunned crew of the Girty Lue as they listened in for more information on what was going on, which they could get more or less from the news, even with censorship and propaganda, "the most shocking report is the guest list and the Best Man for Athrun Zala," the crew listened in more closely and were then sent for a loop, like most of the Earth Sphere, "the Best Man is none other than Kira Yamato! Yes folks you heard right, Kira Yamato, the Sword of Freedom hasn't been broken yet! Though he is not the only surprise, there are in fact several names listed as military officers of a UN Spacy, a military arm of what is believed by some to be a UN led colonization mission and these soldiers have recently returned and were the party responsible for destroying most of Junius Seven."

"Can you believe that Captain?" Ian Lee asked as he turned to his superior, though technically they were either of the same rank or Lee was the more senior, but he wasn't going to usurp how things were going and going well at that.

"Surprising isn't even the right word," Mu La Flaga said as he rubbed Stella Loussier's back, the blond Extended taking a nap against the blond man's side like they were siblings or close relatives, or even father and daughter.

"This is just too weird," one crewman put it as he delivered some food to the crew on the bridge of the ship.

"Well, when we reach the target point, we're…" the operator cursed, waking Stella as she knew what that meant even in her sleep, "Hostiles again… it's the bastards!"

The alarms rang throughout the ship as a ship with a round prow chased after them. The whole ship was rounded and reminded them of a lengthened and rounded version of the ship that had shot so many holes in them back during Break the World. The ship was a dark color, black or not was undecided, with red trim and seemed to hide from their sensors most of the time, but where there was particularly strong N-Jammer strength from either an N-Jammer that failed to get dropped to Earth or in this case a couple of warships with their N-Jammers still active, they were able to 'see' through some cloaking system the other ship used. As such they were able to spot it first and note that it was the same one that had been prowling after them for the better part of three weeks.

Though with that said, it was clear they had spotted them too and that became clear as their fighters and mobile armor scrambled to intercept them. The ship also brought its main batteries around and began firing, but the debris was thick and the cannons, as per usual, was lacking some power do to the N-Jammers playing havoc with them. The shots hit more debris then them, but they were still straddled by the shots.

"Fire Tubes One through six and load Sledgehammers into Tubes Seven to Nine and fire when solution is established!" Mu La Flagga yelled without a second thought and the crew obeyed.

"Very big, unknown wreck to Port, Down Forty, Range Twenty-Three Hundred!" reported the sensor operator and hoped they could use it.

"You heard the man helm!" Mu ordered with a look full of thought, but aware of his surroundings.

"When do we launch?" asked one of the Dagger L pilots from down in the briefing room.

"Planning that at the moment! IAN!" Mu gave command to his XO who started to issue orders while Mu planned, using every bit of information they could garner and what they could and could not do with the resources on hand and the current 'terrain' features.

"Engineering here, if you're hoping for the Mirage Colloid, don't hold your breath, the system is still cooked a nice golden at the moment, at least it ain't over done burnt black anymore," the Head Engineer's words were very much unwelcome, but at least that was something else to be written off, even if the tactical implications were not something to be liked.

Ten days earlier, in their last encounter, the hostile ship had launched some kind of EMP weapon that had totally fried their Mirage Colloid. While that meant they couldn't go dark and silent, it didn't leave them without their weapons and those were a reason while the Girty Lue was a Warship and not a Spyship. This was made boundlessly clear when the Sledgehammers found their mark.

"Can we use it to mimic?" Ian asked Engineering, praying for a miracle that would save them from this mess as the head of the engineers held a thoughtful expression for a few moments and vanished from the screen.

A short curse later followed by some sounds that didn't build confidence, even as the Girty Lue came about to give a full barrage from all her Gottfrieds. The pursuer was finding the prey to be tough, though it was being cautious for good reason, it had been ten days since last they seen each other and her two attendants had found themselves not enjoying smacking themselves into the other half of Junius Seven. Some more sounds emanating from the communications with Engineering and then…

"That should do it, but not for long, so move!"

The Girty Lue visually appeared to phase into nothingness, but looked more like a ghost ship now!

The pursuing ship couldn't get a lock on and when the Girty Lue put herself into the view of the sun and the Earth, she all but disappeared visually. Though that wasn't enough of a deterrent as the enemy craft could still track the 'wake' of the Girty Lue and did so. The pursuers had their orders and they would carry them out to the letter. They wouldn't let the ship get away this time.


Same Time

"Trouble's coming ma'am," a sensor operator reported looking only slightly interested, "looks like that rouge OMNI ship we've been hearing about and a… well that's interesting," the pause had gained the attention of the equally bored officer who shifted her weight as she glanced out with her good eye at the sight of the approaching ships.

"I know some of those moves…" she trailed off, with a small smile; he really knew how to make the impossible, possible.

"Tell the Mad Dog to enjoy stretching his legs," the woman was glad they managed to recruit that one man, though he was more of a Ground Pounder, he was surprisingly adapt at space warfare.

IRS Girty Lue versus AUNS Sword of Drought

The running fight between the two ships now went towards the wreck, a wreck that was clearly not of Earth Alliance, Orb, Clyne, nor ZAFT make! The unknown vessel was extremely long; at least a kilometer and a half in length and it was clear that it was longer, though most of the nose appeared to have been blown off at one point. It was slightly triangular, but with flattened sides and the top from on point back to the end of the ship built with a 'razorback' style superstructure rounded at the stop, while the bottom was more like a sea going ship reminding them of their destroyers. Towards the center, the ship's hull went upwards and then streamlined back, while another superstructure sported below in this recess, then it curved back upwards right into the engine nacelles that were met from the sloping of the upper superstructure's stern area.

The overall appearance was reminded them of a proper warship design compared to ZAFT's design and that of the Sword of Drought which appeared like an octagon cylinder that ran back and remind a gun enthusiast on board the Girty Lue of an old fashion and ancient handgun from at least three centuries back, but with a bridge and communications system similar to an Archangel-class or Girty Lue-class in place of the hammer. From what the Girty Lue had learned about the enemy ship was the Sword of Drought belonged to the Deneb-class subclass Herald's End-class. The Herald's End-class was about a third the length of a Deneb-class which that class was 400 meters, as big as ARMD-03 was, albeit a bit shorter.

Though compared to the Thuverl-Shalan-class Destroyer and its dark green color scheme before the two ships, it was hardly something special.

As the two ships started towards, a familiar white and blue ship appeared launching fighters and putting some kind of mobile suit troop on its topside. The two found mounted topside turrets began to turn and CIWS were visibly popping up as well as the dreaded Pepper Box missile launchers. The ship was ready to fight and then it came about somewhat, showing herself off to all that looked at her. The only difference between this ship and the one that had fought them before hand was that the ship's name and number were different, she was in the double digits; UNS Pegasus, ARMD-14.

The Pegasus feeling that she had shown off enough of herself came about and three beams of light stabbed out from her as her enemy fired back, but then four beams of light stabbed out from her flanks from sources not on the ship, she was also not alone.

Two ships advanced to take up positions in front and above to the left and directly below and off to the right of the Pegasus. They were flat hulled ships with large hanger nacelles on their wings and a large conning tower inspired bridge at the bow. Two large cannons jutted out of the hulls like machine guns on a fighter and the ships themselves had a fighter like design, only no tail fins with rudders and they were covered in armored hardpoints that hid clearly vertical launch tubes, undoubtedly for medium anti-ship missiles and a pair of a trio of engines were on their sterns arrayed like a fighter's own.

Both ships had DDG-98 UNS Edward E. Aldrin and DDG-127 UNS Musashi both advanced on the Sword of Drought, firing their cannons, their blue and white hulls alight with the color of their cannons' reports, giving a gloss appearance.

Copernicus City, Luna

8:38 PM (Von Braun Standard Time)

Andrea Doria Lunar Spaghetti Restaurant

She sat, all dress up and waiting in the back room they used to meet so many years ago, before a bitter divide caused her to leave him. She wore that same one piece evening dress that was the same shade of blue as her eyes, with three silver stripes running from her left shoulder to her the hem of the right of the dress that he had had bought her all those years ago. They had been married and had had a son, but with the rising tension she had left him, bitter and angry and that same bitterness and anger had nearly caused her to lose it all. Now she waited for the man she had thought had passed so long ago… in battle… against his own son.

"The Aegean Sea looks especially nice," she went rigid, he must have found out and sent her that call!

"Kyle Bourd," she venomously hissed out to her would be suitor, a tall man with hansom looks and silver hair like hers and her son, but his eyes were not blue, but red, "tell me my dear, how have you been, it took me some time to find out where you two used to… what did he used to say 'RV?'… Yes, RV, how quaint and militaristic of him," the man seated himself oozing self confidence.

"How," she bit out demanding, not asking.

"Easy," he said non-chantry and with a smug smile upon his lips as he let the candles play with shadows upon his face, "once he was dead, all I had to do was steal his personal and military notes and track from there, though he was no pushover when it came to hiding things, such as that son of yours birth certificates," the smile he suddenly flashed, made her feel like she was a little brown mouse that a black cat find her instead of the usual tom cat.

"You bastard!" she hissed out like a cat, her Yzak knew not that he was an Enhanced Natural and not an actual Coordinator, though he was surprisingly strong for one, above Coordinator norm even, but this information leak before her would gladly destroy his reputation for his own ends, namely her and what was left of her political base.

"Well, actually my parents were married so I'm afraid you're wrong," he replied with the same tone, but with a smile of the cat that had eaten the canary.

"Let me guess," she stated without preamble or the abandonment of her overt hostility, "my hand in marriage, children, my wealth, lands, and my remaining, but still quite formidable political power," there was no question as to what he wanted, though they both knew he also wanted more than even that!

"Plus your love, devotion, obedience, and just a few more small things to that," he stated plainly, never losing his suave approach and tone, "your son with that relic you once called husband will be safe from any harm," he seemed to think for a moment, "of course when not on the battlefield," he shrugged, he knew he was no miracle maker in that regard.

"The only decent thing said all evening," she hissed at him, trying to figure out what she could do, even her strong, remaining political power had not that much influence anymore.

"Come now Ezalia," he made his move faster than he would like, but she would need to learn her place, if for her son's safety or that of the troops under his command.

"GET BACK!" she slapped at him, her nails raking against his face, leaving marks like in times past.

Kyle Bourd recoiled in pain and again in humiliation from that one woman that would fight back. She always fought back, had it not been for that damned Natural, she would have submitted years ago! Hell, the Naturals and Earth would be a forgotten memory!

Only the fact that she had not been for the destruction of Earth had saved her, that and her friendship with Tad Elsman. She had barely escaped with her life and Yzak had nearly been tried for shooting down a military refugee shuttle, but that had been put to rest before hand. Too much she had done and Yzak had nearly paid for it.

Feeling herself get grabbed by Kyle Bourd, Ezalia knew what was about to happened.

"It will not be short, nor will you enjoy it," he would make her his, but another stopped him.

"Nor shall it be for you," the strong commanding voice stated as Kyle Bourd found himself sliding down the wall after being tossed across the room.

The snobbish man cleared his head, giving a good couple of shakes and then rubbing his eyes to stop the world from spinning then pinching his nose for good measure. He was now quite upset, both at the intrusion and the stupidity of his guards to allow someone to interfere. He got back to his feet shakily leaning against the wall, but before he could speak or raise his head, a fist was buried in his stomach, forcing all the air out of his lungs as he doubled over in pain.

He found himself wheezing and sucking in air painfully as he stared at the black shoes and several golden chevrons pointed upwards on what he saw as white military trousers. He immediately fought to get his breath under control and began to look up. He immediately saw a blue officers coat that started, at least to him, at mid thigh and continued up, trimmed in gold and red with gold and red stripes on the cuffs of the coat when he found the arms crossed at the chest, to whom he noted was tall and broad shouldered. The coat he noticed was doubled breasted with the twin line of buttons going up and had a high collar that was open in the front, but came to just about the ears of the man who wore it. The silvery blond man also wore a white Naval Officers Cover with a black bill and plenty of Scrambled Eggs on it. He also noted a gold button in the middle of the cover where the bill met the cover itself and that a red band ran around the whole of the cover for easy adjustment of the headwear. Though it was the simple in the gold button, a blue circle with a white four point star, like a triangle or old fashion kite or shield with white olive branches nestled just beneath the seal and twin lightning bolts crossing behind the seal with an anchor…

…United Nations Space Navy, but the face is what caused the artificially tanned pale face of Kyle Bourd to become far paler…

"Hello Bourd," Admiral (O-10) Lewis Halberton said glaring down at the man, "Didn't we do this dance once before?"

Kyle Bourd screamed like a little girl as the fighting admiral reached down and picked him up.

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