Prompt: Christmas Tree

"O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,
From base to summit, gay and bright,
There's only splendour for the sight."


"Are those kunai hanging in a tree?" Iruka paused, nonplussed, hands limp at his sides, head tilted, as he stared at the tree suddenly filling the room. There was barely room to get in or out of the door.

"Yes!" said Kakashi.

He sounds too happy to be sober, Iruka thought, and if he's tying kunai on a tree… "Um… why?"

"Because we're celebrating Christmas this year. And you have to have a Christmas Tree," said Kakashi, butt wiggling in the air as he straightened a piece of garishly gold lamé fabric beneath the tree.

"Uh huh." Iruka rubbed his nose as he checked out Kakashi's rear unashamedly. He wasn't really the type to stare at butts, he was really more of an 'arm' kind of guy, but, it was right there. And wiggling. Something about it seemed cheerful.

"And what do you know about celebrating Christmas?" Iruka grinned as Kakashi reached far behind the tree, shirt baring a sliver of skin at his back. Iruka was leaning forward to touch when Kakashi moved.


Iruka jumped as Kakashi shoved backwards and stood up. He threw his arm out in a dramatic flourish, presenting the tree as he crowed triumphantly.

Iruka stared doubtfully at Kakashi, who pointed meaningfully with both hands at the tree.

Iruka studied the tree. It had more than kunai on it. There were red and green shuriken, gleaming gold Leaf symbols, and tiny little scarecrows. And… it glowed. He stepped back as the lights began flickering on and off. "Have you been playing with wires and LEDs again?"

Kakashi grinned, shaking his head and holding his hand up. He stood still, his ear angled purposefully toward the tree. Music suddenly started playing. It was high-pitched, tinny, and warbly. The lights blinked in time.

Iruka groaned.

Kakashi watched his tree play music with a happy smile, ignoring Iruka and nodding in silent praise of his work. Hands on his hips, he stood proudly, before turning to Iruka.

"So, you like the ornaments? How about my angel?"

Iruka stared at him with a confused expression. "Ornaments?"

"Yeah, yeah, you have to decorate the tree. I think icicles, toy soldiers, and Santa heads are—"

"Heads? Santa heads? Isn't Santa the guy that gives toys away? You put his head on a tree?" Iruka was scandalised, but could tell by Kakashi's patient expression that he was going to be humoured in this, but really. Heads? On a tree? Next to kunai? What was the message here?

"It's meant to remind you—"

"Of what? Beheadings?" Iruka walked closer to the tree to examine the ornaments. It wasn't hard. There wasn't much space left in the entire room, let alone the entryway. He looked up and stared at the top. "Kakashi," he began, hopeful that his voice sounded as scary as Kakashi's did when he said Iruka's name in that tone.

He turned and saw the gleam in Kakashi's eye. He'd failed. There was no fear there.

"Is that a… a dolphin angel?"

Kakashi nodded, biting his lip, barely able to contain his smile.

"It has wings!"

Kakashi nodded again.

"Are you going to put my head up there next?" Iruka was feeling very disturbed at this point. The dolphin had wings, not to mention a silly, sickly grin. It was purple, for god's sake. It really clashed with all the red and green Kakashi had filled the room with.

Kakashi laughed in response to his question. "Oh no, silly. You don't represent Christmas. You get what goes under the tree."

"I get dirt." This was one of those times when he really, honestly thought Kakashi had lost his mind. One too many lightning strikes perhaps.

"No, not dirt, you've been good this year. You'll get presents."

"Presents?" Iruka finally felt a touch of intrigue. "Where under the tree?" He looked under the tree. Only gold lamé. No presents.

Kakashi shook his head. "If you're a good boy, you'll get lots."

Iruka quirked an eyebrow as Kakashi moved closer, his arms sliding around Iruka, hands rubbing his back. Iruka returned the motion and leaned against Kakashi, arms wrapping around his neck.

"What about you? Don't you have to be a good boy too?"

Kakashi ducked his head down so they were face to face, lip to lip. "If you're good, you get me. I don't have to be good."

Iruka knew, just knew, there was something faulty with that logic, but Kakashi's lips were on his neck, then on his lips, and the warm hands that had been on his back were slipping under the waistband of his pants. He let Kakashi walk him back to their bedroom, where, even in the dark he could still make out the twinkling glow of their Christmas tree.