Prompt: Pyjamas

"Later on, we'll conspire,
As we dream by the fire To face unafraid,
The plans that we've made,
Walking in a winter wonderland."


"I don't trust your pyjamas, I'll wear my own."

"How can you not trust my pyjamas? What have they ever done to you?"

"Okay, I don't trust you in your pyjamas giving me pyjamas that are your pyjamas!"

Kakashi was silent as he stared at Iruka. "Now that just sounds crazy."

Iruka stared back, undaunted. "Yeah, well, you aren't the one who got tied up with wrapping paper. Who knows what you'll do with pyjamas?" He twitched at Kakashi's sudden movement and straightened up, reaching primly for his tea.

Kakashi watched him drink the tea before settling a hand on Iruka's knee. "You enjoyed those decorations far more than the others."

Iruka blushed and glared at this tea.

"I think you especially liked the candy cane. I mean, all things considered."

Iruka, not believing it possibly, blushed harder and brighter. He continued to glare at his tea cup, which did not respond as he saw fit. "Do you see why I don't want to wear your pyjamas? They probably… have cut-outs or something!"

Kakashi was silent for a moment. He scratched the back of the head, then looked seriously at Iruka. "What kind of porn do you read? I've never even heard of such a thing."

Iruka spluttered indignantly, nearly choking on his tea. He had to respond to that. "I do not read that kind of porn, I mean, I don't even know what kind that would be—"

"So it just comes natural to you? To be that kinky? Wow. Naruto would be shocked. Pervy sensei, indeed." Kakashi shifted around, leaning back so that his head was against Iruka's belly. Iruka stopped hyperventilating and shifted so that they were both comfortable. Snuggling in front of the fire kept them both warm, but it didn't mean there weren't sacrifices—hard wooden floors—to be made.

Kakashi grabbed Iruka's foot and pulled it close, resting it on his thigh and rubbing his ankle bone almost obsessively.

"I am not kinky," Iruka muttered.

"You say it like that's a bad thing. I'm not either, I just—I'm not," he added when Iruka burst into laughter. "I just like a good porn read. I'm not the one coming up with cut-out pyjamas!"

Iruka nodded sagely. "But you'll look for them now won't you?"

"Yes!" agreed Kakashi happily. He was quiet for a bit longer. "I think it was a good Christmas, don't you? Too bad I couldn't get all my decorations out," he mused, looking up at Iruka from his spot in Iruka's lap.

"You had more? Kakashi, this is a sickness. You need help. The first step is admitting you have a problem." Iruka leaned down and kissed Kakashi. "But yes, it was nice. Even the… present wrapping and decorating."

"So you like Christmas? We can keep doing it?"

"No more bears, Hatake. Then I might start dealing."

"But they're wearing sweaters!" Kakashi twisted around on the floor, looking up at Iruka. He looked adamant.

Iruka didn't know what to say. Kakashi just stared at him imploringly, before reaching up and rubbing the bridge of Iruka's nose.

Iruka pulled Kakashi's mouth to his hand and kissed the palm. "I made out pretty good this year. The fireplace was no small feat."

"You're leaving out the earmuffs, silk underwear, wrist restraints, and—"

"Dressing me up for your own prurient delight is a gift to yourself. I liked the fireplace," Iruka interrupted.

Kakashi pouted until Iruka kissed him again.

"I'll allow you two bears."

"Merry Christmas, Iruka."