Title: Untraceable.
6: the space between dream and reality
Written by Riho Sawaki, published by Kadokawa Shoten. Obviously, I am neither and work for neither.
Additional: It's been ages since I watched Sukisho, sorry for any chronological impossibilities. And tense changes. Heh.


Sometimes when Sora wakes up, on the nights when he's not molesting Sunao but just sleeping, and the wind is making the curtains sway, he thinks that maybe it all isn't so bad.

So he lost some memories – maybe it was better this way. From Sunao's injured looks and violence maybe it was really for the best. Matsuri still takes his ridiculous pictures. Gaku still makes his nanometer-precise ramen. Hiromu is still crushing on him. Maybe it was fine.

When Sora thinks like this, he closes his eyes and tries to remember but it never comes. He almost resents Yoru for this, but he can't bring himself to hate the person he created. Instead he sighs – closes his eyes – snuggles into the warm pillow and lets the breeze play on his face.

He ponders where life has taken him. The circumstances that created Yoru.


Was it that dark in his life? Could he truly have not survived, but become a soldier, a test, a machine? Doesn't he owe Yoru something for that, if it is even possible to repay someone who exists only in your head?

He turns over a bit, deep in these thoughts.

It comes to him, as his eyes close and he dwells in the twilight of sleep. Yoru is there – he could answer the questions. The memories…

He wakes up briefly, and then settles back into normal sleep, the faintest touch of ghostly lips on his own untraceable.