Playboy Bunny

Rangiku woke up on the morning of her birthday to find Gin curled up on the foot of her bed with a bow round his neck. Her shriek rattled the windows.

"Aww, Rangiku-chan," Gin soothed. "That's hardly a nice reaction for when I've tried so hard to please ya."

"Gin," Rangiku said through gritted teeth, "what is that thing you're wearing?"

"Do ya like it?" Gin smoothed the close-fitting leotard. "It's something they think is sexy back among the living."

"It's got bunny ears. And . . ." Drawn by horrified fascination, she got out of bed and wandered round to inspect his rear. "A fluffy bunny tail."

"Symbol of virility." Gin primped. "And fertility."

"Mind you," Rangiku said thoughtfully, "it does show off your buttocks rather well. And those mesh stockings . . ."

Gin stretched one leg behind him. "All that muscle, just packaged for you, baby."

"But where did you get it?"

Gin smirked. "Did a little favour for a certain person who has the biggest collection of 'artistic material' in Seireitai, and we're talking two thousand years worth of it. So? See anything you fancy?" He bent backwards so that the stiffened fabric of the leotard stood away from his nipples.

"Lots of it," Rangiku said, licking her lips. "Come here, you sexy love bunny."

She admitted afterwards that it had been the high heels that shattered her resolve.