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Summary- Splitting one's soul must be considered a high crime, so when soul Society gets wind of a person who has this knowledge and has used it, they have to send someone to take care of the problem. HPBleach

I grew up on the street…Sesame Street.

Chapter 1

He stared at the wall in disbelief. His eyes drifted to his white haired traveling companion, and then back to the wall. There was no way; it defied all laws of physics.

But so did most of his day-to-day activities, so why did this bother him so? Maybe it was because the wall looked so solid.

His companion on the other hand was silently counting in his head the seconds until the other teen complained. Twenty three…twenty four…

"There is no way…" Ah he didn't even last half a minute.

"It is simply an illusion." He stated calmly. And to prove his point he shouldered his bag and stepped through the wall.

A look of shock crossed the others face for half a second, before a scowl became dominant and he strode after him, flinching only slightly as the wall passed by like smoke.

A smirk met him on the other side as well as a platform full of people running to and fro. A large steam engine puffed smoke over the crowd and gave everything a dreamlike quality. Not bothering to comment on the fact that the wall let them through without a problem, he strode towards the train, his shorter companion a step behind.

"We need to keep a low profile." He reminded the taller of the two as he came level with him.

Laughter followed that statement. Running a hand through his vibrant orange hair he sarcastically replied. "Yeah sure, low profile."

"Ichigo…" Teal eyes bored into his back as they boarded the train. "This is important."

Ichigo looked over his shoulder and rolled his eyes. "I get it Toshiro, geez. SandleHat explained it often enough all this last month." He grumbled. "Look, an empty compartment."

He stretched his long legs out in front of him, as Toshiro tossed their bags in the overhead racks. "These gigais suck. I don't know how you could stay in yours for so long."

Toshiro rolled his eyes as he sat down, flipping open his phone as he answered. "It was what was required."

Ichigo scoffed and closed his eyes. Leaning his head back he couldn't help but think back to when this whole crazy mission started.


"Wizards?" Ichigo scratched his head and looked at Yamamoto in confusion. "Are those real?"

The old man leaned against his walking stick and nodded. "Yes, they are real. They are rather adept at hiding their locations from Hollows and the like, and so normally we do not deal with them until after they have passed on…however it has come to our attention that they have unearthed an arcane practice of splitting the soul."

"Splitting the soul?" Toshiro asked, the first question he had voiced during this meeting.

A deep sigh rumbled through the old man. "Yes. A certain wizard has already split his soul several times and a few of the pieces have passed on and have shown up in Soul Society as fractured souls, almost Hollow-like."

"But why us?" Ichigo raised an eyebrow and looked at the white haired captain.

"There is a school. Inside it houses the leader of the resistance against the one who split his soul. I need you two to enter as students and quickly and efficiently kill all the remaining pieces of the soul and also erase any information you can find on the practice. The reason I picked the two of you is simply the fact that although you both have enormous power, you still have the appearance of youth and can pass as students. Also Ichigo has the added skill of knowing things about the living world."

"But…How will we pass as wizards? Or do magic?" Ichigo was still a bit shocked that he was being chosen for a mission. He was still technically, simply a substitute shinigami.

"Urahara Kisake has studied all of our information that we have gathered over the years and has created gigais to deal with that problem. Also the two of you will be spending a month with him to go over anything else you should know going into this."


Ichigo's eyes snapped open as the compartment door slid back. A black haired boy in his late teens smiled in greeting. "Do you mind if we sit here?"

It took a moment for Ichigo to translate what he said, but then he shrugged and gestured to the empty bench across from him and Toshiro. The black haired boy smiled and yanked a trunk into the compartment and threw it up into the racks above. A girl with long red hair followed him into the compartment, dragging her own trunk and managed to also get it stowed away.

As they got settled on the bench, the black haired boy introduced himself. "I'm Harry Potter, and this is Ginny Weasley. You two are transfer students or something?"

Ichigo raised an eyebrow. "Something like that. I'm Ichigo Kurosaki and this is," he kicked one of Toshiro's legs and got him to look up from his phone. "Toshiro Hitsugaya."

"Hello." Toshiro said and quickly flipped the phone open again.

Ichigo sighed at the others expressions; Toshiro really wasn't the social type. The other two were giving them strange looks and he really couldn't blame them. Wishing he had taken the seat by the window, he looked over Toshiro's white hair and watched the scenery go by.

An hour passed and then the door burst open once again. This time a loud redhead and a girl with her brown hair pulled up into a French braid that wasn't quite keeping it under control entered and started talking loudly.

"There you two are, we've been looking all over the train!" the redhead practically yelled as he slumped beside Harry. The girl sat down next to Ichigo, smiling softly as she did so.

"Hi, my name's Hermione Granger."

"Ichigo Kurasaki." He said as the redhead noticed them.

"Hey, who are you guys?"

Ichigo raised an eyebrow. "I am not repeating myself." He glanced towards Toshiro, who was completely ignoring the chaos that entered their compartment. He figured the young captain had become good at that after dealing with his subordinates.

Hermione kicked the redhead across from her. "Don't mind Ron, he's an idiot." She ignored the affronted sound he made and continued. "So are you two transfer students?"

"Eh, yeah."

"Oh, where did you go before here?"

Ichigo blinked. Luckily Toshiro was listening. "We had a private tutor back in Japan, but decided to attend our final year at an Academy. I'm Toshiro Hitsugaya."

"Final year, aren't you a bit young?" Ron smirked, but dropped it fast when Toshiro glared at him.

Ichigo shook his head. Toshiro was so touchy about his age or height. "We are both seventeen." He replied before Toshiro froze the poor idiot into a block of ice; it was already a few degrees colder than it had been a few moments ago.

"Same year as us, then." Hermione said, trying to cover up the awkward moment. "Wonder what house you will be in…"

Ichigo raised an eyebrow. "House?"

He soon regretted the question as she launched into an in depth lecture of the school's four houses and what each one was looking for in a member. This took the better part of an hour and Ichigo could feel his eyes glazing over.

Eventually she ran out of steam and turned to talk with the other girl in their compartment, leaving Ichigo in peace. He closed his eyes and was determined to get some sleep, or to at least feign it to get out of any more lectures.

The hours slipped by slowly but soon, Harry was checking his watch and telling them that it was time to change into their school robes. Ichigo pushed the sleeping Toshiro a bit to wake him and then handed him the robe he pulled from his bag, before grabbing his own bag and digging through it. Shrugging his arms through it he left it unbuttoned and slouched back down. He was ready for this train ride to be over.

He didn't have to wait long before the train was slowing and the others in the compartment were standing up. They left their luggage so Ichigo and Toshiro didn't grab their bags, but followed them out and down the aisle.

A woman with incredibly pick hair walked up to them and smiled. "I guess you two are the new one's eh? Heya Harry, everything going good?" She slapped the poor teen on the arm.

"Yeah, Tonks, everything's great. We gotta grab a coach. " He said as they hurried towards a line of horse drawn carriages. Then Ichigo squinted, those didn't really look like horses.

But his thoughts were cut off when the girl, now known as Tonks, held out an old tin can. "Portkey, to the headmaster's office." She explained.

Ichigo raised an eyebrow, he remembered that term, 'portkey' now just what was it again? Oh right… He placed his hand on the rusted can at the same time Toshiro did. He felt a pull behind his bellybutton and a suffocating sensation overtook him. It only lasted a few moments and then he was aware of a plush carpet beneath him and a warm light dancing behind his closed eyelids.

He opened them slowly and took in his surroundings. Leftover reflexes from the war had him searching out all the escape routes and possible weapons that could be littered around the room. Eventually he rose to his feet and saw who was unmistakably the headmaster seated behind a massive desk. He rivaled Yamamoto in appearance, except his eyes held quite a deal more warmth.

Toshiro stood beside him and bowed respectfully before addressing the headmaster. It had been decided that Toshiro would handle this little meeting, something Ichigo was more than happy to agree to.

"Headmaster Dumbledore, it is a pleasure."

Ichigo could swear the blue eyes looking them over were twinkling. "It is my pleasure boys. I am glad you decided to end your magical training here. I trust you have everything you need."

"Yes, Headmaster." Toshiro replied.

The headmaster nodded and stood. "Very well. The sorting ceremony will be starting shortly. Ms. Tonks will you please escort these two down to the antechamber?" She nodded and ushered them out the door.

Ichigo stared in shock as they made there way down the many staircases. The place was huge. Toshiro seemed calm as ever and only widened his eyes when the paintings started to talk to them.

She left them in a room filled with eleven year olds, each of which seemed to be nervous. They whispered to each other and looked at the two older boys with distrust. The doors opened and a stern looking woman with her hair pulled into a tight bun walked in and sorted them into a straight line. She guided Toshiro and Ichigo to the end, explaining they would be sorted last. Before leading them out, she snapped at Ichigo to button his robes closed. He glared daggers into the back of her head as his fingers did up the buttons.

As they walked into the Great Hall, they attracted many stares from the students already gathered. Ichigo glared at any that dared to meet his eyes, while Toshiro ignored it all. The singing hat threw him for a second, but he soon was tired of watching the seeming endless line of eleven year olds getting sorted.

The line disappeared slowly until there was only Ichigo and Toshiro left. The woman with the list explained how they were transferring from Japan and into the seventh year. She called Toshiro's name and he walked forward and placed the hat on his head without changing expression.

Ichigo could see his comrade's shoulders stiffen and swore the temperature dropped again. After three minutes of silence the hat finally opened it's 'mouth' and said, "Gryffindor." Ichigo raised an eyebrow at the look on Toshiro's face as he ripped the hat from his head. The little white headed captain did not look happy. He walked to the table that cheered and sat down next the girl from the train.

Ichigo took the hat and placed it on his head. Before the hall disappeared from view, he caught Toshiro sending him a look that he knew all too well. It practically screamed, 'don't mess this up.' He sent his best, 'I got this,' smirk towards the glaring captain and dropped the hat over his head.

The first thing that surprised him was the voice in his head that wasn't Zangetsu or his hollow.

'Hmm. You're another one of those, are you?'

'And just what is that supposed to mean?' The one thing Ichigo knew he didn't need was another voice in his head; it was crowded enough as it is.

'You are not a wizard yet I can feel a magical aura around you. Oh well, I suppose I should do my job, yes? Now where it put you?'

'Same place as Toshiro.' Ichigo thought firmly.

'Oh, really? You think you know better than I do?'

'Look you tattered piece of…cloth. Just put me in there and no one will have an accident with a lighter, got it?'

Laughter filled his head, but at least it sounded sane. 'Okay, okay no need for threats' he felt the hat move on his head and the echoing cry of "Gryffindor." He pulled the hat from his head and handed it back over before walking down and sitting next to Toshiro.

"So you didn't manage to screw it up. Impressive." Toshiro muttered as the Headmaster took his place and started a speech.

Ichigo rolled his eyes and leaned on his elbow, his trademark smirk firmly in place. "You underestimate me Shiro-chan." That comment earned him a world class glare, yet Toshiro didn't respond, as they were already getting weird looks.

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