Atonement's Echo

By: Sokai

Disclaimer: I, Sokai, do not claim ownership to the workings of "Tin Man," an epic re-imagining of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz -- I leave that honor for this three-part television miniseries up to RHI Entertainment and Sci Fi Pictures original films (and Steven Long Mitchell as well as Craig W. Van Sickle for having written the teleplay). However, I can and DO claim to own this story and its inspired ideas FROM said miniseries.

Note: Anyone else (who reads my stories, anyway, and so therefore communicate with me regularly) watch this "miniseries television event?" I did, and obviously I loved it. LoL I could never really enjoy/stand T.W.W.O.Z., with all due respect to Mr. Baum, so it was a joy to see such a drastic re-imagining of his classic tale. That is, more so "whispers" of it, since the rest of the tale was completely original. ANYWAY. It was a joy to watch and reminded me so much of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and even Harry Potter and the DCOM version of TWitches. LoL Y'know, just epic adventure sort of stories, I mean. Only complaint was the literal-literal ending, how abrupt it was and a bit dissatisfying. Ah, well.

Anyhow, my fave charrie was Azkadelia, in truth, and I kinda liked that it was originally believed she was evil by heart/nature, but either way, I still enjoyed her (and Kathleen Robertson's portrayal of her). Which is why my brain immediately began to formulate a brand new adventure focused upon her and the aftermath of DG's journey/tale.

I don't know how far I'll get or if how it is in my head will unfold just as neatly (since there ARE quite a few things that were established within the miniseries that was a bit "overwhelming" to keep up with – so I'll probably unfortunately have to watch, re-watch and literally "study" the thing to make sure I remain true to everything), but for now I'll post what I can.

Oh. And if you HAVEN'T watched it (or even heard of it or that it was to be aired this past Sunday), you can catch all three parts back to back to back on the Sci Fi channel, of course, at 5 pm (Eastern) on Sunday. OR, just watch it on the website any time you wish for free:

h t t p / w w w . s c i f i . c o m / t i n m a n / v i d e o / i n d e x . p h p ? P a r t 1 & C h a p t e r 1

This story/prologue was created/written in December 2007.

The two suns of the colossal land of the Outer Zone, or the O.Z., slowly began to set, its glorious, magnanimous light gradually giving way to the oncoming darkness that would gently blanket the kingdom.

It was an honestly welcomed darkness, in contrast to the permanent shroud that would have befallen every last extraterrestrial inhabitant mere hours ago, courtesy of the neutral and mystified Emerald of the Eclipse.

But thanks to the valiant, steadfast efforts of D.G., peace would soon return to the O.Z.

In truth, D.G. could not have gotten through her journey in the first place, had it not been for her companions who had accompanied her along the way.

The recently reinstated Royal Advisor, Ambrose (or "Glitch," a nickname he'd adopted in reference to the drastic reduction in his synapses, after half of his brain had been removed for vile purposes); former "Tin Man" authority figure, Wyatt Cain; the erstwhile timid but continuously kind and loving anthropomorphic empath, the "Viewer" Raw; and later on during the last leg of the journey, the shape-shifting magician, Tutor (or "Toto," as D.G. fondly referred to him).

Yes. It had been quite the epic adventure in a mere three days, one so drastically life altering and full of danger.

However, in spite of it all, D.G. would have never dreamed of foregoing anything that had occurred. Because it was going through them that she'd discovered all of the strength, wits and courage needed to believe within herself to survive and keep going.

To keep going until she'd rescued her older and only sister, Azkadelia, from the clutches of the villainous specter, the Evil Witch of the Dark, thus reinforcing the decade long hope that their mother, the Queen, had managed to hold onto while imprisoned.

And now, finally, a breath of relief could be had by the entire Royal Family now that peace would undoubtedly return throughout the O.Z.

Or, so it was the assumption. . . .

After the remainder of the otherwise chaotic day had been spent making official proclamations of the disbanding of the Longcoats and others who had been Azkadelia's henchmen, beginning positive repairs to the Tower and rekindling slightly lost emotional bonds.

Exhausted, and understandably so, D.G. had finally excused herself from her unavoidably estranged birth parents to retire for the evening. Admittedly, she'd found it strange to walk throughout the darkened Tower freely, without fear of being seized by one of her sister's former soldiers, let alone about to slumber within it.

But she had to remind herself that there was absolutely no cause to fret over anything negative any longer.

Smiling softly to herself at the thought, D.G. walked leisurely down the slightly creepy hall, heading to the bedchamber Azkadelia had earlier suggested she make her own, before a new thought had come to her.

This is my first time sleeping underneath the same roof as Azkadelia in years . . . and we were evidently pretty close when we were kids, based upon the memories I'd finally recovered . . . So I don't think she'd mind if I popped into her bedroom to say goodnight . . . and maybe engage in "Girl Talk" if she's up to it, she mused within her mind with a soft chuckle, turning within the other direction to seek out her older sibling and companion. I hope so, anyway, since she was in such a happy mood throughout dinner.

And this truthfully surprised and amazed D.G., given that had it been she who had been forced to become the host of an unwanted specter, she probably wouldn't be able to smile for months on end, let alone feel like herself again.

But that's because Az is so much stronger than I am. So much braver, too. Even though she was possessed by the Evil Witch of the Dark, I'm sure she'd nonetheless managed to hold onto the hope that she'd be freed one day -- That's probably why she's been so ecstatic all night, the raven haired princess silently rationalized to herself as she'd arrived to the bedchamber of the older woman in question. Everything's definitely going to be just fine from now on.

Knocking softly upon the heavy, dark door, D.G. gently called out, "Az? It's me, Deege. I just wanted to come and say goodnight."

Awaiting patiently for a response and admittance into her older sister's private quarters, D.G. raised a delicate eyebrow in curiosity when she was only met with continued silence. Piercing blue eyes narrowing a bit as she lightly began to frown in perplexity, the O.Z. native reached for the golden tinted doorknob and turned it.

Pushing the door open, D.G. awkwardly walked inside of the bedchamber. Expecting it to be just as dark and dank as the rest of the Tower's décor, she was surprised to see the interior relatively bright and soft in color. Scanning the room, D.G. did not see her sister anywhere, which admittedly made her feel a bit better, as that was then evidently the reason why there hadn't been any sort of answer.

"Hmm. I guess maybe she went for a walk before bed or something," the sable tressed young woman murmured aloud to herself, exhaling lightly before turning around to leave the otherwise empty bedchamber.

Suddenly, D.G. could hear a peculiar, disembodied and strangled sort of sound coming towards the elegant looking bed in the distance behind her. Turning back around, heart pumping a bit faster, the blue eyed Savior cautiously walked over to the bed with all of her senses on high alert in case it was some sort of left over trap set for her.

Of all of the sights she'd expected to behold, the young Dorothy Gale had never expected to see this. For there, curled up within a tight ball on the floor at her bed's side, was the former Evil Sorceress Azkadelia, sobbing into her knees uncontrollably like a wounded, discarded creature. . . .

-- End of Prologue

(A.N. I like cliffhangers. LoL But it's not a bad set up for the next chapter and rest of the story, yeah? I think so, anyway. Just hope it all works out and I have the time to do it. Hope, too, that you review and let me know what you think. Thanks! Woo! LoL)