8.10 Singers, Planners, and Crashers

Previously on the Gilmore girls...

KEN: (Regarding Nate) You know, he's not so bad…

RORY: (Not convinced) Tell me one good thing about him…

KEN: You know that shelter around the corner from here?

RORY: Oh yeah, I've passed it a few times. What about it?

KEN: The dude runs the place, Rory.

Camera on a newly enlightened Rory.


RORY: (To Nate) I think it's great what you're doing.

NATE: (With a subtle smirk) Ken tells you about my work outside of the Courant, and I suddenly get your approval? The thing is Gilmore, I wasn't looking for your approval.

RORY: No... I didn't mean...

NATE: I have nothing against you... The moment you realize that, the better it is for the both of us. (Pause. Voice softens) Okay?

CUT to Rory looking at Nate's photograph online.


LUKE: (To Lorelai) Marry me.

LORELAI: (Leans back in shock) Luke?

LUKE: (Makes it sound more official) Lorelai, will you marry me?

LORELAI: (Still in shock) What?


LUKE'S VOICE OVER: The house is completed.

Camera on Lorelai and Luke as they look at the house.

LORELAI: (With a sweet smile, she looks up at Luke) We're almost there.

LUKE: (Still facing the house, he smiles as well) We are.


Takes places a couple of weeks after Richard shadowed Luke at the diner.


Luke and Lorelai are at the counter relaxing during the mid-morning lull. A couple of known townies are scattered. Gypsy and Joe are at the table by the window closest to the cash register. Kirk is at the other end reading a newspaper. In front of Lorelai lies a mug and an opened planner. Luke is directly in front of her, by the register, going through what looks like the receipts of that morning. We enter the scene in the middle of their conversation...

LORELAI: (As she points at the planner with a pen) So, we have a busy day today. I have to go for a fitting...

LUKE: (Cuts in) Another fitting? Weren't you there just two weeks ago?

LORELAI: Yes, but in case you haven't noticed... (Gestures to her torso, then tummy) my body's changing, the side-effect of having a child. Mom suggested that I had gained a few pounds so she moved the fitting date to two days before the wedding. Can you believe that? She says I'm starting to look pregnant.

LUKE: (Stops and looks at her) You don't look pregnant.

LORELAI: (Nods) Thank you.

LUKE: You're barely three months...

LORELAI: (Flips to the next page) Yes, but you know Emily Gilmore... anything to keep me on my toes.

LUKE: (Sighs) Right. (Gestures at the planner as he goes about his receipts) What's next on the agenda?

LORELAI: Coffee.

LUKE: What?

LORELAI: (Holds up her mug) More coffee?

LUKE: You've had enough.

LORELAI: (Whines) But... it was decaf.


LORELAI: (Pouts) Half and half? Half of regular and half of decaf?


KIRK: (Speaks up from his table - Lorelai looks over) You know, coffee is really bad for you. Especially for a woman going into her second trimester.

GYPSY: (Hearing him, decides to respond) Shut up, Kirk.

LORELAI: (With a horrid look softly complains to Luke) It's really disturbing that he knows that about me. (Sighs, then pouts again) I've been a good girl. Been drinking nothing but decaf for the past few weeks. Even at the inn... Ask Sookie, I don't drink regular... really.

LUKE: (Looks up from his work) That's because I made her hide all the regular coffee.

LORELAI: (Frowns) I know, how did you manage that?

LUKE: We're going into winter, the inn doesn't have as many guests... if they want regular coffee, your staff has to go through Sookie.

LORELAI: (Still frowning) I should be angry at you right now.

LUKE: (Smirks) But you're not. (Lorelai does a girly grunt)

LORELAI: So... no coffee?

LUKE: (Shoots her a stare and grabs her mug - then pours a bit of coffee and places the mug back on the counter) Half a mug of decaf.

LORELAI: (Sighs, then smiles) Gracias.

LUKE: (Nods at the planner) Continue...

LORELAI: (After she takes a sip) Okay, so after mom and I get back from the fitting, (gestures at both herself and Luke) we will go pick up April from the airport...

LUKE: (Nods) Right. Then?

LORELAI: Then we let her get settled at the house, shower her, dress her, feed her, and then sit her down and coach her on how to successfully dodge each question my mom's going to throw her way at dinner. Then we have TND. (Flips to another page) Tomorrow morning, you pick up Jess...

LUKE: (Confused, looks up and cuts in) "TN..." what?

LORELAI: (As if he should be ashamed) "TND" as in Thursday Night Dinner. You know, the one my mother insisted on since tomorrow would be too close to the wedding?

LUKE: Oh, right.

LORELAI: (Takes a big gulp of her coffee, then closes her book) Anyway... (sighs) I should get going, Mrs. Gilmore awaits. (Luke smiles sympathetically. Lorelai leans over the counter, and acts cutesy) Come here, you.

Luke leans in as well. What was to be one quick peck on the lips, turns out to be several... each lasting longer than the first. Lorelai continues between the kisses...


LUKE: So...

LORELAI: (Pauses and looks at Luke's face) Are you excited about this Saturday?

LUKE: (Smiles) You bet.

Lorelai sighs and stars to kiss him again.

GYPSY: (From the table closest to them) Shouldn't you two get a room or something?

JOE: Yeah.

Luke clears his throat when he remembers the three customers in his diner - but Lorelai grabs his shirt and doesn't let him move.

LORELAI: Ignore them.

They go in for another kiss... but Kirk interrupts.

KIRK: It's always best to save it for the wedding night.

Luke and Lorelai stop midway and just look at each other.

LORELAI: Okay, so there goes my mood.

LUKE: (Stands up straight) Yup.

LORELAI: (Sighs and grabs her purse and planner) See you at noon?

Luke nods, then Lorelai walks out. Camera then pans to Luke as he frowns at Kirk.


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