The purpose of this update is to publish the preview of episode 8.11

VOICE OVER: On an all new Gilmore girls…

A couple of seconds of a scene from FND

VOICE OVER: … the Gilmores invite themselves to a dinner…

EMILY: I don't believe we've ever been to your house for dinner. (Lorelai looks afraid)

RICHARD: (Agrees) Why, that's very true. We've never had dinner at your newly remodeled house. (Luke looks frightened as well)

EMILY: … it's settled, we will see you on Tuesday night.

VOICE OVER: But will Emily's interference ruin the night for the newly married couple?

A couple of seconds of a scene from what looks like a café

EMILY: … tell me what you think?

LORELAI: (Unsure) Mom, it's not for me alone to decide. You have to talk to Luke.

CUT to Luke and Lorelai's bedroom

LUKE: (Sternly) The answer is no. And that's that. (Lorelai sighs)

CUT to dinner at the Crap Shack

LUKE: (To the Gilmores) Is this how it's going to be? (Lorelai is concerned)

EMILY: (Frowning) What on earth do you mean by that?!

RICHARD: (Gestures) I think we should all just calm down.

VOICE OVER: Rory on the other hand, is occupied…

KEN: Things seem to be looking up for you these days. (He gestures at a clueless Nate walking by)

RORY: (Unsure) What do you mean?

KEN: …the two of you seem to be getting along.

A scene from the Muse (café by the Courant)

NATE: (With a subtle smile, he barely looks at her) Thanks.

RORY: (Smiles) You're welcome.

VOICE OVER: Stay tuned, as the series returns January 22nd on the CW.
See you in a couple of weeks.