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Epilogue: A New Twist

"Merry Christmas Sy! Have a great time" Jaden smiled at his blue-haired pal, as he began to head to the docks for the boat heading home.

"You too Jay, and Merry Christmas to you as well" he smiled though inwardly he felt bad about what had happened to Jaden. He was the only one out of the group not going home or having a home to go to.

"Syrus, I am sorry but we really must be going" Bastion said, "A merry Christmas to you Jaden and please do take care of yourself" with that he gathered up both of their belongings and left. Syrus hugged Jaden and then left.

"You know I will" Jaden looked calm on the outside but on the inside he was very mixed up. Sure he finally had some comfort knowing that Alexis and he were finally a couple, but he missed his family. He tried to clear his head by taking a walk, around campus. He stepped out of his dorm and inhaled, it was a very nice day. The sun was high up in the sky beating down on the earth though it really wasn't warm, it was a very crisp cool day. The wind whipped the landscape, kicking up a few particles of dirt on the road. Jaden walked down the steps and began his slow walk. He stood on the cliff right outside his dorm looking out to the ocean watching the ferry pull out from the docks. Part of him was happy that he was going to be alone for a while, but the other part was in agony that he'd be spending more than 2 weeks away from Alexis. He wished so badly that he could be with her over the holiday, but she was going home to see her family. So he figured he'd just spend the holiday at Duel Academy. He was going to meet Alexis in a few hours, and then she was going home. So he wanted to make those few hours count.

"Jay!" Alexis shouted walking towards his position. He smiled brightly,

"Hey Lex" Jaden greeted her, walking over. He met her halfway, and wrapped his arms around her then let go.

"Well don't I get a hello kiss too?" she pouted,

"I guess if I have to" Jaden said with a sarcastic reluctance. He placed his lips on hers lightly and then pulled back slightly. She pushed her forehead onto his, and wrapped her arms around his neck (like before), and lightly pecked his lips. He kissed her a little deeper the second time, and then pulled back into focus.

"I love it when you kiss me" she said lovingly, keeping her arms in place.

"I love kissing you Lex" he said keeping his arms around her waist. "So what do you want to do today babe?" he asked

"Not really sure hun" she answered. "I'll let you decide."

"You know I'd be happy just sitting here talking to you for until your boat comes." Jaden answered

"Well my parents just sent our private boat, about 20 minutes ago, so it'll be here in about 2 hours" she answered. She wanted to tell him her idea, but decided not to, she wanted to surprise him. "We could duel you know?" she said

"Why so I could kick your butt again?" he asked her jokingly.

"Oh come on" Alexis laughed, "Our first duel you just pulled the right card, in our second duel…. Wait you said I won!" She said wondering now if she'd been lied to by Jaden.

"I did… No I didn't did I?" he asked her, she nodded her head, "remember?" she asked him

They Both went back to their most recent Duel


"You know Alexis, maybe you are better off like this anyway" Jaden said jokingly

"What's that mean?" Alexis said pissed off that Jaden was about to beat her in a duel.

"Well the old you was so independent, and who needs that?" Jaden shrugged with a smirk

"Give me a break! I'm still independent and confident. You got that? No one's controlling ME!" She shot back

"You tell em you're the boss and that's why Love you Lex" Chazz said with hearts on his eyes

"Would you get a grip?" Hassleberry asked

"Yeah Chazz I think you're drooling" Syrus muttered

"Hey Alexis, if you're as strong as you say you are, then why stay with Sartorious? You should make your own choices, just like the old Lex" Jaden chastised her

"STOP IT! There's one Alexis, and guess what, she's not your friend anymore dork!" she snapped at him. The two seemed to radiate heat off of each other.

"Alright it all comes down to this, sorry" Jaden said, now getting serious

"Why?" she snapped at him again, still ticked off

"You're about to see, Neos attack his white night dragon" Jaden shouted. "This better get through to you." He thought, as Neos flew forward.

"It's time to melt that heart of ice." He said to himself, "Neos do your thing" he instructed

Neos attacked the Dragon destroying it. Alexis let out a yelp and fell to the floor.

"Alexis are you alright?" Shouted Chazz

"I hope so" Atticus responded

"Alexis? Hello? Hey sleepyhead rise and shine" Jaden said

Alexis began to crack her eyes open, it was clear Sartorious' grip had been broken. "Hey where am I Did we just duel?" she asked "Hold on I beat you right? Please tell me I didn't lose"

"Hmmm you won alright" Jaden responded, Alexis smiled seeing him smile as well.

End Flashback

"So if you beat me, why'd you say I won?" she asked,

"Alexis" Jaden sighed, it was finally time to come clean. "I wasn't trying to deceive you I swear" Jaden explained, "you did win" he went on, "But not in the way you were thinking. You see what I meant was that you won, in this respect you broke out of Sartorious' control, that's how you won." He explained, "I'm sorry if you still think I was deceiving you, that was not my intention." He smiled, as did she.

"Jaden it's ok, we've both kept secretes from each other" Alexis replied touching his cheek lightly (HIS FACE HIS FACE!)

"I haven't been completely honest with you about my feelings for quite some time." Alexis began, "I should have told you a long time ago how I felt about you. Whenever I was around you, I felt weak. Not that you made me feel insignficant, just physically I felt dizzy, disoriented, and was barely able to concentrate on anything other than you. I fell in love with you from the moment I met you in Obelisk arena. I wanted to tell you every time I met you how I felt but, I messed up every time, I couldn't keep my thoughts straight. So of course I forgive you Jay, I could never be mad at you." She smiled at him keeping her hand on his cheek he grabbed it lightly removing it kissing her palm.

"As for the duel request sure but no holograms or anything, just a simple card duel. OK?"

"Sure but if I win Jay, you have to agree to do whatever I want." Alexis said

"Yeah and if I win you have to let me kiss you." Jaden countered.

"That… doesn't seem very fair Jay, I get whatever I want or you get to kiss me? Either way I win" she smirked,

"I don't care" Jaden answered, he was just gonna screw around in this duel anyways he wanted to know what Alexis wanted.

About 30 minutes later:

"And that will do it!" Alexis shouted triumphantly "I win"

"Sure did Lex" Jaden smiled, "Now you get what you want, but first" he leaped into her arms from across the board and brought her to the floor. She stroked his cheek before plating her lips on his. He stroked her back lightly as the kiss continued and it's likely it would've lasted longer had Alexis not stopped it.

"Now Jay, since I won you have to give me whatever I want" she smiled, at him.

"Anything, of course Lex" Jaden smiled back at her. She stroked his cheek again.

"Well…." Alexis said biting her lip hard still wondering if this was a good idea. Her hands started shaking lightly, Jaden looked down.

"Lex? What is it? Go ahead, and just say it" Jaden tried to calm her down

"I'm sorry Jay what I want…. I want you… to come home with me for the Holidays" Alexis finally got out. Jaden just stared blankly,

"Jaden did you hear me?" Alexis asked, wondering if she'd moved too fast.

"You want me to what Lex?" Jaden asked, making sure he'd heard her correctly

"I said, I want you to come home with me for the Holidays, I want you to meet my family" she stated a little more confidently this time. Jaden stayed silent for a few minutes contemplating her offer

"Lex that's kind of a big step don't you think? I mean we've only been going out for a week now and already you want me to come over to meet your family? Are you sure? I certainly don't know if I'd fit in there." Jaden told her

"Look Jay, I know it's kind of a sudden thing but I have to know how my family feels about this. I've had boyfriends in the past, but I never asked one of them for this. I was saving this invitation for my special someone. I'd waited for years for him to come along and that's when I ran into you. You are that special someone for me Jaden, and I want you to meet my family, so I'm asking you to accept this offer." She smiled again

Should I? How can I say no to her? Come on it couldn't be that bad. No I come from a different background than she does, and I don't know if her parents will even like me. Jaden thought to himself, he glanced at Alexis. Somehow he'd missed it earlier but he noticed she was still wearing the necklace that he'd bought her.

"You're still wearing my gift huh Lex?" he asked smiling once again.

"I'll never take it off" Alexis replied,

If she's willing to go that far for me, I should be willing to go that far for her. Jaden coughed lightly and told Alexis his answer.

"Alright Lex, I'll give it a shot. I was probably going to have to meet your family eventually, so why not, it should be fun." Jaden smiled wider

"Do you mean it Jay?" Alexis asked again, now overjoyed she'd get to spend the break with her new boyfriend.

"100 Percent, yes Lex, I'll do anything you ask me to. If this is that important to you then how could I say no? Absolutely Lex." He answered,

"Oh Jaden, thank you" she said moving her hand back to his cheek.

"Will you help me pack though?" Jaden asked,

"Sure but we'd better hurry the boat is gonna be here in an hour and a half." Alexis replied

"Ok then Lex, let's go" he grabbed he hand taking her to his dorm room. This was the start of quite an interesting Holiday experience. Maybe it wouldn't be all that bad.