So this is my first fan fic. I had this idea in my head since I watch episode three (Dr. Feelgood). When Mick said there was no vampire clubhouse (which episode twelve, The Mortal Cure, seems to prove otherwise). I thought 'Well, wouldn't it be fun if someone made one?' Since then I have been weaving this story together. I created Adriana to run the club. She is also a perfect match for Josef (She completes him, LOL). I created her with the intention of their romance. The story has turned away from the Clubhouse and focused more on the relationships, Mick/Beth and Josef/OC. There is going to be a companion piece to this called 'Together.' Again this will focus on their relationships.

I try to keep as canon as possible, but this fic is AU for a few reasons... First, this was started before episode ten (Sleeping Beauty). I didn't know about Sara and therefore have had to leave her out of my story. There is no Sara. Second, Coraline is dead. I wrote this before we knew about Morgan and the cure, so... Coraline died in the fire in 1985. Third, I particularly hate break-up scenes, so there is no Josh. I am not a mean as to the shows writers, I'm not killing him. (Josh was good man. I would kill to have a Josh in my life.) But with that said, there is no way Josh can compete with Mick. Just assume that Josh and Beth broke up (mutually) before this fic picks up (or died if that's your thing).

So, now to the story... Please remember, this is my first fic. I feel the writing gets better, but the story also gets more mature. Reviews are always greatly appreciated. Even if you are reading this after it's finish. Please, please, please leave a review. I am also happy to clear up any confusion or questions by PM.


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The Clubhouse

Adriana stepped out of the cab. Her jet-black hair whipped across her ashen face obscuring her azure eyes in the warm evening breeze. She was going to like LA, it was warm, vibrant and so... alive. She grabbed her long leather jacket from the back of the cab, Guess I won't be needing this, she thought to herself. Years of cold Northern climates had hardened her, but now that she was on her own she was going someplace with sun... not that she would be enjoying it. Her clientele were mostly nocturnal. She looked up at the high-rise. Perfectly located downtown, near transportation and with an incredible view. Thanks Dad, she mused. He always knew where to find the best. With any luck she wouldn't disappoint him. She tipped the cab driver and headed into the lobby, she had a lot to do...

"Where's Guillermo?" Mick asked the mortician.

"He asked for the night off. Why, you guys have a date?" The mortician asked, smirking to himself. Mick ignored the quip and looked around hoping Guillermo would appear and relieve him of this socially outcast human.

The oblivious man pressed, "Can I help you? What are you doing at the Morgue at this time anyway?"

Stocking up on blood, Mick stopped himself. No need to get snarky, it was his fault he had run so low. He should have known that giving Josef his key code was not a good idea. Even if Josef preferred freshies, he always helped himself to Mick's fridge as well.

"I was looking for some info," Mick flashed his PI license-

"Well... I might be able to help, always wanted to be a detective, what are you looking for?" The mortician interrupted before Mick could finish his request.

"-Can you tell me how to contact Guillermo? It's an ongoing case." Mick didn't need info, he needed blood and if this twerp didn't help him, he would have to take it from him. Not that Mick would mind right now, this guy was really asking for it.

The guy must have picked up on the coldness in Mick's voice because he responded, "His contact info's on the board, but I don't think it will do you much good. He mentioned something about some new club..."

Mick was gone. He had the number that was all he needed. He waited impatiently as his phone dialed and rang. Come on, come on… pick up the phone damn it!

"You've reached Guillermo, if I am not at work I don't want to be so don't leave a message." Mick hung up, Damn.

Well... it was off to Josef's, maybe his friend would return the favors he had taken advantage of.

Beth sat at her desk scanning the web... it was a very slow news day. She had no story and it was getting to be 8:00. She needed a story something that would break the fluff pieces she had been doing for weeks on end. Maybe I'll try Mick. Interesting stuff is always happening around him she thought. She picked up her cell and started to dial when her phone began to ring. Mo was calling, But why? She had gone home hours ago.


"Beth, are you still working?"

"Yes, I was just-"

"I got a story for you. There is some kind of new club downtown. It is in one of those fancy high-rises, looks like it just opened. You should go check it out, might be a good scoop, you know? The new local hot-spot. It would be a good addition to Buzzwire's 'what's hip' section. Go check it out." With that she hung up. No arguing... Mick would have to wait, she had to go get ready. If this really was some new fancy club she would have to get herself dressed up to club admissionability. She somehow doubted that her worn jeans and loose shirt would provide a ticket.

Adriana stood in the club. As hostess, she had been busy preparing the freshies, checking security and hiring a staff. She was confident her choices would make this a night few would soon forget.

"Remember, no humans... give them whatever excuse you want. I want only willing freshies. We don't need some disaster that results in the Cleaner and possibly risks our exposure on our first night." She directed to the vamp at the door. She turned back to the low-lit plushly furnished room.

Let the party start

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