By Kaylle
Rated T (to be safe)
Updated 12/6/2007

A series of short vignettes based on Disney's Enchanted. I'm surprised to find myself writing this, and I feel a little silly, but such is life. Obviously I don't own Enchanted, but I hope Disney doesn't mind me playing a little.

By Kaylle

Things are so much stranger in this place, this New York. So much stranger, harsher, sharper angles and sharper words than she is used to. There is no gloss in this place, none of the effortless joy of the world she knows.

And yet, there are things here that she's never known there. And they aren't all bad.

Like anger. It's a new sensation, heat and frustration and fury, so much rougher and rawer and more powerful than anything she's ever felt before. She's so startled by the feeling, and then fascinated by it, that she cant stay angry with him. Joy bubbles inside her, and she reaches out to him, her fingers landing on his chest. And anger and joy instantly become something else, something she has no word for at all, something warm and aching and entirely new. It hangs shivering in the air between them, and her fingers move against his chest, trying to learn what he feels like, trying to make sense of any of it. And then she looks up at him, and she's so certain that he's going to kiss her-- so caught in this spell between them, the sudden flush beneath her skin and the weird foreign tension in her body-- that the sudden loss of contact between them is a shock. She stumbles back, sinks awkwardly to the chair, wraps her arms protectively around her body.

Of course she can't kiss him. Edward is coming for her, no matter what Robert says, and Robert is going to marry Nancy. But in this moment, remembering Robert's skin so warm under her fingers and his face close to hers, in this moment she can't quite recall what Edward looks like. It has only been a day, after all. Perhaps that isn't quite enough time to commit his face to memory. Robert seems to think it isn't enough time to know someone before getting married.

And her feelings for Edward are softer than what she's feeling now, sweeter, simpler. Perhaps they simply cannot withstand the onslaught of thoughts like this, of anger and whatever it was there between her and Robert. She still has no word for it, but it was powerful and beautiful and terrifying and she can feel it still, aching inside her, and she wishes she understood.

Of course she can't kiss him. It's wrong to kiss a man when you're engaged to another one. It's wrong to want to kiss a man when you're engaged to another one. The entire concept is foreign to her. She doesn't quite have a word for it, but she suspects Robert would, and she suspects it's an ugly word.

"Oh, my," she whispers, because there are so many things in this New York that are frightening and so many words she doesn't know. And yet... She shivers with the memory and wonders if she'll ever feel that way again, and she wonders if she'll miss New York when she goes home.