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Devil's Advocate

James Possible stood in the driveway in his fluffy down parka, attacking a stubborn patch of ice, when Kim pulled her car in. "Kimmie-cub!" he exclaimed happily as she got out, "good to have you home."

He gave her a hug and peered through the tinted windshield, "Who is with you?"

Kim waved for Shego to get out of the car. James stared, "You look familiar."

"I left my circus costume at home or you'd remember me."

Kim gave her a disgusted look. "You remember Shego, Drakken's sidekick-"

"Partner," Shego interrupted.

"Side-kick," Kim repeated, "you drew a salary." She turned back to her father, "She stayed here for a week a couple years back, as Ms Go while substitute teaching at school. Anyway, I ran into her and she didn't have plans for the holiday so I invited her home with me. I hope you don't mind." Kim noticed her mother coming out to greet her and Shego. "I figured since no one is in the guest room she could stay there again."

"Kim, don't you remember," her mother 'reminded' her. "I told you that Jim took your room. You'll have to take the guest room."

"But I already promised it to Shego!"

"Well, where will you sleep? The couch?"

Shego spoke up, "If I remember your guest room, the bed was huge. Maybe Kim and I could share it."

"Umm, I don't know," Kim mused, "would you promise not to attack me in my sleep?" Shego glared at her. "I guess we can try… Shego, will you remember which side of the bed you are supposed to sleep on?"

Kim gave the green woman a wink her father missed, and Shego grinned.

"I suppose I could ask Jim to give you your old room," James suggested. "You won't be home long."

"No," Kim spoke up quickly. "I wouldn't want to put him out. That will be part of my Christmas present to him."

Kim and Shego hit the crowded mall in the afternoon as Kim finished her Christmas shopping.

In the evening Ron stopped by with two girls. "Shego's here?" Ron exclaimed, "Cool. Is Drakken around? We can kick Lorwardian butt!"

"Not funny," Kim shuddered.

"Sorry, KP." He turned to Shego, "So, what is happening with the blue guy?"

"Drakken still can't decide on whether he wants to be an ecological hero or take over the world," Shego explained. "I didn't have anywhere to go for the holidays, so Kim pretended I'm a good girl and invited me home."

"But the 'good' is just pretend for the holiday? You're the same old Shego, right?"


Ron leered at her, "If you want to experience the old monkey magic firsthand I can work you in."

Shego rolled her eyes, "I'm evil, not stupid."

"RON!" Kim protested, "you shouldn't let the hero stuff go to your head."

"Why not," Shego butted in, "it's not like there was anything else in his head."

"Can't help it, KP. Like Drakken I'm a late bloomer." The two women with Ron wondered why the trio burst out laughing.

"Oh, need to make introductions," Ron apologized, "Ingrid couldn't get back to Sweden-"

"Denmark," she corrected him.

"-over break, so I asked her to come home with me. She's in the sport's medicine program at ESU and has a marvelous rubbing technique to get rid of stiffness." He gave Kim and Shego a knowing wink. "And Damyanti is from India. She isn't allowed to kiss, but that Kama Sutra has a lot of stuff that doesn't require kissing." The brown girl kept her eyes down, but a smile tugged at the corners of her lips.

"You know, Stoppable, if I remember my catechism right - and I probably don't - there is a special place in hell reserved for people like you."

"Reserved seating? BOOYAH! I hope it's in a skybox."

"Not likely," Shego laughed.

The three didn't stay long. As the two women were putting on their coats Ron dashed back to talk with Kim. His voice turned serious as he asked, "How are you doing, really, KP?"

"Fine, Ron. Thanks for asking."

"'Cause I meet a lot of guys in the athletic program at ESU. All jocks aren't dumb. There are some really nice guys there, smart too. Tell me what you're looking for and I can set you up with one."

"I'm really fine. I appreciate the concern, but I don't think I need the perfect guy just now."

"Well, hey, if you don't need a perfect guy we have even more imperfect guys," Ron grinned. "And, seriously Kim, I got your back if you ever need me. You know that."

"Thanks, Ron. I know that."

Shego noticed the two women standing in the doorway with jealous expressions, "Hey, loverboy, your entourage awaits."

"Ronald," the tall blonde whined, "we go now, yes?"

"Call me if you need me," Ron called as he left with Ingrid and Damyanti.

On the morning of December 24th Kim dug out the Trivial Pursuit and played with Shego and her brothers. Around ten Shego found Anne in the kitchen, "I think we're close in size, I need to borrow a swimsuit."

"No problem," Anne replied, taking a break from cleaning and lunch preparations. "Are you and Kim going to the pool at the Y?"

"Nah, Jim and I were playing teams against Kim and Tim. The losing team has to put on swimsuits and run around the house three times."

"That's terrible! It's below freezing out there."

"Yeah, but could be worse. At least we're wearing swimsuits and boots."

After lunch the tweebs left to work on their entry in the Middleton ice sculpture contest. Shego was given a choice, join Kim and her mother in caroling to shut-ins or stare at mindless television programming. "Don't think I'm going soft," she warned as she got on her hat and gloves, "I'm only coming with you because I'll hurl if I have to watch Rudolf or Snowman Hank again."

That night, after the Christmas Eve service, Anne unloaded the dishwasher while the teakettle came to a boil. Jim and Tim, cold and exhausted from working outside all afternoon, went to bed early. Cup of tea in hand, Anne heard quiet voices in the family room and looked in.

The lights were out in the family room, but the glow of the fireplace and colored lights on the tree let her see Kim and Shego seated on the floor, their backs against an easy chair as they watched the flames dance in the fireplace. The only way they could have sat any closer to each other would have required them to be in the other's slacks, but there were no other signs of obvious intimacy so Anne cleared her throat, "Mind if I join you?"

"Sure." "No problem." They answered, and she sat on the couch.

"How are you two doing," she asked cautiously.

"Would you be disappointed if I said better?" Kim asked.

"A little, but I could live with it."

"You only have yourself to blame," Shego pointed out.

"How so," Anne smiled.

"You told Kim and me we needed to talk more, and honestly, with each other."

"It's really helped, Mom. We haven't had a fight since-"

"Yes we have." Shego interrupted.

"No, we haven't."

"Yes we have."

Kim gave Shego a gentle shove, "Hush, you." Turning back to her mother she continued, "We haven't had a voice raising argument since your talk. Thanks."

Shego gave an evil grin, "Yeah. We should find a way to thank you properly. If you ever want a threesome-"

"Hey!" Kim protested, giving Shego a bump with her shoulder, "stop hitting on my mother."

"Can't help it, she's a sexy lady."

"I will definitely pass on that offer," Anne told them. She managed a smile, "Nice to know the old girl still has it though."

"And you're smart," Shego laughed. She hesitated, "Why did you tell us that, really? If you wanted us to break up, why tell us we need to talk?"

Anne took a sip of tea before answering. "I want Kim to be happy."

"But you don't think Shego and I can work things out?"

"Honestly? No. But I've been wrong once or twice before. Your brothers are the awful consequence of one of those mistakes." They all laughed.

Silently they sat watching the flames. When Kim threw another log on the fire, however, Anne felt a need for some conversation and decided asking Kim about next semester's courses was the safest subject possible.

"You know, Santa won't come until after you go to bed," a cheery male voice broke in several minutes later.

"Dad!" Kim gave a startled exclamation and jumped up, the darkness of the room hiding a slight blush. "Can I get you anything to drink? Apple juice?"

"I'm fine, Kimmie-cub," he raised one hand to show her a steaming mug. "I've got my hot Ovaltine." He looked at the couch, "and I see a spot open by the most beautiful woman in the house."

Kim and her father sat down at the same time, but Kim kept a couple inches of open space between herself and Shego.

"Did I hear Kim talking about classes as I came in?" James asked.

"We are so done with that," Kim warned him. "Mom and Shego don't want to hear it again."

"Well, then, what about you, Shego? Still with Drakken? What are the two of you up to these days?"

Anne crossed her fingers and said a prayer Shego could show some restraint.

"Oh, I'm in something of a personal crisis," Shego said slowly, not taking her eyes from the fireplace. "I've got someone telling me I need to get off my green ass and do something with my life-"

"Drew?" James interrupted.

"Nah, I think he's the rut I need to crawl out of… I've got a few ideas I need to explore, maybe something honest again. It feels good to not have the cops after me. Had someone else read me the riot act on the importance of communication a couple weeks ago. I'm thinking I might look up family again - see if we can talk rather than having our old yelling contest."

Unseen by her father, Kim softly patted Shego's leg.

There was more general talk until the last log broke into embers with a shower of sparks and James pulled the fire screen and doors shut. "You girls go to bed," he growled playfully.

"Do you ever worry about Kim?" Anne called as she slid into bed.

Her husband's voice came through the open doorway of the master bathroom, "Not at all. She's a good kid. She'll do the right thing."

"You really think so?"

"I'm sure of it. I've got complete faith in Kim."

"I'm glad," Anne sighed. "Maybe I should too."

"Absolutely," her husband assured her, "she's on Santa's nice list. The question is, young lady," her husband appeared in the bathroom door, wearing nothing but a fake white Santa Claus beard and moustache, "have you been naughty or nice?"

Anne laughed and opened her eyes and mouth wide in mock surprise. She put an index finger against her lower lip, and in a lisping, little girl's voice said, "Well, Santa, I think I've been a little bit naughty and a little bit nice."

'Santa' shook his head sadly, "I don't know what I should do with you then."

"Get into bed with me," his wife purred, "naughty and nice can be a very pleasant combination."

-The End-