The only good memory Toki had about his brief childhood with his insanely religious parents was how they celebrated Christmas.

He wasn't beaten or forced to work on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and they were the only times when he truly thought that they loved and cared for him.

His parents would even talk to him then; telling him that they loved him as they helped him make colorful paper baskets that would later be filled with candy, fruit slices, and candied nuts.

His mother and father acted like real parents then; not maniacs.

It was because of this that he loved the holiday so much and he wanted to make everyone happy on Christmas. He bought everyone in the band a special gift and sometimes they would be unable to do anything else but stare at it in awe; wondering how Toki was able to match the gift so well with the person's personality.

Each gift was wrapped up by himself too; unlike the gifts that the others bought and had wrapped and delivered by some of the hooded servants instead.

Toki wasn't as stupid as the others thought he was at times. He knew how everyone felt about the holiday and he treated them accordingly.

Skwisgaar hated the holiday because his mother once left him out in the snow during Christmas Eve while she had sex with five men.

Pickles became withdrawn and extremely drunk during Hanukah; the drunkenness carrying over into and past Christmas Day.

Murderface hated the holiday because it reminded him of his grandfather for some odd reason that Toki was still unsure about.

Nathan locked himself in the recording studio; writing hundreds of songs that he would later burn in a huge kind of funeral pyre.

Even Charles was affected by the holiday; run ragged by his boys' wild antics and the lawsuits that were filed because of them.

They never actually celebrated Christmas together like a family and so Toki felt that it was his duty to try and bring them together through his presents since they refused to come together in person.

Humming a soft carol to himself as he worked; Toki adjusted the bow on the gift he had made special for Pickles before first picking up Skwisgaar's gift and nodding to himself as he left his room.

He had five gifts to deliver this night and the blonde Swede was the first on his list to get one!