Toki giggled to himself as he walked down the halls of Mordhaus; a veritable bounce in his step as he headed back down to the Christmas party after giving Charles his Christmas present.

The party wasn't that fun either; it was just him and then everyone who worked for Dethklok with their hoods off.

Although he did have to admit having fun listening to their librarian talk about her own family. She was a kindly old woman who showed him pictures of her grandson named Duane who apparently had his own band.

The party ended late and Toki was exhausted after having so much fun and he practically had to drag himself up the stairs to his bedroom.

He had to do a double take when he opened his bedroom door.

When he had left his room; it was just as it always had been.

But now…now it was decorated everywhere for the holiday that he loved so much.

"Wowie!" he whispered in awe, stepping into his room carefully.

The walls and ceilings were covered with paper snowflakes and his entire floor was covered in cotton balls to act as snow. On his worktable there were some small paper baskets filled with candy, nuts, and candied fruit slices. Tinsel was randomly strewn about the room and even his beloved Deddybear had been put into a little Santa outfit; complete with a hat and black boots.

Not only that, but there rested five large boxes wrapped in brightly colored paper and topped with beautiful metallic bows.

Clapping his hands excitedly, Toki did a few small jumps in place before he then started to tear at his presents with gusto.

Skwisgaar gave him a ring made out of solid sapphire, with the image of a wolf pup on the outside and a prayer to Freyja on the inside.

Pickles gave him a guitar that Bullets himself had once given him during Hanukah a long time ago and when Toki played a few bars on it, he found that it still could play.

Murderface gave Toki an old Viking sword with a matching round shield and a two-handed battle hammer.

Nathan gave Toki a set of fifteen little outfits for him to dress up Deddybear; six of which were costumes to make the stuffed animal look like any member of Dethklok and Charles.

Charles gave Toki a book filled with coupons that ranged from 'one English speaking lesson' to a 'special coupon' where the Norwegian could write whatever he wanted on it and the manager/lawyer would do it for him.

"Wowie, Deddy! This is the best Christmas evers!" Toki announced, flopping onto his bed and looking up at the paper stars taped to the ceiling.

He slowly fell asleep a few minutes later, a smile on his lips still.

"Ya think he liked 'em?" Pickles whispered as they peeked in on the sleeping Toki.

"He better! Thosche weaponsch are really old!" Murderface snorted.

"He is like de liddle kid." Skwisgaar said. "He likeded it."

"I bet you he's going to have his bear wear those outfits and then carry him around to show him off." Nathan laughed.

"No doubt he will." Charles nodded, adjusting his glasses to try and hide his smile. "And no doubt those coupons will be used up in no time.

"Especially the 'playtime with your airplanes' one." He added with a sigh.

"Come on, we need to get back to bed." Pickles said with a yawn. "It's too damn early to be up like this!"

They went off into their own rooms then; leaving Toki to dream about the best Christmas ever.