Locked Out

Keira sighed, fumbling with her keys. A few moments later she still couldn't find the key that belonged to her apartment. She groaned and picked up the mat that said, 'Beware of Crocadog'. To her dismay, there was no key.

"Great, I'm locked out of my apartment in the worst time of day, in a bad part of town," she mumbled sarcastically.

A crash from in the parking lot alerted her to the 'bad part of town'. She pulled out her communicator and dialed Tess's number. When she answered, Keira could tell she was at the Hip Hog.

"Hey, what's up?" She asked over the dance music. "We got a lot of people tonight!"

"I don't have the key to our apartment. You have yours?"

Tess sighed then nodded. "Yeah, I'll convince Krew to let me go early and I'll be there in five."

Keira smiled at her roommate and disconnected. Voices and footsteps told her she had company. She looked around franticly, searching for a place to hide. Not finding any, she leapt down the stairs, across the small grass lot, and around the corner where a dark shadow held enough space to conceal her.

She stood in the indented corner of the building as a man walked up to the stairs. He glanced in her direction and stopped. Keira froze, feeling fear consume her. The man stood there for a long moment, looking in her direction. The shadows hid her but, she thought, he could probably make out her silhouette. She was happy to be garbed in dark colors but wished the building was darker.

She heard the man say after a while, "One big stray!" He moved inside his apartment just below hers. Keira shifted around the corner so if anybody came back they wouldn't see her.

A few moments later she heard more voices and then footsteps coming toward her. She scrambled away form the sounds and the approaching people but got herself caught on a awkward branch sticking out of the hedge that lined the wall of the building. She let out a small cry as she tripped and fell. She heard the man curse loudly and watched his shadow hurry away.

She breathed a sigh of relief as she stood and brushed herself off. She waited for silence and when it had come she quickly ran back upstairs and pressed herself against the door jam.

After a few more fearful minutes, Tess arrived and unlocked the door.

"I had a heck of a time getting off early," she was saying as the walked through the door.

Keira told her story to Tess and when she was done Tess looked at her for a long time before she burst into hysterical (I spelt that right!) laughter.

"You had a very exciting night."

"Well I wasn't gunna walk out of the shadows and say, 'Hiya, I'm just a somewhat defenseless girl wondering around my apartment because I'm locked out at eight at night!'"

Tess laughed even harder and kept saying, "Poor neighbors."

"Poor neighbors!? They scared the heck out of me!"


I'm back! Well not really. This is just somthing that happened to me one night to I decided to make a quick little thing with it so my name come to the top again. Tell me what you think. THIS IT BASED ON A TRUE STORY! Keira was in my position and Tess, in my mom's. My mom was at a study group thing and I had just got home from Dinner With Dad. Hope you liked it! I'm working very hard on the rest of my storys the rest will come soon! Never fear for this is proof I still exsist. Sorry if this seemed bad and all but I was very distracted. (We're finally getting some real rain. That don't happen too much.) The Witch Fire narrowly missed me mum's house, but it stopped at the wash behind us and we were saved! Hopefully, this rain storm will put a close to our Fire Season and we can take a muched needed sigh of relief. I'll stop now... Thanks for reading! Please review.

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