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The gardens erupted into cheers and cat catcalls as the couple continued to kiss. When Draco finally pulled away, he placed his hand on her face, "I love you Mrs. Malfoy"

She smiled with tears in her eyes, "I love you too Mr. Malfoy."


Hermione and Draco left for a short two day honeymoon. Narcissa had insisted they go for a week, but Hermione didn't want to be away from the babies that long, call it motherly instinct, call it over protective, call it what you will, but she couldn't stand being away from them any longer the the two days she had promised.

Draco surprised Hermione with a trip to Italy, They ate, they danced, they went sight seeing, they did everything they could, making the best out of the honeymoon, even though Hermione already missed her babies.

The Weasley house was in chaos over the four page article the next day in the paper.

"She let the bat walk her down the Isle!!" Ron yelled, "Slytherins, she is surrounded by slytherins!" he fumed.

"Not all slytherins" George said with a smile, "Look on the 3rd page, Fred and I were the Brides men."

Ron flipped the pages quickly and yelped, "YOU WENT? YOU WERE IN THE SHAM?" he yelled turning bright red.

"Calm down Ron, you blew it with her and you know it." Arthur said, "I for one am Happy to see that everything worked out."

"You support this?" Ron asked angrily. Arthur was a pretty even tempered man, but the bashing he had listened to over the months from Ron, Ginny and Molly had finally grated his last nerve.

"Yes, I support them. Draco Malfoy may not have been your choice for her, but what happened , happened, They have children together and by the looks of them in the paper – they are happy together. Who are you to meddle in other peoples lives, there are children involved Ron, and if both mother and father are willing to put aside everything and come together, then I see no need for you to be so upset. Harry has accepted it, Fred and George have accepted it, from what I understand most of the slytherins from your year accept it, and last but not least, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy accept it. What I am truly ashamed of is the way you , your mother and sister have treated your best friends."

"They pushed me aside." Ron yelled back

"They did not push you aside, Hermione came to us in tears because she was pregnant, she needed comfort after her parents disowned her, she was facing raising a child alone with no father to help, and you cast her aside like the dirt on your shoes. You and Harry were her best friends, she would have done anything for you – yet when the time came for you to be there for her, Harry was the only one who stepped up to the plate, even offering himself as father to a child that wasn't even his."

Ron sunk lower into his chair, he knew his father was right; she would have done anything to help him if her were in a bad situation. Arthur stood from the table and walked away, leaving his son to his thoughts. Fred however stayed put, George by his side.

"Dad is right, she is happy with Draco, he is happy with her, and they both make good parents. She had plenty of friends around her and I think you should just leave them be. If you see her out and about , ignore her and leave her to live her life." Fred said to him with slight anger.

"Did you know Pansy kidnapped her... to steal her baby? Of course you didn't. Draco, Harry and Blaise searched for her for three weeks until she was found. As her once best friend, you should have been there searching with them. It's funny that her school time enemies hardly slept, filled with worry over her disappearance, yet one of her best friends couldn't see past his stubbornness to care enough to even check on her." George finished.

The twins rose from the table and left. Ron continued to read the article and glance at the pictures.

'A wedding to remember' was the headline that stuck in his head. He watched the first picture closely, it was taken as they were being announced, he watch them smile at each other before they embraced in a kiss. He read further down the page coming to the next picture, Snape was walking her down the Isle, no ill scowl on the professors face, he looked to be comforting her. The pictures went on, there was one with Harry, Fred and George, one with Blaise and Draco, one of the crowd that attended the ceremony, it seemed that everyone was happy for them, but even still, he could not force himself to be the same way, He closed the paper and left it on the table, He would not try and repair the relationship, but he decided to keep his foul comments to himself.

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