Konoha Exiles

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Chapter 1

"Uzumaki Naruto." The Elder said looking down from her seat amongst the council at the blond Genin. "You are hereby exiled from Konoha for attacking a fellow shinobi of the leaf…"

"What?" Naruto exclaimed. "Who?" he demanded.

"Your attack on Uchiha Sauske…"

"I was ordered to bring him back, the bastard attacked me…" the blond teen yelled.

"Your orders were to rescue Sauske from the clutches of Orochimaru, not leave him in a coma." Another council elder said looking at the blond with disdain.

"I fought him to defend myself and bring him back. He rammed a chidori into my chest and if it weren't for my…tenant I would have died and the bastard Uchiha you all worship would have continued to go to the Snake-teme." Naruto countered.

"Preposterous. Sauske Uchiha would never join Orochimaru of his own free will. You must have driven him to it demon." Another elder spoke up.

"And you're an idiot." Naruto shot back. "Where's the Tsundae?" he asked.

"The Hokage washed her hands of you demon." The councilor said with disdain.

That was a lie. They had Tsunade banned from this meeting knowing she would stick up for the demon container. This was their chance while she was dealing with the injured squad that had been part of the retrieval, they were going to get rid of the demon.

"You are banished from Konoha and should you set foot in it again you will be executed by order of the Hokage." A council elder said and tossed Naruto a scroll. He read it and saw Tsunade's name (forged) and that of the Village Elders.

His head lowered and knew that was that. Sakura's words still vibrated thru his mind "LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO SAUSKE-KUN!"



"You will be escorted beyond Konoha's borders. ANBU!"

A pair of ANBU ROOT members appeared. "Take this…trash and escort him from our borders. He is not to be harmed unless he sets foot back."

The white masked ninja grabbed Naruto's arms.

"We give you half an hour to gather your possessions from your home."

Naruto remained silent. His once shining blue eyes were dim and his face emotionless.

"Do you understand Uzumaki?"

"Yeah." His once loud and boisterous voice was flat and dead.

The ROOTS ANBU vanished with him in a swirl. The Council looked at one another in joy. They did it. They might not have been able to execute him, but exile was a start.

Naruto looked around his shabby hovel that was his apartment. He packed some clothes, his ninja gear, a couple of photo's and then looked at his fridge. The food had gone bad, not that there was much to begin with. He filled several bottles with water and stored them in a scroll. He stored the rest of his things in another scroll and turned and dropped the key on the counter looked at the faceless ANBU who stood by the doors.

There's nothing here for me, there never was. he thought heading for the door.

"I'm done." He said in the same dead voice.

The ANBU grabbed him and they vanished once more in a twirl of leaves.

They appeared at the gates and Naruto without prompting was walking out the gates.


He kept walking, his head down, his posture slumped.

"BOSS!" another voice called out.

Naruto sighed and turned to see Konohamaru, Udon and Moegi running towards him.

He looked at them sadly, this would be the last time he got to see them.

"Hey guys." He said, his voice still flat.

"Nee-san, you got another kick ass mission?" Konohamaru asked.

"No." Naruto said. "I've been exiled."

"WHAT?" three voices rang out.

"You can't go!" Konohamaru said. "Your supposed to be my rival…"

"Sorry Konohamaru. The Hokage and the Council exiled me for attacking their precious Uchiha." Naruto said.

He reached up and untied his hitai-ate. "Could you give this to Iruka for me Konohamaru. I won't need it anymore."

He then ripped the necklace from his neck and gave it to Konohamaru. "And return that to the Hokage. I'm not precious to her, and she'd want her grandfather's necklace back and not around the neck of someone like me."

By this the three youth's were crying and Moegi was hugging him around the waist tightly sobbing. "Don't go. Please."

"I have to. If I don't the ANBU here are ordered to execute me."

Konohamaru sobbed as he hugged the blond he thought of not only as his rival, sensei but his big brother and friend.

"Its up to you now to become Hokage Konohamaru. Make the old man proud."

Konohamaru rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. "I'll become Hokage nee-san. And I swear I'll make you proud of me."

"I already am Konohamaru. You'll be great someday. The will of fire will live on in you."

Konohamaru cried more hearing his grandfathers words from Naruto's mouth.

Naruto noticed the ANBU shifting and knew he had to get going. "Goodbye you three. Take care, stick with Iruka." He said touching Moegi and Udon on their heads above the goggles and then he pulled Konohamaru into a one armed hug.

Naruto walked thru the gates of Konoha leaving behind three academy students, one holding a headband and necklace with tears coming down his face.

They traveled for hours using the trees. Naruto and the ANBU silent nothing was disturbed in their passing.

They were nearly to the border when the ANBU attacked.

"Danzo orders your death demon." The first one said.

"Your body will be studied and secrets used for cloning." The second one said.

The Kunai in his shoulder left him in pain. It was in a place he couldn't reach.

Bastards stabbed me in the back, why am I surprised? Naruto thought backing up. He struggled to his feet and put his right hand up in a defensive position.

"Danzo will reward us well for killing you demon."


The one on the left lunged and Naruto ducked and kicked out taking the ANBU's legs out with a hard kick to the leg and a loud snap was heard, the ANBU screamed.

The other one caught Naruto with a swipe of his kunai.


Naruto looked at his arm and saw the cut was deep.

Naruto staggered back as the kunai in his back was throbbing and the wound he just received was as well.

"Poison." He muttered.

"Sadly no. it is a paralyzing agent. It will make killing you easier and leave your body less damaged." The ANBU spoke.

"Oh, good. Means I get to kill you without worrying about him dying."

All three looked over to a figure standing by a tree. He was wearing blue ninja pants, a mesh shirt and a black leather coat.

Long silver hair was covered by a bandanna and gloved hands were at the young man's side.

A pair of gold eyes looked back at the ANBU. "Now, why are you trying to kill my friend?"

"Micahamaru?" Naruto said, his voice sluggish and his limbs felt like they were led.

"Hey 'Ruto." The silver haired youth said, his eyes going back to the ANBU. "Be with you in a moment, I have some Konoha trash to kill."

Before the ANBU could move he felt something slice his arm. "What was that?" he asked looking around.

"I'm a wind elemental. Add in my kekkei genkai and your boned bitch."

"Wh-AGHHHHHHH!" The ANBU screamed as his very own blood burned him from the inside out.

"Melwasu kekkei genkai…FLASH FRY!"

Naruto watched as the ANBU fell to the ground his eyes wide in pain and fright.

"Mica…" Naruto said weakly, the paralyzing toxin was kicking in and he found it hard to focus.

"One more." Micahamaru said and his right arm lashed out and the ANBU on the ground felt something wrap around him.

"Melwasu assassination technique…MONOWIRE DECAPITATION!"

The ANBU's head popped off and the body was sliced as if it was meat.

"Damn Mica, you've gotten meaner." Naruto said weakly as the silver haired youth approached him.

"And you've gotten sloppy." Mica said lowering Naruto to the ground and pulled the kunai from his back.

"What happened?"

"I've been exiled." Naruto said his mouth moving heavily, his tongue feeling like led in his mouth.

"Hold still. This will hurt, but I should be able to burn the toxin from your blood. We can't stay here long enough for it to wear off."

"Hn." Naruto said and braced himself. "Bite down on this." Micahamaru said offering him a kunai handle. Naruto did and he screamed as his blood burned as Mica focused his power.

A moment later it was done.

"Y-You've gotten better." Naruto panted, the kunai falling from his mouth.

"Come on. We'll talk away from here." Mica said and helping Naruto to his feet they took to the trees leaving the remains of the ANBU on the forest floor.

Hours later Mica and Naruto were resting by a stream.

"Those…those…." Mica who had listened to Naruto's life since they'd last seen one another was not enraged at what he'd learned.

Mica took several deep breaths and sighed. "Well then, looks like you can come with me then without looking back."

"W-What?" Naruto said in surprise.

"Didn't you hear me when I said I contain the nine tailed fox in my gut?"

"I heard you. And we're going to get you some heavy duty training, not the half assed piecemeal training you've been given."

Mica sipped some water and looked at his friend. "I'm sorry for leaving you all those years ago. If I'd been there…"

"You had to get your kekkei genkai under control." Naruto said waiving him off. "The old man explained it to me that if you hadn't it would have killed you and all those around you."

Naruto said, then looked at him. "But that wind thing…"

Mica laughed. "Another bloodline actually. It seems my mother was actually a wind demon…its like that guy in Suna, where he's got sand, I've got wind, and the great thing is there is air all around, so I don't have to carry a fan to make it."

They were silent for a bit until Naruto spoke, "What are we going to do?"

"Well, we're going to travel for several days and I'm taking you to see the monk who helped me. He's wise beyond the years and as strong as a Hokage."

"What can he do for me?" Naruto asked.

"Well he should be able to help you draw on and control the powers of the fox. It will take time and hard work Naruto, but when he's done with you, trust me when I say you will be the strongest ninja ever."

The pair remained that way for the night.

Back in Konoha…

Tsunade glared at the scroll on her desk. Those arrogant assholes! How dare they! She raged in her mind.

Currently the council was in a session with Ibiki for treason for what they'd done.

She swore again as her eyes fell on the necklace and hitai-ate on her desk.

She'd been surprised when Konohamaru stormed into her office yelling at her.


The door to the office exploded inwards and Tsunade came to her feet and was surprised to see Konohamaru standing on the unconscious body of the Jounin's that had been guarding the door.

"HOW COULD YOU? HE THOUGHT YOU CARED!" Konohamaru raged storming into the office followed by his two teammates.

"What the hell are you talking about brat?" Tsunade demanded waiving Shizune off.

"Don't give me that. You signed it along with the rest of those old bastards of the council. He thought of you as an aunt or even a mother, and you betrayed him!" Konohamaru snarled tossing a scroll at her.

"After all nee-san did for this village…he brought you back here and you exile him."

Tsunade looked at the young academy student in shock. She unrolled the scroll and read the order and was shocked to see her name on there.

"Those bastards. Those FUCKING OLD BASTARDS!" she slammed the scroll down.

"SHIZUNE! Get Ibiki and Anko here now along with a full squad of ANBU, make sure none of them are aligned with Danzo."

Tsunade looked at the scroll with the exile order in rage. Her eyes looked up to see Konohamaru.

"I did not sign this Konohamaru, I swear." She watched as the young man glared at her.

"I swear on my forefathers that I did not sign this. I promise, I will take care of this."

"Konohamaru-kun…give her what Naruto-nee-san gave you." Moegi said.

Konohamaru still didn't believe the Hokage, but pulled out the hitai-ate and necklace dropping them on the desk.

"Naruto was my friend, he was the first person to see me as Konohamaru, not honorable grandson. He treated me as an equal and I swear old lady, I swear I will become Hokage and show this village what happens to those who betray their heroes." Konohamaru spun and stormed out followed by Udon and Moegi.

Tsunade was in shock. Her little brother had been exiled and thought she had been part of it.

"JIRAIYA!" she screamed. She needed her old teammate to find the blond and bring him back.

She was soon joined by Ibiki and Anko and along with Shizune she told them what had happened and what they were going to do.

End Flashback

She'd had the entire council arrested and Danzo was on the run along with his ROOTs agents.

She looked up hearing a sound and Jiraiya was slipping in thru the window.

"Where is he? Did you find him?" she demanded.

"No. I found two dead ANBU ROOT members near the border. It looked like they tried to kill Naruto, I found a kunai with his blood on it." Jiraiya said.

"He killed them in self defense…good."

"Nay. They weren't killed by Naruto. One was burned from the inside out, as if his blood had been set on fire. The other was sliced like ham steak." Jiraiya said.

"Someone helped Naruto, but I lost their trail in the trees."

Tsunade swore. "Damn the council." She looked at her old teammate.

"He's out there Jiraiya, he's out there and he thinks we all hate him."

"Heard what the Haruno said then did you?" he asked.

"Yes. I tore into her and demoted her. I was thinking of making her my new apprentice for Naruto, but after hearing how she treated him…I trashed that idea."

Jiraiya pulled her into a hug. "We'll find him hime. I swear we will."

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