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Chapter 69

Naruto sighed as he entered the hospital the next day. Hinata was with Tsunade in her office, neither woman being able to relax.

Naruto made his way to where he found Micahamaru stretched out, his wounds were healing slowly which concerned Naruto at first until he learned about all his brother had done batting the tomb guardian.

He's lost and given up so much. Please Kami, don't take more from him. He thought as he pulled up a chair.

"Hey bro." Naruto said, his voice low. "Orochimaru and Sasuke got away. Konoha lost a lot of ninja, even the Suna nin we brought."

He noticed the scales on his brothers arm and torso seemed dim, it was the first time that had ever happened since they had sprouted. He noticed that they had progressed across his chest.

"Man, what more can go wrong?"

"You shouldn't ask that." A voice said with a hint of laughter.

Naruto spun around, the room vanished leaving him in a sea of nothing but white clouds. Two figures were there.

"Kyu?" he asked and he noticed the Kyuubi was in his fox form and the size of one of the Inuzuka mount hounds.

"Hey kit, you look like crap." Kyuubi said.

"You're alive!" Naruto lunged and hugged the large fox who allowed it for a bit.

"Gah! Let go! I am the great Kyuubi no Kitsune and I won't be treated like a squeeze toy!"

A woman's laugh drew Naruto's attention, reminding him that they weren't alone. Naruto looked at the woman, she was wearing a jade kimono, her long green hair was in an elaborate braid. She didn't look older than Naruto.

"Who the hell are you?" he asked only to get smacked across the back of the head by one of Kyuubi's tails.

"Show respect brat." Kyuubi said then bowed to the woman. "Forgive him milady, I never got to cover protocol with him."

"What the hell?" Naruto asked and Kyuubi smacked him again. "Stop hitting me you oversized duster."

"Show respect and manners. Kami, why are you being difficult?" Kyuubi growled.

The woman smiled. "It is my nature."

Naruto froze and looked at her then swallowed. "Aw, crap." He said before dropping to his knee seconds after the realization hit him, his head bowed.

"I…forgive me Lady Kami…I…" he looked at Kyuubi who was laughing at him and Naruto wondered if he could pound his former teacher slash friend in front of the all mighty creator.

Scratch that. She knows what I'm thinking…and she's laughing!

"Be at peace my child. We have much to discuss and corrections to make. Much has been done in my name and hidden while I was…elsewhere." Kami said giving Naruto a patient and loving look.

Kyuubi snorted. "Stuck in an alternate reality in an unconscious body playing skee-ball. Good excuse."

Kami shook her head. "Even gods like to play games." Kami said as she formed a pair of chairs out of the clouds and motioned for Naruto to sit. Kyuubi pouted having to sit on the cloud floor.

"Wh…I mean…"

Kami laughed. "Ask what you want Naruto. I'll answer what I can in forms that will make it easy for you to understand."

Kyuubi smirked then scowled as Naruto's own tail smacked his nose. "HEY! That stings!"

"Now you know how it feels." Naruto said. His eyes turned back to Kami. "Why?"

She sighed. "Care to specify? I can read minds, but I prefer to hear you say it."

"Alright…fine…why did you let the demon lords loose on my world? Why did you allow children to be tortured and abused and have demons sealed into them? Why did we all suffer? Why do people like Orochimaru and Sasuke get away and good people like my parents, Nami, Ojii-san and so many others die, many of them painfully? My whole life? Mica's life? How can you sit there looking so caring when emissaries of your court have helped the forces of evil? Where was the help for us? Every time we succeeded one of your court would show up and screw us over. Mica keeps losing everything, and now he's in a coma and he's looking worse than he did yesterday. WHY?"

Kami hugged him as Naruto cried. "Negligence on my part I'm afraid is the cause of so many things that have happened. I like so many in power dictated and allowed others power in my name."

Kami looked off to the distance, her eyes unfocused. "None of what's happened was meant to. You and Mica were never to go to the underverse, you were never to be involved in the politics there and your friend was never to mate with someone from there, nor was he to be what he is. Forces beyond your worlds understanding were playing with events to solidify their own powers."

Kyuubi snorted. "We're just lucky that girl was bright enough to wake you."

"Yeah, Bethany is a special child." Kami said with a smile. "But that's not here nor there." Kami sighed. "Those that have been involved have been punished, now I need to fix things here."

Naruto felt his stomach clench. "What does that mean?"

Kami looked at him sadly.

"Means she's about to push the cosmic reset button and everything we have fought and suffered for will be like a midsummer night's dream." Kyuubi said looking sad.

"Wha? But, then Hinata and I won't…" Naruto looked panicked. "No. I just found her, I'm happy and you're going to take it away from me, just like everything else in my life."

Naruto was on his feet before the Goddess. "You're supposed to be a kind and caring deity, yet under your care all I've known is pain, suffering and loss. Anytime I've seen kindness, its snatched away. And now, when I and Hinata finally have a chance, your telling me that your going to erase it all. What kind of Goddess are you? If this is Kami's kindness, I'd really hate to see your spleen."


Kami was on her feet, the white became black angry storm clouds and lightening flashed around them.


"Yeah, yeah I do." Naruto said, his eyes narrowing at the deity before him. "You've done nothing to earn my respect. All you do is take, take take. So what if you created the world, look at the suffering. Now you waltz in and say whoops, oh well, click reset. It'll happen again."

Kami narrowed her own eyes. "Like hell it will." She took several deep breaths. "Go back, be with your Hinata. We'll talk more after we've both calmed down. I'm too wired after dealing with beings I've trusted for millennia, and your in too much pain with everything."

"See you again soon kit." Kyuubi said as the two beings vanished and Naruto was once more at his brothers bedside.

Blinking his eyes he looked at Mica. "Bro, I swear, our life gets more and more fucked up with each passing moment."

He stood and headed for the door. He had to check on Hinata.

No, I need to see Hinata-chan. He thought as he headed for the tower.


Later that afternoon, the couple was sitting atop the Hokage monument, Naruto had his arms wrapped around her while she sat on his lap. Naruto had his face buried in her neck.

"What's wrong?" Hinata asked. She'd been worried ever since he'd shown up in the Hokage's office looking panicked. He'd sat there silently watching her work, Tsunade finally disturbed by his silence kicked them both out and told Hinata not to come back for another day.

"Nothing." Naruto said into her neck. She felt his breath on her neck and she closed her eyes at the feelings running through her.

"I thought we'd never lie to each other." She said, then felt him sigh into her neck.

"I…I had a bad dream…vision…visitation while I was checking on Mica." He said softly. "It scared me."

Hinata pulled back and looked into his eyes. "what happened?"

"Kami." He said, his eyes looking at her. At first she thought he was just saying the name while he organized his thoughts, but then something in her stirred. A memory from the spirit of vengeance she bonded with.

"She wouldn't?" Hinata muttered.

Naruto looked at her. Then remembering a discussion about her bonding to the Spirit he sighed and nodded.

"She plans on doing a cosmic reset. I kind of yelled at her."

Hinata gasped and pulled him into a tight hug then she gave a laugh. "Only you would tell our creator off and get away with it."

Naruto blushed a bit. "She's going to talk with me again after we've both calmed down…I got mad…I just found you…and…if she does this, I'll lose you. I…"

Hinata covered his mouth with her own. When they finally came up for air she looked at him. "In this life or the next, I will always find you Naruto-kun." Her hand stroked his cheek, then kissed him again.

"If we are to be separated, I want one time with you my love." She said softly, her lavender eyes meeting his blue ones. "I want to know your touch, I want to be loved by you." She said kissing him again.

Naruto leaned his forehead against hers and sighed when they again came up for air.

"I don't know what I've done to be loved by you Hinata-chan. I…"

"You are Naruto, my heart and soul." She stood and took his hand. "Let's go home." She said and they vanished with a flame shushin.


The door to the apartment closed and they were devouring one another's lips, hands tearing at clothing that wasn't cooperating. Naruto's tails sliced fabric, peeling Hinata from clothes.

The medic-nin slash spirit of vengeance tugged and tore at clothes her love wore, nothing would be salvageable as clothes were turned into rags.

Kisses went to cheeks, necks. Nips and suckling of flesh brought moans and shivers of excitement to both parties.

Hinata found her shirt gone as Naruto kissed his way down her throat and to her chest, feather light and taunting, each one searing as he seemed to excite her with every single touch.

She found her own hands in motion running across his chest, his shirt in ribbons as she tore it apart, her own mouth suckling his neck, tasting him.

She made a mewling sound as his mouth covered her bra covered nipple and suckled it through the cloth. Her hands going to the back of his neck, weaving into his hair as she pulled him into her for more contact.

"Hinata." He moaned her name as she nipped her neck. His tails were waving wildly behind him, he swore one struck a lamp and sent it flying to a wall.

His hands felt her skin, it was warm to the touch and Naruto knew that no matter what happened next, this was his and Hinata's moment.


They lay together, the afterglow of their lovemaking leaving both exhausted. Hinata was wrapped in his tails, her cheek resting against his chest, her right hand tracing patterns on his stomach. The moon shone down upon them and Naruto knew one thing, and that he loved Hinata with everything in his being.

He looked at her, his eyes half lidded and remembered the first time, it was awkward and they fumbled once the clothes were gone. He'd panicked when he thought he'd hurt Hinata when he penetrated her. She'd calmed him and they'd jumbled together, some giggles and concerns.

Their second time they were better, more adventurous as hands stroked and touched more flesh.

The third time was frenzied as Naruto had woken from a nightmare, and he'd claimed Hinata, he could still see the bite mark he'd left on her collarbone.

The fourth time had been them rolling into one another while they slept, the joint orgasm rocking both of them awake.

The fifth time…

Naruto blushed as Hinata had become dominant. He looked at her and saw her head turned up to look up at him, her lavender eyes holding concern. He hugged her tightly with his tails, his arm around her waist as well gave her a squeeze and he leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"Such a face you make." Hinata said. "So sad. Was I that bad?" she asked with a teasing grin.

"No, you my love were magnificent beyond comparison." Naruto said as she shimmied up so she was closer.

"What's wrong?"

He looked at her. "I don't want to lose you. If Kami does this reset…"

Hinata sat up and straddled his waist, she took his hand in hers. "This life or the next Naruto-kun, I will always find you and love you."

Naruto was going to respond, but a voice cut him off.

"Listen to your soulmate, she's the smarter of the pair."

"Kami?" Naruto said as the room became white once more. He saw he was still in bed with Hinata, but Kyuubi was at the end of it snickering and Kami was sitting in her cloud chair to the right.

"The faces you human's make during sex is something." Kyuubi snickered, only to get whacked on the nose by one of Naruto's tails.

"Kyuubi, behave." Kami said with a chuckle.

"Spoilsport." He whined as he rubbed his nose with a paw, while Hinata was busy turning new shades of red and using Naruto's tails to cover herself. Naruto pulled the blanket up for both of them.

"Kind of rude to enter someone's bedroom." He said.

"Naruto." Hinata admonished.

"It's time." Kami said.

"Just like that." Naruto growled. "You wipe out everything and start us all over again." He said, his blue eyes locking on the creator.

"It's not a decision made lightly Naruto. But there are influences that need to be removed. Vunla is not meant for this world. The dragon were never meant to manifest, Mica was to be your brother and the two of you were to bring peace, the wholesale slaughter of all those nin should not have happened. Ihtan'Dygan never should have set foot out of the tombs. Your sensei, Kakashi was not to die at the Uchiha's hands. Nami Ishii was not meant to meet Mica and form a bond, nor influence Ino Yamanaka."

Naruto looked at the creator of all and saw not an omnipotent being, but a tired woman who was cleaning up someone's mess.

"Kami-sama…" Hinata squeaked.

"Yes dear?" the green haired being asked.

"W-Will Naruto and I…"

"You won't remember any of this, but I can promise you that the two of you will be together, and this time, you have my word that your lives will connect sooner." Kami sighed.

"I'll do it at dawn." She said standing up. "For what its worth Naruto, I am sorry everything went down like it did. You're a good kid, and you could have been a true power, but its not your destiny to rule the Underverse and that's where this path was heading. You and Mica would have gone, saved it, ruled it and then the two of you would have had a falling out, declared war and in the end it would be a barren wasteland."

Naruto looked shocked.

"Take care, and know I won't let it turn out bad this time, my attention is now focused and there will not be a repeat."

She was gone. Kyuubi looked at the pair. "So, is she as flexible as I think?"

The pillow slammed into the nine-tails face and he shimmered away, his laughter ringing even as the room reappeared.

The pair were silent, Hinata turned and straddled him once more. "Make love to me till morning." She asked, her voice soft, her eyes pleading.

Naruto knew that feeling, he kissed her, pouring everything he was into his touch, his kisses.

Their passion showed no bounds as they made love for six hours, despite exhaustion, they kept going, neither wanting to part.


The sun rose over Konohagakure. Atop the Hokage monument Kami stood looking down over the now slumbering village. At her side stood the Kyuubi.

"I wish this was easy, that it was right, but it's a fix towards a situation that was not meant to happen."

"They'll be okay. I've seen it, humans are a hardy lot." Kyuubi said.

"You'll be reset as well." Kami said.

"I know." Kyuubi said, his deep voice rumbling. "I'll miss Takhisis, but the kit will need me."

"You became a big softy." Kami teased.

"Whatever. Don't you have a mortal to pretend to be in an alternate timeline? Alanis something or other?"

"I will in a moment. Just enjoying the sunrise." A tear came to her eyes and she clapped her hands.

An emerald wave rolled out and engulfed the world. "And thus, the reset begins. Be well my friend."

Kyuubi was fading and he chuckled. "Don't forget, take a bodyguard when playing your skee-ball next time." And he was gone.

Kami looked upon Konoha, it was peaceful and whole, but she knew that in just around nine months it would be attacked by Kyuubi, and the tale would begin again.

"This time it will be better." She said and shimmered away.


"I'M GOING TO BE A DADDY!" Minato Namikaze's voice was shouted from the top of the Hokage Tower.

Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze smiled as she looked at Rin and Kakashi while Obito was jumping up and down with his sensei.

"Think I should tell him its twins?" she asked Rin. The dark haired Inuzuka chuckled. "Nah, keep it quiet, I've got a camera and I want to see his face when you give birth to two."

Kakashi shook his head at his sensei's and teams antics, but behind his mask he was smiling at the thought of someday teaching his sensei's son or daughter.

On some level of existence beings watched the reset world and many of them smiled.

To Be Continued…

Konoha Exiles 2: Time Warp

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