A Different Life

By, Vampknight364

Summary- When Hinata was only four years old she was almost kidnapped, but what if she wasn't saved by her father, what if she was saved by someone who didn't even know about her past. How will this change her future.

Chapter One- The meeting

'Where am I' was the first thought that came to mind as I sat up and Took in my surroundings. While looking around I found a spear with a blue blade, black handle, and where the blade began was a cresent moon shaped arch.

Grabing it it felt familiar, 'Is this mine?' was all I thought at the time. As I stood I realized that there was another weapon near by, it was a pitch black sword with a red jewel on the top, 'Is this mine as well?' grabbing it I realized it also felt familiar. "Hmm there's a village near by," I said to myself hearing my voice for the first time "Might as well get walking"

End of POV

It was night now and everyone was sleeping, it was a historical day for Konoha as representitives from Cloud have come to sign a treaty to allign themselves together with Konoha. But not was what it seemed as a lone ninja snuck into the Hyuuga and went to the young Heiresses' room.

He moved quietly about and made it pass the gate, but he didn't notice the person hiding in the dark."Put her down" came a firm voice as the ninja turned around to see a child no more than five with short black hair, black cargo shorts, and a blue and black shirt, pointing a spear at him.Smirking behind his mask "Oh and what's a little brat like you going to do if I don't?" sneered the man.

Before he could even do anything the child who held the spear charged at a speed only chunin level ninja had 'What's this kids deal' thought the man as he tried to dodge all the attacks the childs' did 'Darn it if I can't stop and get the girl he'll take her away' thought the child ' I have to stop him but how?!'

That's when the strangest thing happened it, water came from out of no where and wrapped itself along the man tangling him up and then freezing to stop him, but the water never harmed the girl.

"What going on here!" shouted a angry voice from behind them, the child turned around to see a man with long brown hair, white pupilless eyes, and wearng white robes. The man observed what he saw, but got even angrier as he saw the little girl the frozen man was holding "What do you think your doing!" demanded the man glaring at the frozen one and charging at him.

"Wait" said the child looking up at him and making him stop his assult "Don't kill him, yet we just might learn who's behind this whole thing" "Hmm... very well as you are the one who saved my child I will not kill him yet. I am Hyuuga Hisashi" said The man now known as Hisashi "It's an honor, now why don't we take a look at who's behind the mask" sugguested the child.

They turned to the man and quickly approached him, Hisashi grabbed his daughter gently, Looking back at the frozen man He pulled off the mask to reveal one of Clouds representitives "You!" hissed Hisashi and making veins apear arounf his eyes. Before he could do any more though the girl raised her spear "Hmm.. we can't do anything yet we must first talk to your hokage"

Sighing Hisashi conceeded and and went back to the complex to alert the gaurds, he came back with five men, one who looked exactly like him, a child who was in the look a likes arm, and his daughter, who was fully awake by now. The men grabbed the frozen man and proceeded to take him to the hokage.

Hokages office...

"So this whole peace treaty was just a trap to attain the secrets of the Byakugan" said the Hokage looking slightly irratated "It seems that this was the case" said Hisashi while looking down at his daughter "But thankfully this little one here was able to save her"he finished looking at the child.

"So tell me child what is your name?" asked the Hokage kindly "To be honest sir... I don't know my name" admitted the child looking down at their feet "Don't know then how did you get here?" asked the shocked Hokage "I woke up in the forest" answered the child looking at the Hokage " You don't know who you are, yet you saved Hinata, why is that?" asked the hokage feeling sympathy for the child.

"Because it was the right thing to do, and even if I can't remember who I am, I know that any family would miss their child" answered the girl. At hearing this answer the Hokage smiled and looked straight into the child's eyes "Would you like to stay here then child?" asked the Hokage kindly "Yes I would like that very much," replied the child "But I ask two things from you."

"Oh and what would that be?" asked the Hokage in the same kind tone

"For the first I would like you to name me and try to explain what happened during the fight" said the child "And for the second I would like to stay by Hinata's side so I can make sure she is safe!"

When everyone heard the second request their eyes widened in shock, not only did this child save the hyuuga heiress but she wanted to stay by her side. "For the second request you'll have to talk to the Hyuuga's, but the first I will do myself" stated the Hokage getting up and kneeling before the child.

"Now why don't you tell me what happened during your firght?" asked the Hokage "Well... when I was fighting I knew I had to stop the Cloud guy, that's when water came out of no where wrapped itself around the man and froze him in place." summarized the child "Tell me was your spear pointing at him?" asked the Hokage "Now that I think about it it was still pointed at him!" exclaimed the child gently "Hmm it appears that you have a bloodline" answered the Hokage happily "A bloodline?" asked the child "Yes it is something that only you can do" stated the hokage.

"And after hearing this I think I have the perfect name, how do you like the name Fubuki Mizu?" asked the Hokage "Blizzard.. Water" said the girl "I like it, thank you hokage-sama." said the Mizu smiling.

They were pulled out of the moment as they heard a cough coming from Hisashi "Chi- Mizu for saving my daughter Hinata we are forever in your debt, which is why we will humbly invite you to our home" announced Hisashi as her bowed before Mizu and the other Hyuuga's following his example.

"Thank you Hisashi-sama, but please don't bow before me like some servant, I protected Hinata because it was the right thing to do, but now I do it because she's my friend" said Mizu smiling. Hearing the last statement caused Hinata to blush, but it was a pleasent one.

With everything said and done the Hyuuga's and Mizu made their way to the Hyuuga compound "Mizu" came a small voice that could barely be heard. "Yes Hinata?" asked Mizu turning around and waiting for Hinata to catch up with her "Thank You" was all Hinata said Before she pulled Mizu into a hug. All the clan members smiled at this.

Four years Later...

"Come on Mizu!" shouted Hinata running to the training grounds in the complex "I'm going to beat you this time!" "I don't think so Hinata!" shouted Mizu back as she easily caught up with her. They continued down the hallways until they came to a clearing where Neji was already waiting.

In the home stretch Mizu flew past Hinata and made it before her "I win" stated Mizu with a playful smirk "Yeah but I almost had you" said Hinata smiling. All of them then broke out laughing.