Title: Earth Rain
Author: Alice J. Foster (a.k.a. shipperfey)

Summary: When it rains, it frakkin' pours.

Category: angst. smut. angst. romance. did I mention the angst?

Spoilers: Anything up to Season 3 is fair game.

Characters: Kara, Lee, and guest appearances by everyone else, including Sam.

Rating: NC-17/M for overall angsty smut, mature themes, and bad language.

Warnings: nothing that hasn't been mentioned in the rating.

Started: 12/05/07
Finished: tbd

Thanks to: karie22 and anyareed for betaing and pre-betaing (I'll update this section later when the fic is done J)

Feedback: Pretty, pretty please.

Disclaimer: Don't own the characters and situations you recognize, and I own the ones you don't.



There wasn't a single soul in the entire fleet that didn't hold their breath as they jumped what they hoped would be their last FTL jump ever.

The Galactica CIC was completely silent as they waited for Earth to appear.

Kara Thrace had never felt so scared in her life. She glanced around the room, taking notice of how the President's hands were clutching the Admiral's arm with enough strength to crush Tyllium. Tigh kept his good eye on the Dradis monitor, looking like he needed a drink more than he needed his next breath. Dee kept her eyes closed, her lips moving in silent prayer. Lee—Lee's eyes were wide open, and he was staring at Kara with so much desperation she was worried for a second that the others would notice.

But she knew they wouldn't, because in the grand scheme of things, the unspoken communication between Kara and Lee, or Starbuck and Apollo, didn't matter when they were seconds away from finding Earth.

Gaeta's voice broke the silence, "We found it! We found Earth… Multiple Dradis contacts, all matching Starbuck's predictions! No signs of raiders or basestars."

The entire CIC erupted with relief and joy, and Kara found herself being pulled into a hug by the Admiral and the President at the same time. Tigh's voice echoed through the Galactica and the fleet, announcing that their search for a new home was over.

They'd found Earth.

Kara was hugged and patted on the back by almost every person in the room, everyone apologizing for the past and thanking her for leading them. It wasn't until the familiar arms of Lee Adama encircled her that she let her emotions take over, and she hid her face in his neck as she allowed the tears to flow freely. Her arms hung on to him with all her strength as she slowly realized what had just happened.

They'd found Earth.

She wanted to feel the same happiness everyone around her seemed to feel, but she was startled to realize that happiness was replaced by dread.

They'd found Earth.

Now what?