The Thin Line

The Thin Line

A/N: Welcome to a new story that I shouldn't even be starting until I finish everything else but that seems to be the way I work. I needed to write something new and fresh and so here it is. Please read and I hope you enjoy.

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Summary: KH- AU- AKUROKU- BL- DRAMA/ANGST …What would you feel, being the dirty little secret?


Prologue: Fate Fucked The Devil And Screwed Us All

"Maybe it was the smoke in the air, or the feeling of emptiness. Maybe it was because we both thought we were going to die in that little cramped space. Whatever it was the hunger was real. It was like a giant typhoon that took us both over as the world shook around us and the sky lit up with fire. We kissed with a hunger I had never felt before, nails scratching, biting, and tears streaming down my face. Was it really going to be my last moment?

"The pounding of my heart as we stole each others last breaths was an emotional rollercoaster that I had longed to experience but never wish to feel again. The darkness and the pain and the sadness and the loss were all amplified in that moment along with a feeling of freedom and life renewed. His lips caressed mine, demanding, conquering, soothing. Never in a million years had I ever thought I could be here, with him, like this.

"Was it love that made us do such crazy things? Or was it the moment? Was it me he was seeing, or was it a last kiss to life? Was it… us? Or was he just waiting for death? No, I think I had always known. He had never been with me; his eyes had never seen mine. They had only ever seen what I could do for him. What we had was no searing memory of passion, shown in the only moments that mattered. It was only his fear of losing his stage and I… I was only a stand in."

I closed my notebook, my face burning and nodded to the teacher to indicate I was done. The room was in a stunned silence, and I'm sure everyone's eyes were on me. I couldn't really tell from the burning tears in my eyes trying to escape. Who knew I could feel so strongly, right? Isn't that what you had said? Maybe I'm not so heartless after all.

Blinking a few times I came to my desk and our eyes met. I would have died a thousand deaths to know what you were thinking as your eyes searched mine, but I didn't dare ask. Sitting down in my chair I closed my eyes to the world and once again waited for that rainy day everyone says I should save up for so I could blow it all .

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