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Will had survived Qatar. He'd survived Scorponok. He'd survived a battle that ravaged a city. Hell, he'd even survived a madder than hell wife upon his belated return home. Fate, creative as it often tended to be, would make sure he did not survive the inevitable.

It had been four years since the battle of Mission city. World peace was a few steps closer. Cars on the production lines had the emissions of harmless water. Global warming had been curbed. The attack had come out of left field.

A now retired Keller had invited all to his estate, a reunion for that small group who could never be recognized for what they'd truly done. The reunion would coincide with the anniversary of the Mission city battle, a celebration in remembrance of their victory, fleeting as it was.

"Will Lennox. I suggest you reconsider your decision." Ironhide commented even as the Captain loaded the last piece of luggage into the Topkick's bed.

"I told you. Much as I'd prefer riding with you, considering it'd be cheaper…I gotta go with the wife on this one. Eight hours stuck in a truck with a cranky five year old verse's an hour flight?' Ironhide was silent, correctly guessing that the question had been rhetorical. "'sides the tickets were bought weeks ago."

"Your safety drops significantly by risking this flight."

Will smirked, patting the tailgate after latching it closed, "Love you too buddy; but we're taking the flight." It had been two years since the last Decepticon attack. Ironhide wasn't about to be fooled. He knew they were out there, waiting. Starscream was an opportunist, he'd waited ages for Megatron to fall, now in command of the Earth based Decepticons he had a vendetta against the Autobots and the humans they watched over.

"Look! Look 'Hide!" A bubbling five year old rushed from the house and straight up to the black Topkick, wrist held out to display the silver bracelet around her wrist, she'd done the same action nearly every time she approached the vehicle; regardless of the fact that he already knew what she'd want to show him.

Having turned five only a month prior it had been made quite clear that she had a 'most favoratest gift ever'. Ironhide had requested the item be fashioned by Ratchet-it wasn't as if they could simply go into a human store and purchase such an item. The medic had out done himself. The silver bracelet was thin, but strong as steel, it would take far more than the normal trouble a five year old got into to break it. Engraved on the silver band it read simply, 'Annabelle' she read the letters off from memory while displaying the gift. On the opposite side similarly engraved was another name, 'Ironhide'. It had been a rather sweet gift, from a guardian to his charge; and no one was aloud to utter a single word about it unless they wanted to deal with his cannons.

The Topkick revved his engine in response causing the little girl to giggle and run back towards the house, her path changed course as Will caught her and circled, lifting her from the ground, "You ready to go?" Still caught in a giggling fit she nodded in response, "Sarah. Honey…?"

"Coming Will!" Pausing at the doorway she questioned, "Do we have everything?"

"Just about… anything we're missing we'll worry about when we get there." With that confirmation Sarah shut and locked the door before moving to the Topkick who'd opened his passenger side door for her. Will secured Anne in the back seat before climbing into the driver's seat.

When they reached the airport Ironhide again voiced his displeasure, honestly he couldn't understand their demand for taking a plane rather than using him for transportation. Then again, when little Anne had one of her particularly nasty temper tantrums he could just turn his audio receivers off, Will and Sarah of course were left to suffer. "Everything'll be fine 'Hide. We'll see you tonight." Will commented before climbing out of the large truck. Sarah smiled at their over protective guardian helping Anne out of the back seat.

"Say goodbye Anne." Sarah commented, holding her daughter's hand on the busy terminal unloading zone.

With the bustling, busy motions of passengers saying their farewells, rushing to make flights, and struggling with luggage, none seemed to notice a small girl wave at an intimidating but seemingly harmless truck, "Bye 'Hide!"

Nor did anyone seem to notice the lack of a driver as the large black truck pulled away from the curb.

Four hours later found Ironhide making relatively good time, his windows were tinted to the darkest degree and he put very little effort into maintaining his hologram. Luckily the dark shade of the windows blocked most from noticing the hologram's occasional flickering. A traffic jam during rush hour had slowed his progress a bit, however he'd ditched the main roads an hour ago, using his access to the internet to map a new route using secondary country roads to make up for lost time. When Optimus had questioned his location Ironhide had been quick to send his coordinates across the link before questioning, "What is it Prime?" He wasn't due to arrive for another four or so hours, so Optimus' questioning had him concerned.

"There has been an attack." The even tone his leader had taken made Ironhide's spark sink even as he pressed his engine to its limit.