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This takes place two weeks after Rebirth. Anakin is watching Tahiri when he realizes something

Anakin was standing in the shadows watching Tahiri from where she was helping

one of the children of the academy lift a 15 pound rock with the force. Aunt Mara

had her baby two weeks ago and the whole family was reunited at the Errant Venture

and he and Tahiri had been spending a lot of time together during that time when

he wasn't with his family. To him Tahiri had become even more beautiful everyday ,

her hair , her eyes everything. He loved it when she smiled and laughed it was music

to his ears. Whenever he was around her he felt this need to stay by her forever to

hold her , to protect her to keep her from any harm to keep her with him. He smiled

when he saw her hug the little girl she was helping with , Tahiri had been helping

the students for a while now Kam and Tionne said it was good for her to help.

Anakin started thinking back when she was kidnapped and how much pain she

went thru and how scared he was when he thought he would loose her to the Vong. He remembered when he had kissed her in the locker , sometimes he thinks why he did it. And then he suddenly realized something , something that he would never thought possible . He realized that he was in love with Tahiri , his best friend since the first day they met he had been falling in love with her. He knew that he was in love with her ,but had tried so hard no to admit and believe he was , was now in vain now he knew he was he didn't know if Tahiri loved him back or not. It didn't matter to him all that mattered was he loved her and that he would do everything possible to keep her safe. Anakin was standing there so lost in thought for his love for Tahiri he never noticed that she was walking to him "Anakin?" she said "Huh?" Anakin snapped out of his thought and looked at her. Tahiri giggled "Didn't see me coming did you?" she punched him lightly on the shoulder "Well would you mind telling me why your over here in the shadows acting like you're a sith and that your going to kill me any second now?" "What do you mean?" he asked "Anakin you've been staring at me since you came in. You thought I wouldn't notice?" "Oh sorry about that" "Well would you mind telling me why you were doing that?" Anakin was hesitant in his answer he grew his courage up and said "I was thinking about how much I've fallen in love with you" "uh huh. Nice try Anakin. Now what really
were you thinking about?" I told you" he looked into her eyes of emeralds and said so soft that only she could hear "I was thinking about how much I love you Tahiri" Tahiri was completely shocked she couldn't even speak. After a while of just looking at each other she found her voice "You're? Your?" she tried again "Your in love with me? "Yes. Yes I am" and with that he took her face in his hands and kissed her. He pulled back and looked at her and she looked at him now completely at a lose for words "Anakin um. I-" she stopped she didn't know what to say "you don't have to say anything Tahiri I just wanted you to know that I love you" Anakin said stroking her cheek he kissed her again deeper this time she kissed back but in the back of her mind she thought "what am I going to do? I know I love him but every one I have ever loved has left me what if Anakin leaves me to? I don't want to be hurt again"

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