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Roxas lazily walked down the hallway, his next destination being the kitchen for the morning breakfast. He had only woken up a few minutes ago, at exactly 9:23am, and he was already a little late for breakfast. But he was honestly too tired to really care at the moment. Next time he decides to stay up late playing pranks on the other members with Axel, he should remember that he has to wake up at 9:00 every morning for breakfast, unless he wants to go without breakfast and wait until 3:00 for lunch.

As he entered the kitchen, he noticed that everyone else was already seated around the overly large table in the center of the kitchen. When Demyx and Axel spotted him, they waved and motioned for him to sit next to them. They always sat at their usual spot, which was at the very end of the table. As Roxas seated himself, he couldnt help but notice Larxene trying not to laugh as she watched him, he raised an eyebrow, but just passed it off as she was just crazy and decided to ignore it.

"So how did the pranking go last night?" Demyx asked.

"Good, I guess. We got Larxene pretty good," he thought he heard her chuckle under her breath as she got up and dismissed herself from the room, "Er.. but we didnt really get Xigbar. It was more like, we tried to prank him, but just ended up pranking ourselves instead."

"How did he open that door anyways..? That was almost impossible. I mean, not even I could open the stupid thing." Axel muttered at he glanced over at Xigbar, who was on the opposite end of the table having a friendly conversation with Luxord. Axel made faces at him while he wasnt looking, but was caught a few moments later and Xigbar threatened to pull out his gun.

"Not really sure. He must just have good grip, or something."

"I guess.. but man!" Axel started, as he began laughing, "You should have seen Larxene! She was covered in shaving cream, and when I say covered, I mean covered. She looked like a walking snowman, only less friendly, and had a look of 'im going to kill you' going on."

"Aw man! I wish I was there to see it, it sounds like you guys had alot of fun!"

"You bet we did Dem." Axel gave a high five to Demyx, and Xaldin began setting the table.

He placed various boxes of cereal, and a couple cartons of milk in the center of the table, and everyone around it immediatly lept for them, acting like sharks in a feeding frenzy. Xaldin slowly inched away from them and took his seat at the end of the table near Demyx, Axel, and Roxas.

"Well, I think it's safe to say that we are not going to be getting any food any time soon." Xaldin muttered, and the others agreed as they watched the other members literally rip a box of cereal in half.

"And just what is going on in here?!"

Everyone stopped at the sound of a commanding voice behind them, and sure enough, there, standing in the doorway was none other than their superior, Xemnas. And boy, did he look angry. He shot a glare at all of the members who were acting like savages, and gave Marluxia a weird look.

"Marluxia, may I ask why you're crying in a corner?" This just made the pink haired botanist cry louder.

"Someone w-went int-to my room and b-burnt my p-prized flower! M-my Jatropha Podagrica f-flower!" He managed to speak between sobs, but Xemnas just sighed and massaged his temples.

"Only morning and im already getting a headache from you idiots. Lovely." He growled as he sat down at the head of the table. "All of you clean this mess up this instant!" All the members set to work, besides Axel and Roxas, who managed to sneak out of the room as Xemnas was distracted by Marluxia.

As soon as the two were out of the room, they burst into laughter at Marluxia and the look on their superior's face when he came into the room.

"Holy crud! I can't believe Marluxia is actually crying about his flower!"

"Why would this be anything new, he does it everytime we burn one of his 'precious babies'." Roxas had to steady himself against the wall to keep from falling down while laughing.

"Huh, looks the superior finally came down." Larxene rolled her eyes as she walked over to the two. "Why aren't you two helping clean? The superior will be very mad if he finds out, and oh, I dunno, if I were to tell him.."

"Don't you dare. Besides, we didn't make the mess so why do we have to clean it?" She rolled her eyes at Axel who just made a face at her.

"Whatever. Oh, and dont think I didn't know it was you two who pranked me last night. Next time when you prank someone and try to make an escape before they see you, you might want to put your hoods up and not sound like a herd of elephants as you run away." She laughed, well, more like cackled, and walked away, leaving the two with a dumbfounded look on their face.

"How did she.."

"No idea." Axel just shook his head, and almost fell over when someone ran into him from behind.

"Yeesh! Sorry about that Ax, I couldn't stop." Demyx.

"What are you in such a hurry for?" Axel asked as Demyx tried to catch his breath.

"Well, see, Xemnas is kinda on a rampage at the moment.." This made Axel and Roxas somewhat curious. "..When Xaldin was getting ready to set down the superior's pancakes, eggs, and coffee onto the table he kinda didn't see Xigbar on the floor picking up pieces of a glass that broke, so he kinda tripped and spilled the hot coffee, eggs, and pancakes right onto Xemnas."

After a few minutes of staring at each other, and trying to imagine it in their head, Axel and Roxas burst into laughter yet again, and Demyx soon joined in.

"He spilled it all into Xemnas's lap?! No way!" Axel actually managed to speak in between laughs and gasps, but they were quickly silenced when they heard yelling and screaming from inside the kitchen. They decided standing out in the hallway that was near the kitchen wasnt such a good idea, so they moved someplace safer. Some place safer being outside the castle.

"Hey guys! Did you know that today is Christmas Eve?" Demyx finally spoke up as they trudged in the snow in random directions.

"Yup. Meaning tomorrow is Christmas." Axel nodded.

"Right! So, how about we have another snowball fight?" Axel and Roxas thought it over for a moment, and decided they had nothing better to do. "Awesome! Looks like it's just going to be us three this time."

"What about Zexion?" Roxas asked and the sitarist shook his head.

"He's busy running an errand for Xemnas right now, and probably wont be back until later tonight. But that's alright!" Demyx was only sad for a moment, but immediately perked up. "Same rules as last time then. Only this time it's a free for all! No teams. And you can choose any cover you want, whether it be a tree, the castle, or a mound of snow!"

"That sounds good to me. Will be a lot more fun that way I think." Roxas said, and Axel agreed.

"Alright! Ready..? Go!"

They all took off in random directions, Axel went one way, Demyx went the other, and Roxas climbed into one of the trees near them. Axel managed to build a somewhat large snow wall in a few minutes, and Demyx was busy making a few snowballs.

"Come on! Get over here so I can hit you!" Axel shouted from across the field at Demyx.

"NO!" He shouted back.



Roxas facepalmed, at least they didnt know he had went up in the tree, so as soon as one of them got close he would have the perfect opportunity to nail them right in the head with a snowball, and maybe a branch.

"Alright, FINE!" Demyx shouted at Axel, and he slowly made his way towards him, but ducked behind trees, and any other cover he could find along the way. Little did he know, Roxas was in one of the trees he ducked behind, and he was nailed in the head with a snowball. "Ow!"

"What?" Axel shouted over to him.

"Something just hit me!" Another snowball hit him in the head, and Roxas had to fight back his laughter. "Gah!" Another one came flying at him, but he managed to dodge it in time. "..The tree?"

"What are you doing? Get over here!"

"There's something in the tree!" He began shaking the tree, and Roxas had to hold onto one of the branches above him to keep his balance, but this only made Demyx shake it harder and in doing so, made some of the snow on the top of the tree loose, so the next shake made it all fall right on his head.

"Dude! You just got owned by the tree!" Axel shouted and began laughing at Demyx, who was brushing snow off his cloak.

"Very funny."Demyx decided to throw a snowball up into the tree just to see what would happen, and manged to hit Roxas in the stomach with it, causing him to lose balance and fall out of the tree and into the snow below.

"Ow.." He mumbled.

"So that's what was in the tree." Demyx stated and Roxas glared at him, though, he didn't see it seeing as Roxas was covered in snow. He quickly got up and brushed himself off, but not before throwing another snowball and hitting Demyx with it.

"Yeah, that's what was in the tree. Me. How did you know?"

"I didn't! I just threw a snowball at random and hit you. Must be luck." He whistled.

"Luck.. yeah right."

"Hey! Are you two going to come over here or what?!" Axel poked his head over his snow wall and waited patiently for the two to come over to him so he could bombard them with snowballs.

They both sighed and walked towards Axel and his snow wall, but not before hitting each other with a couple more snowballs as they walked. When they got close enough, they started throwing them at Axel who ducked behind his wall and waited until they ran out so he could throw some at them instead.

"Ha! Gotcha!" He shouted when he hit Demyx in the head with a snowball. This made Demyx turn to him and throw a ball of frozen water right in his face, to which he fell backwards dramatically.

"Nice shot." Roxas gave Demyx a high five.

"I know." He was rewarded with a snowball in the back of the head, but it wasnt thrown by Roxas or Axel. He turned to see Xigbar holding a snowball in his hand and grinning.

"Didn't think you could forget about me, did ya'?"

"Xiggy!" Demyx shouted to Xigbar, who threw another snowball at him for calling him 'Xiggy'.

"Told you I don't like to be called that!"

"Oh.. you're such a party pooper!" Demyx pouted and recieved yet another snowball, only this time on the arm.

"As if. And hey Roxas, Axel." The two waved at Xigbar as he made his way over to them. "Same rules as last time right?"

"Pretty much! Only this time it's a free for all!"

"Free for all huh? Cool. Let's get this party started then!"

They all cheered at this, and began throwing snowballs at each other as fast as they possibly could. Xigbar used his guns some here and there, but only to make the snowballs fly faster and further. Demyx summoned some of his water clones with his sitar and made them throw snowballs as well. Roxas used his keyblades like baseball bats and threw snowballs up into the air, then swinging the keyblades and hitting the snowball, making it fly pretty far. Axel just, well, threw the snowballs. Having a fire element really stunk in snowball wars.

The 'epic' snowball war lasted for a couple hours, and when they were all on the verge of getting frostbite, they decided it was time to head back inside for the day.

"That was fun! Hey, what do you guys think about getting all of the members together tomorrow and having another snowball fight?" Demyx asked, and they all agreed it would be a good idea for Christmas day.

As they headed back inside, they noticed that the kitchen was cleaned and the superior was (thankfully) calmed down.

"Im going to my quaters now. If any of you need me, don't hesitate to ask someone else." Xemnas growled and marched down the halls towards his room.

"That guy really needs a vacation, I swear." Axel said when Xemnas was out of hearing range.

"Yeah, really. I mean, all he ever does is work work work, day and night." Demyx sighed. "Ah well. Guess it must be pretty tough being the superior of an organization."

"Must be. But hey, it's probably worth it in the long run."

"Why is that, Xiggy?"

"You get to yell at people whenever you want." They all laughed at this.

"Ah! That reminds me! We have to help Xaldin in the kitchen tonight to prepare Christmas eve dinner!" Demyx spoke up.

"Oh great. That should be interesting." Roxas groaned, he didn't really like cooking. Axel on the other hand, grinned, he was actually a pretty good cook despite his element being fire, not everything he cooked was burnt to a crisp.

"When do we have to help?" Axel asked and Demyx checked the watch he had on his wrist.

"Umm... now." Their eyes widened, and they rushed down to the kitchen. The last thing they wanted to see was an angry Xaldin, especially an angry Xaldin with all of his lances out. That wouldn't be pretty at all.


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