DISCLAIMER: Danny Phantom belongs Mr. Hartman. This fanfic belongs to me. The holidays belong to a group of overly politically-correct nutjobs who want to take away every holiday tradition until we are left with nothing but snow and ice.

The holidays were soon approaching. Children were outside building snowmen and counting down each moment until they would enjoy their festivities with their loved ones. Parents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, grandparents, and all other relatives were busy scrambling about from one store to another finding the latest "must have" gifts for their loved ones. And, the streets were decorated with elaborate light and plastic reindeer decorations.

Yes, the holidays at Amity Park were just like any other city. That is...if one ignored the ghosts that visited the city as well partaking in the same activities as the humans. However, the city's residence were used to it. After all, their local...and worldwide...hero, Danny Fenton AKA Danny Phantom was part ghost. Even the statue dedicated to the half-ghost was decorated in tribute to the holidays.

Danny himself, however, wasn't too fond of looking forward to the holidays. It wasn't that he hated Christmas. No, he no longer hated the holiday like he did years ago. Still, he grew more than a little annoyed by his parents constant bickering over whether or not Santa Claus existed. The half-ghost learned that hanging out with his friends until his parents came to their senses prevented all of them from being driven mad by one another. His parents understood their son wasn't being rude by avoiding them for much of the holiday season; Danny just didn't want to get involved in any of their Santa VS No-Santa conflicts.

This year, however, he was dreading the holidays. It had to do with the whole "Ghost's cannot fight one another" law. That's what he dreaded about it. All ghosts, humans, and half-ghosts were expected to treat each other with respect, kindness, and compassion around this time of the year. Normally, Danny enjoyed the peace and quiet. When they weren't trying to kill him, Danny's ghostly foes were really an enjoyable group to be around.

But now, now he dreaded that very law. He groaned audibly as he bit into another French fry at the Nasty Burger. It was a miracle he could hold anything down in his stomach considering the knots it was being tied into from anxiety.

"Dude, calm down." Tucker Foley, his techno-geek friend and the youngest mayor ever elected in Amity Park's history spoke, "I mean, it can't be that bad."

"CAN'T BE THAT BAD!?" Danny shouted in disbelief before calming down, "Sorry. It's just...I have to spend Christmas break with that...that thing!"

Sam, Danny's current girlfriend and gothic girl who constantly raged against the machine frowned slightly in response.

"A thing!?" she replied in annoyance, "As much as I really...REALLY hate to admit it, that 'thing' happens to be a sentient creature!"

The half-ghost sighed in defeat, "What does it matter? Tonight begins several long days of me being stuck with a...a UGH! I can't even think of a word horrible enough to describe it."

He then glanced down at his watch. 7:35 PM. The Nasty Burger would close in a few hours. Waving goodbye to his friends, the half-ghost flew back home to Fenton Works. Danny let out a somewhat content sigh as the cold crisp Winter air seemed to calm his nerves a bit. Upon reaching the blatantly obvious building, Danny turned intangible and phased himself inside.

"Mom?" Danny called out, "Dad? Jazz? I'm home. Anybody!?"

"No need to shout, dear." Maddie spoke as she noticed her son and gave him a hug, "How was your day?"

Danny shrugged in response, "Fine...I guess."

"Oh, by the way, Danny, we have company." Jack called from the living room, "Come and say hello!"

Company? Already? Danny could already feel his stomach tighten into more knots and his nerves crumble into dust. He knew this moment would've come sooner or later. Silently, he hoped it was just his grandparents or some crazy aunt or uncle. He even wished it was one of his obnoxious cousins.

Alas, it wasn't so. Danny felt his organs smash into one another in absolute anxiety as he noticed the being that was in the living room with his father and sister.

It wasn't that the guest wasn't bound in a straight-jacket and restrained to one of those two-wheeled gurney things that caused Danny to sweat profusely. Nor was it the "Hannibal Lecter" style muzzle that caused the half-ghost's body to tremble in fear.

No, it was the appearance of the guest. Reptilian blood-red eyes, blue-green skin, pointed ears, flaming white hair, fangs. Only one ghost could ever fit that physical description...

...Danny's evil, psychotic, alternate-future self.

Author's Notes: What's this!? Dan is spending time with his ex-family? What will happen next? Stay tuned to find out!