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Letters From Hell.

Dear Rosette, letter 1

How are you? Did you make it to heaven all right? Are you comfortable? Is it really full of fluffy white clouds? Are your parents there? It feels strange not to wake up and feel you yank on my hair, or hit me over the head, or something of that sort. Truth be told, I miss it! Funny, hey. Here… let's just say it's nothing like EITHER of us imagined! This isn't like pandemonium at all. It's cold! Freezing, just like in my dream…oh. I didn't tell you about that dream. It was the night Satella didn't want us to go to the convent in Chicago, right before San Francisco. I don't remember much about it, except that it was cold, and I was willing to do anything to get out of there. I wasn't thinking straight, and I almost rejoined Aion again, because it seemed to be warmer. You saved me that time, just like you saved me from the darkness- with your voice and your warmth. You grabbed me and pulled me back. When I woke up, there you were. At first, I thought you were Mary, because your hair was floating in a halo around your face, and it reminded me of the time after Mary and I fell from Eden. Perhaps in a way, for us it was the same, because soon after that, I nearly killed you…and did cause the deaths of numerous people. I wish… I wish I hadn't lost control that day. If any of the people from that day are there…could you tell them I'm sorry? That I… well, there really isn't a way to rectify killing someone, even by accident. It's unacceptable. But then, I'm a demon. I suppose it could be said that I'm unacceptable. That's why I'm here.

Rosette, do remember that brick I had received that day? Well, what happens is you go down the tunnel, until you come to the end of the bricks. Then you add yours. But I noticed something when I bent down to add mine. All the bricks had words on them. Mine said kind hearted. The one next to it said protective. Above: generous. I guess the saying is true; the road to hell really is paved with good intentions. Kind of depressing really, but hey, I suppose you have to get there somehow, right?

I wish I could see you. I miss you more than I thought possible…but I hope you're happy. I pray you're happy. You deserve to be, Rosette.

With love

Chrono the Sinner

----------------------------------------Chapter one------------------------------------------------------------------------

After travelling for what felt like eternity to the passengers, the train stopped and the doors slid open, releasing them in waves and droves to wash into the station and lap about its sides in skirts and scuffed shoe.

She stopped, craning her neck to study the mosaic spread across the ceiling in dark shadows and angelic wings, silver feathers and large blue eyes. The entire image stretched across the domed ceiling, stopping when it reached the massive supporting pillars, huge stone angels with their wings splayed, their hands over their heads to support the mosaic.

"Impressive." the woman whispered, shivering as she looked at the stone faces. "But are they statues or-"

"Newly Deads! Newly Deads this way!" a shriveled man with graying hair scooted past them, flailing a staff as he barreled towards a set of heavy wooden doors. "Newly Deads this way!"

"They're statues." she breathed a sigh of relief as her companion came up behind her. "None of them are time frozen. Let's go." they joined the river of people trickling through the huge doors at the end. As each exited, the shriveled man handed each a narrow, mahogany box.

"It's what you open when you reach the cross roads. Good luck, friends." The man grated, baring his teeth in a grin. She nodded, fingering the thin box as they headed up the road, winding its way up the mountain.

"So what happens now?" she asked, glancing up at her partner, whose face had darkened.

"I assume we keep going until we reach the crossroads, like he said."

"The cross roads?" the woman frowned, but even as she spoke, she spotted the landmark up ahead. Here, the paths diverged, one heading on towards the top of the mountain, the other heading down into a gaping hole. She hesitated as she opened her box. "Do you think Rosette…" she swallowed, for they'd reached the crossroad and they cracked the seals on their gifts. In each was a small charm, a ring with a pair of wings. Beside them, a man opened his. Inside, there was a small brick, about the length of her thumb. Instantly, a howl filled the air and chains whistled out from the downward road, latching on and dragging him down. The woman jumped back, heart pounding. Her partner squeezed her shoulder and she forced herself to breath.

"Easy. We're almost there." he took her hand and led her towards the uphill path and towards the gate that shone faintly at the top.

"Wait!" A chill hurled down her spine at the voice.

"Keep going." he warned, glancing back.

"Please wait!" She was jerked to a halt as he did, for his hand on her shoulder, like the rest of him, had frozen. Slowly, she turned to the source of the sobbing cry.

She frowned. "Don't go back there, it's got to be a trick." she warned, but his eyes were latched onto the cloaked figure slumped at the other road. Rolling her eyes, she trailed after the ex-priest until they were both standing a few feet from the figure. It rose to its feet, trembling.

"Please." it whispered, and suddenly, her heart clenched, for the voice was achingly familiar…or it had been fifty odd years ago, and now there was something else in there. Something that made her shiver and her heart pound at the sense of things seen that shouldn't be seen. Ever.

"Chrono." Ewan Remington stared at the demon, completely covered by the billowing black cloak, from head to foot. The demon bowed low, returning to his knees at their feet.

"Please sir, miss," he bent his head low, and a strand of violet hair slipped from beneath the hood shadowing his face. "Will you take this?" a bone thin hand slipped free of the cloak, pushing something towards them. Ewan stooped, reaching for the thin envelope. From the dark pit behind him, a bell was tolling, and a smell, dank and dripping with fear and blood wafted up. The figure shuddered as a howl filled the tunnel, a screaming wind. "Please deliver this!" he choked, leaping up and shoving the small rectangle of paper forward, wheezing as one foot slipped from the shadows of the tunnel floor, paved with tiny, thumb length bricks. "Aug!" he staggered back as the tolling grew louder and a clanking sound filled roared from below, screams, howls. "Go! Hurry!" The demon warned. "You won't… you-" as they had for the man earlier, chains swept up from below in a plume of howling wind, looping around the demon. He slumped, offering no resistance as he was dragged back below. She gasped, her hand immediately reaching out to make a grab for the tail ends of the cloak, but they vanished.

"Hell?" she whispered, her heart sinking. She bowed her head, a prayer slipping from her lips.

"Come." Ewan seemed as shaken as she. They were the last people standing on the road. He grabbed her hand. "Come on!" they ran the rest of the way up to the huge glimmering gates, presenting their rings. As the door opened, she glanced down at letter clenched in Ewan's fist, for the first time, she noticed the name inscribed in neat writing on the front…

Rosette Christopher.

Before them, the doors creaked open, burning their eyes with brilliant purity.

Suddenly, Sister Kate Valentine of the Magdalene order wasn't so sure of what she'd spent her entire life fighting for. If her Lord couldn't forgive a demon who had fought against his own people to protect humans then... before she could wonder again, the doors shut behind them, the clang thundering through the huge city that rose into the sky above.

----------------------------------------end chapter one----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------