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Yes, there is a plot… There is a villain. This isn't just some alternate beginning to the Teen Titans. Okay, so it is sort of an alternate beginning, but it is a story of its own. Plus, this focuses more on building the relationship between Robin and Raven.

I do not know much about Azarath. I have only seen glimpses on the show, and I've read a bit online… but I'm going to basically make up a bunch of stuff…

Summary: Raven escaped Azarath and her past by coming to Earth. But in order to remain hidden, she must blend in with a "normal teenage life" something she wants no part in. And Ravager and Robin don't do much to lighten the load… Raven Robin

Before The West Coast

By: Chi Yagami


"I think you're trying to help. . . . . . But I've been wrong before."

– James Gordon in Batman Begins


". . ."

"Raven, it is time."

"I know." She briefly turned from the window to look at her mother, and then went back to staring through the glass. She wasn't look across her homeland with sorrow or regret; she was merely watching the sun set in the sky. She had never watched a sunset before.

"I have something for you…"

Arella joined her daughter at the window and presented her with a small tote bag.

"What is it?" Raven asked, forgetting to contain the surprise in her voice. The people of Azarath had no need for possessions. What had her mother been hiding?

"A gift. Don't open it until you have reached the safety of Lena's house. Oh, and here is her address," her mother said, handing her a scrap of paper.


"You'll be fine. Just remember to meditate—"

"—at least three times a day. I know."

"The eclipse is approaching. Goodbye, my Raven."

Arella embraced her daughter tightly. Raven hugged her mother back, but only slightly…

Now what was she to do? She didn't know where she was, nor did she have a map to help her. The sun was already setting here; how was she supposed to find her way around in the dark? She was on a small island not far from the mainland, or, at least, what Raven assumed was the mainland. It had the skyscrapers and moving vehicles (cars) that her mother had described. She drew her dark blue cloak more tightly around her small frame before disappearing in a bubble of black energy.

She remerged in a dark alleyway in the city. Her ears rejected the loud noise of the traffic, and her nose wrinkled in disgust from every odor it could sense. She heard something shift behind her and quickly turned. Her mind raced with thoughts of being followed from Azarath.

An odorous, unattractive man leered at her from the shadows. Raven raised an eyebrow, as if to say 'so what?' and turned back around. Then she walked out into the dim streets of the unknown city.

Gotham. That was the name of the city that she was in. Raven had discovered a map in her mother's bag (it had been hidden in a pocket), as well as some Earth clothes (she had not looked at anything else). She had entered a store and changed in the bathroom. Now she stood outside, reading the map, wearing the black blouse and pleated skirt that she assumed had once belonged to her mother. Her blue boots might have looked slightly out of place to a passerby, but Raven took no notice. She, after all, had not been educated on the fashions of Earth.

Blüdhaven was located just west of Gotham; Raven was in luck. She had been afraid that she might have to travel far, something that would require flight. Arella had told her that most humans on Earth were not accustomed to seeing people fly, and she would draw unwanted attention to herself. Her mother's plan was for Raven to simply hide out at her aunt's house until her eighteenth birthday had passed. But Raven had just seen a billboard for something called The Justice League.

Her mother had mentioned that there might be a few humans on the planet with superpowers such as her own, but her mother had also said that they would be rare and hidden throughout the world. But here they were, a team of them gathered in the city she just happened to have arrived in.

Raven knew that Trigon was safely imprisoned in a third dimension, but she could not help but wonder what would happen on Azarath when the priests discovered that someone had already used and closed the portal to Earth. Her mother, already ostracized by her daughter's impure blood, would most likely be punished, or worse. Arella had insisted that Raven risk the chance of one or both of them being caught for a way to escape her horrible fate. Raven knew that her mother was a strong woman, but she couldn't help feeling the slightest bit worried that her mother might soon join the Priestess Azar in the afterlife. And her father Trigon could not completely be dismissed from her mind either… She could still feel the slightest bit of his presence inside her anger.

And so, with heavy thoughts weighing on her mind, she set off to the Main Street, where the billboard had shown The Justice League's headquarters to be located.

"It's, like, ninety-eight degrees out here. What in the world is she thinking?"

"Perhaps the blouse is made of a thin material?"

"Come on, Lizzie, look at her! Black? In this heat?"

"Maybe she likes the color. At least she is wearing a skirt," the one named Lizzie replied.

"God, she has a stone glued to her forehead! She looks like a freak!"

"In India, that is a sign of marriage…"

"Does she look Indian?"

Raven watched the two girls gossip about her out of the corner of her eye. They were about her age, and they were accompanied by an older boy. The one named Lizzie had shoulder length black hair that curled outwards at the end, and her dark blue eyes were fixated on the bottle of cool lemonade in her hand. Her friend, whose named Raven had learned was Harley, was inspecting her nails and tapping her foot impatiently, waiting for the light to change. She ran a hand through her bobbed cherry hair and her light cerulean eyes made a sweep of her surroundings. She caught Raven looking at her.

"The girl has purple contacts and dyed purple hair?" she muttered to Lizzie. The boy finally glanced at his companions.

"Is all you girls do is gossip? Forget about her. If we want to make the movie on time, we need to get going."

"I know, Charley. Calm down."

The light changed and the three of them were gone. If she had been any other girl, Raven would have scowled after them.

She crossed the street to where the even-numbered buildings were located and glanced around. She wasn't exactly sure what the headquarters looked like…

Justice League – At Your Service: Citizen Help Center

A large office building to her right had the huge neon sign hanging outside the fifth floor. Raven briefly wondered if this was ill-planned and a dead giveaway to villains. For if there were "superheroes" there were surely "villains," right?

She pulled one of the two glass doors open and stepped inside the entryway. An open area was just to her left, with square furniture, and the help desk was directly ahead. Three metal doors (possibly the elevator machines?) lined the wall on her right.

Raven walked straight to the help desk and watched the man behind the counter. He was typing away furiously on a machine that had numerous buttons, muttering something incoherent. She looked on in mild amusement of his 'box desk' before deciding that she was wasting time.

"Excuse me."

"Oh, hello," the man greeted in surprise, slightly jumping in his seat and causing several papers to fall to the floor.

"How may I help you, ma'am?"

"I would like to speak with whoever leads The Justice League," she told him.

"Do you have an appointment?" the man asked, finally looking at her. He seemed to notice her height and did a double-take. "I'm sorry, Miss, but school field trips are closed for today. If you would like to register your school, I can give you the paperwork."

"No… no thank you. I am not with a school. I need to speak to someone on The Justice League."

"What about?" he asked, somewhat annoyed. "They're not signing autographs or doing interviews."

She didn't understand the meaning of autographs but she knew that whatever he had said was meant to sound insulting. "I just need to talk to them…"

"Then come back another time. None of them are in anyway," he told her dismissively, and then he went back to his computer.

She could feel his annoyance radiating through her emotions and decided that he was lying. However, keeping her mother's words in mind, Raven only turned on her heel and walked out of the building, more determined than ever to seek help from the superheroes.

She darted into the alley between the building and the coffee shop next door. Raven retrieved her cloak from the tote bag and fastened it around her neck securely. She drew the hood, its shadow engulfing most of her visage and leaving only her eyes and mouth visible. Then she melted into the floor in a pool of darkness and transported herself to the roof.

Where she reappeared only a few feet away from a cloaked stranger.

He did not flinch when Raven emerged from nowhere, but he did put a hand on his utility belt to ready himself.

Raven blinked at the stranger for several seconds before realizing what she was seeing. The man was wearing a black bodysuit and matching cape, a dark bat engraved on his chest. His black boots came to his knees, and his onyx mask covered most of his face, like Raven's hood. If she hadn't meditated only hours earlier, she might have laughed at his outfit.

"Who are you?" the man asked in a deep husky voice.

"Who are you?" she repeated, taking a step backward, not only for herself but also to make it make it known to him that she was not an immediate threat.

He straightened his posture and watched her seriously.

"I am Batman."

Raven watched him for any subtle movements, and, detecting none, realized he was waiting for a response.

"Nice costume," was all she could think of. Suspicion and curiosity wafted through her senses. At least he wasn't harboring any resentment… yet.

"Are you in The Justice League?" she asked quietly.

The slits of his mask seemed to narrow as he tried to determine her angle.

"What is it to you?"

"I need their help."

Her cloak covered the majority of her figure, her eyes two bright amethysts under her hood.


"It's complicated."

"The Justice League isn't truly located here…"

"I figured as much. This is a decoy?"

"More like a place for concerned citizens to file complaints."

"Keep the people happy?"

"This is a democracy."

"Where is the real headquarters?"

Batman approached the half-demon. "I will take you to them… and they will decide what to do with you."

"I'm no villain," she defended. Batman turned away.

"Are you?"

Raven chose to remain silent as she followed him off the roof.

Batman glanced at his guest: she was pressed as far into the corner of her seat as she could get, and her eyes were darting about the vehicle nervously. Her face, however, betrayed nothing more than discomfort.

"Is my car that scary?" he asked, snapping Raven from her thoughts.

"I've… I have never been inside a car before," she admitted. To her surprise, he chuckled.

"Well, my car certainly isn't like the rest of them."

"How so?"

"Most cars have… far less weapons built into them."

"I don't trust you."

"I don't expect you to."

"Who are you? I mean," she asked, trying to find the right words, "why are you dressed like that? And if you aren't in The Justice League then why were you on the roof of that building?"

"I never said I wasn't in The Justice League."

"Are you?"

"Not exactly."

"Then why the costume? Who are you really?"

"I could ask you the same questions."

Her face darkened a bit. "Then ask."

"I'll let the others see to that," he answered, closing the conversation. Good thing, or he would've been distracted and missed the turn. He spun the wheel and the car jerked, turning quickly to the right. Raven clutched the door handle with every ounce of strength she had.

"You're insane," she told him, her voice sounding a bit higher than she wanted.

"Look who you're talking to," he deadpanned.

"Good poi-ENTT!" she gasped as he sped down the road.

"I'm barely speeding," he commented. "You're not from around here, are you?"

Raven, who had forced herself not to close her eyes and give in to emotions, came out of her reverie and blinked at the question. She thought carefully and studied him before answering.

"You could say that…"

No way in Hell was Raven telling anyone (especially not some nut dressed like a bat) about her beloved Azarath. She could not risk it, nor did she feel like explaining it to anyone. Her mother had taught her that the people of Earth had limited knowledge and knew nothing about other dimensions. She had to keep the whole of Azarath a secret. In order to survive on Earth, she would have to start over with a new story; she could no longer be Raven. Raven had stayed behind.

She was glad that the masked stranger did not try to pry further into her private life. She had to confirm details with Lena before passing them along to others.

"Where are we?" she asked, reading a sign that read Leaving Gotham City Limits.

"We're leaving the city and approaching the bridge."


"Gotham, Blüdhaven, and several other cities are located on what some people call The New York Island. We need to get to the main state of New York in order to reach the Justice League."

Raven retrieved her map from the bag and studied it. New York was a small section of the continent called North America. To prepare for living on Earth, she had been forced to dedicate hours of study time to learning basic facts about the countries America and Canada. Her map was at least twenty years old (it was the only one her mother had brought to Azarath when she had crossed dimensions), and she hoped the information was not too aged. She also had a bad feeling that her English and grammar were out-dated; her mother had informed her that the English language changed frequently.

"Where are we going?" she asked. Her fear of the car was slowly being replaced by her curiosity of their surroundings.

"Rhode Island."

"How far is that?" Raven pressed her forehead against the glass and looked out over a bay.

"A couple of hours. It's going to be a long ride."

"I really don't think you should be doing that…"

"Doing what?"

"Holding my hand."

"You're blindfolded. How else are you supposed to walk through this cave without bumping into something?"

"My powers are controlled by my emotions. And, while I have meditated today, I am not used to having people touch me."


"Yes. I'm trying my best to subdue them… but you have been warned."

"We're almost inside headquarters. I can take your blindfold off in there."

"Why not now? I don't know where the cave is located; I don't even know what city we're in!"


She frowned and continued to bite back her rage. Batman had blindfolded her shortly after they had entered the state of Rhode Island. And now he was guiding her through some cave, holding her by the wrist. Her whole body tingled with disgust. Someone was touching her. But she could not get worked up over something trivial. Azar had once said that Trigon was connected through Raven's emotions, especially anger. She was not about to give in, not after everything her mother had sacrificed to get her this far.

She heard several beeps, followed by a swishing noise, and suddenly she was being shoved into an air conditioned room. Her boots squished with dampness on a marble floor. Batman released her arm and removed her blindfold.

Raven let out a breath of relief.

"We're here," Batman informed her, motioning for her to follow.


They walked through a set of metal double doors, and Raven gasped. The room they had just entered was filled with electronic equipment, something she had only heard about. Raven wondered which ones were telephones and which ones were microwaves.

"What is this?" she asked.

"The central room. The League was notified of my arrival; they'll be here in no time."

"Aren't those people on the team?" she asked, motioning to the men and women stationed at various equipment.

"No. They just work here."

"What do they do?"

"Boring stuff. Stop asking questions."

She glared at him but said nothing more. She was actually starting to get cold feet. What if someone knew of her connection to Trigon? What if they locked her away forever? She could tell Batman that she had changed her mind, but that would probably raise suspicion. Not that he wasn't already suspicious of her…

"Batman, what is this?" a man's voice rang out. "Is she a villain?"

A tall man wearing a blue bodysuit and red cape strode towards them from a side door. He was followed by two men and a woman. All of them were wearing ridiculous costumes, but, unlike Batman's, their suits were much more colorful.

"I'm not sure. She says she needs your help."

"Well, young lady, who are you?" the man in the red costume asked.

However, before Raven could think to provide an answer, the side door opened again and a young woman clad in a leotard rushed through. Another weird person in costume…

"Sorry I'm late! What's the—" she stopped when she caught sight of Raven next to Batman.

"Zee," Batman greeted.

"Batman. Who's your friend?"

"Well, Zatanna, before you interrupted, we were trying to find out," the other woman said in a clipped voice.

"Wonder Woman, Zatanna," the 'blue-one' (as Raven had dubbed him subconsciously) stated, "you can argue later. Who are you?"

Raven realized he was addressing her now.

"I'm… I need your help."

"What for?"

"I want to join your team. I want to fight evil."

I want to fight the evil within me. I want to side with good, in the hopes that it will destroy my father's hold on me.

"You brought a fangirl, Batman?" Wonder Woman asked. "Isn't she a little young for you?"

"She teleported herself onto the Gotham Help Center rooftop. She claims to have powers."

"Do you?" Zatanna asked, narrowing her eyes at the girl.


"Prove it."

Raven shrugged and glanced around the room. She did not feel like letting these strangers see her true power. Instead, she tried to find something small to levitate. Something that would not require her mantra.

"Nice parlor trick, kid," Zatanna observed, watching Raven levitate an empty soda can.

"It is not a trick," she replied thickly.

"So she is telekinetic. Big whoop," the red one commented, looking bored.

"Flash, I'm sure she can do more than that."

"I can."

"Then why don't you?"

"It would be…" Raven offered lamely. What could she say? Dangerous? She could not very well tell them that she was harboring a piece of an evil demon inside her. That would not help her position at all.

"I think she's dangerous," Zatanna spoke up. "She's obviously hiding something. Don't you agree, Green?"

Green Arrow looked between Zatanna, Wonder Woman, Flash, and finally Superman.

"We don't know her. And if she isn't going to offer any information, then we have to judge her accordingly," he replied, addressing everyone.

"Kid, you can't join us. You're too secretive."

"You haven't even let her introduce herself," Batman interjected.

"Would she?" asked Zatanna knowingly. All eyes focused on Raven.


"Then go home, kid. We can't help you."

Raven glared at them all before turning on her heel and dissolving into a black hole.

"Didn't see that coming," Flash muttered. "Where'd she go?"

"Probably back to Gotham."

Everyone turned to Batman.

"She hasn't been here long… In America I mean. She'd never even been inside a car before."

"Where did she say she was from?" Zatanna wondered curiously.

"She didn't."

Bruce Wayne, disguised as Batman, watched as the mysterious girl wandered the dark streets of Gotham. She kept looking at her map, and she would occasionally place her finger on Gotham or Blüdhaven.

"Blüdhaven. What kind of a name for a city is that?" she muttered to herself, folding her map and placing it gracefully back into her bag. Then, she continued on her way to Gotham's neighboring city.

Batman watched her until she disappeared from sight. Then he pulled out his cell phone and hit a speed dial number.

"Robin, I have a job for you."

To Be Continued…

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