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Chapter One

Today Joey Wheeler is coming back to Domino because his father has died and he has to take care of things here before returning to America to be with his mother and sister. Joey has been in America for the last three years, right after the traumatic break-up with his long time mate Seto Kaiba and this trip is kind of bitter sweet.

Solomon and Yami Motou are waiting at the Airport because Yugi is home with his and Yami's two sons who are only four weeks old and can't be outside among strangers just yet. As Yami sees Joey he waves and Joey smiles and runs to his old friends and tears fill their eyes as they hug each other. They get Joey's things and leave the Airport for their drive back to the Game Shop.

As they enter the Game Shop Joey smiles as he hears the crying of the babies and walks over to see Yugi trying to quiet their two impatient sons who are both very hungry and are in need of changing, so Joey reaches in and takes one of the babies and changes him and Yugi with a wide smile hands Joey a bottle and he sits down and feeds the very hungry and almost screaming little one.

"Yug, these two have a very good set of lungs don't they." Joey says. Laughing his long time friend Yugi says "Yes they sure do."

About that time Solomon and Yami come in with Joey's things and Yami carrying them upstairs to the guest room and when he comes back down he leans against the wall and watches them talking and feeding the little ones. Solomon then announces from the kitchen "Lunch is ready if anyone is hungry."

They all laugh as Joey's eyes light up and Yami says "You haven't changed at all have you, you're still always hungry aren't you Joey?"

Joey laughs and says "Well I am still a growing boy aren't I." Everyone starts to laugh and when they're finished feeding the babies and their asleep they lay them in the large playpen and go get something to eat. As their eating Yugi tells Joey about how Tristan and Tea are doing in California and how her dance studio is thriving and they are more in love then ever. Then Yugi says "Duke and Rebecca are living in Tokyo and how his Dice Monster Game is going really strong and they have a little girl who is one month older then our sons."

They talk about everyone that they use to know except they don't talk about Seto and Mokie and Joey looks at his friends and he says "You know you can talk about Seto and Mokuba if you want to it's alright."

Yugi then says "He and his family has been traveling all around the world and hasn't been home much so Mokuba has been running Kaiba Corp and doing a real good job in fact it has really sky rocketed lately and they are now the top money making business in the world."

Just then the phone rings and its Serenity and she wants to talk to Joey. "Hello she says, Joey smiles and he heard her voice and then he laughs as she tells him about how his little nephew is trying to trying to climb up on the couch and jump off as he says he's Spiderman." They talk for awhile longer and then she hangs up and when Joey tells them about what James is trying to do Solomon laughs and says "Sounds like you and Yugi when you were that age."

Joey starts to yawn and Solomon chuckles and says "Why don't you go lie down and rest for awhile and tomorrow we can go over and you can begin going through the house." Joey doesn't have to be told twice and he hugs all of them and climbs the stairs and as he lies on the bed he fall right off to sleep.

Back in the kitchen Yugi says "I wonder what will happen if they run into each other after all this time apart?"

Solomon then says "Listen all we can do is be here for Joey just in case that happens but until then we have to help him take care of all of Hanks things and that's going to be difficult enough so lets don't go adding anything to his life just yet."

As Joey lies sleeping he starts to remember back when he and Seto were together and how happy they both were. Sure they didn't start out like that but after years they both began to realize how much they loved each other and well it didn't take very long for the to get together and Hank couldn't of been happier for his son. Then came the traveling that Seto was doing taking care of Company business that Mokuba could have been doing, but Kaiba insisted that he had to do it and it didn't take long for them to drift apart and then came the phone call that broke them up for good.

Some woman called the Manor asking for Seto and when Joey asked who she was she said "I'm his wife and our son is fussing and his daddy is the only one who can settle him down so please get him on the line for me." Joey handed the phone to Seto whose face went white and Joey climbed the stairs, packed his things and left that very day and never went back or listened to a thing that Seto tried to say to him. Joey later learned that Seto that the baby was his second child with that woman and that's what hurt the worse was that Seto had promised that they could start a family as soon as he got back from his next business trip.

Joey woke up with a start and he was drenched in sweat and tears ran down his face as he got up and took a shower got dresses and went back down stairs. Solomon saw him and he entered the kitchen and he knew that look and held out his arms and as he held Joey he whispered "Just let it all out then we'll talk."

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