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Chapter Thirteen

It took Dr. Fuller about four months to finally get Seto to open up and talk to him about what happened when Joey Wheeler came back to Domino. As Seto told the doctor "My wife and I was having marital problems and I couldn't understand why our marriage was falling apart and I guess when I saw Joey again I remembered how we were together and that we didn't really have problems and I didn't want to think about losing my wife and children but something inside me just snapped and I wanted Joey back in my life in case my marriage failed and I wouldn't be alone."

Dr. Fuller told Seto that everyone has problems with their marriages and they have to fight to make them work and all you did was see a way to stop thinking about losing what you and your wife had and using the excuse of having Joey back in your life wasn't the right decision at all and now you're seeing just what your decision has done to everyone involved and how you nearly destroyed not only your mental health but you could of destroyed the lives of Joey Wheeler, Raphael, your brother, your wife and children and yourself.

So as they talked and Seto understood what he had done he was able to take back his life and rebuild his marriage and then he would have to prove to his wife that this wouldn't ever happen again. Seto then asked "Could I see my wife?"

Dr. Fuller was a little concerned that it was too early for that so he said "Why don't you write down your feelings and tell her about how things got so out of control and in the process you can ask her for her understanding and see what happens then."

So Seto started writing his feelings on paper and before Dr. Fuller allowed Heather to read them, he read them himself then he called Mrs. Kaiba and told her about what Seto was doing and she asked to have the papers delivered to the Manor and she read them and little by little she began to understand what caused Seto to do what he did. As Heather read all the papers she cried and then she made a promise to herself and her children that she would do everything in her power to rebuild her life with Seto.

Mokuba visited his brother and was so proud of his progress and he could see his old brother emerge from out of the dark abyss that he had fallen into and he praised Seto for being able to really look at himself and to finally see that person who he had become and then to never want to be that person again and then he started making every effort to find himself again.

Now that Seto was starting to finally fixing what was wrong with him, Joey and Raphael was saying good-bye to Solomon, Yugi and Yami and were on their way to the Airport for the flight to America and the meeting between Joey's mother, sister and his life mate Raphael. Joey asked Solomon "Please say good-bye to Mokuba for us" and then they went to get on their flight.

It has been exactly two years since Seto's breakdown and he and Heather have renewed their Wedding Vows and their marriage is stronger then ever. They are now in England visiting her parents and her mother and father really like Seto and adore their grandchildren.

Mokuba is still in control of Kaiba Corp. and he has a fiancée, Rebecca Hawkins and they are planning to wait for at least three years to get married and by that time Seto should be able to take over Kaiba Corp. but when he needs a break Mokuba will be there to help anyway he can.

Joey and Raphael have gotten married with Joey's mother and sister in attendance and they just love Raphael. Joey and Raphael to visit Solomon, Yugi and Yami but only when they know that Seto isn't in Domino.

Joey is really happy that Seto got better but he will never be able to forgive him for what he did and how he almost lost Raphael.

THE END……………

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