This is an ordinary story of an average teenage boy. This story is not a fairy tale with a happy ending. A woman will be swept off her feet by prince charming. In fact it is the exact opposite. This is a normal boy with normal obstacles as any other individual today. As any other teenager, this teen must face the obstacles in High School. Currently Nick has to face the fact that his parents are getting a divorce. His fourteen years of peace is over and he doesn't know what to do. He needs someone to help him, but while in school he can't stop fantasizing about a girl he think he is in love with, to make it worst she doesn't even know he exists.

Chapter 1

I stared at her for a whole period today. I missed out on the test review, and I know I am going to flunk, once again. I really have to get my head out of this whole fantasy world, I mean its a high percentage that me and her are not going to get married and have three kids and a pup named Shaggy. Worst thing overall is that she does not even know I exist. I wonder if her beautiful hazel eyes can see me.

I sit with my buddies at lunch, Jake and Jessica. The couple is arguing again. Jessica is grounded again for over using her minutes. She swears it is Jakes fault, I say its both of their faults, and they wasted so much time discussing who should hang up first. If you ask me I say love is for losers, but if that were true I would be the biggest loser.

I personally believe watching the two argue is amusing. It makes it even more hilarious when Jessica argues with her hands, that were smooth and berry scented. I giggle as Jake gets mushed, his faced turned a tomato red and I could swear I saw steam blow from his ears. He grabbed her wrist, and I could see the anger in his eyes and it frightens me.

"You dare put your damn hands on me again, and I will break them. I dare you to test me."

He said roaring at Jessica, she looked more scared than I was. Jake never yelled at her nor anyone. She slid her slippery hands away from his grip, and then beings to wave her pointer finger in his face as she replied.

"Jacob Anderson, how dare you raise your voice to me, even worst you violated me. I am just so sick of your foolishness."

Jake rolled his eyes, still aggravated. He grabbed his bag and stormed away from our table toward an empty one where he sat alone. Jessica sighed and buried her face into her hands, with tears streaming down her face. I felt bad for her, but I know it was none of my business. I reached my hand over the table and laid it on hers.

"Don't worry, he'll be back."

I said predicting it was another brake up make up the two had occasionally. She smiled at me as the eye liner, and tears streamed down her face. She wiped it off making a black smudge across her face and nodded.

"I know that, I just hate it when we fight or argue."

I opened my mouth to reply but I paused as the 'cool kids' entered the cafeteria. I scanned each of their faces until I saw her, Christina Gayle. Pure perfection, she stuck out of the rest. Her lips were drowned in lip gloss, her hazel eyes lusted, her teeth glowed in the light but what stuck out the most were her blond curly hair that rested upon her shoulders. She walked right by me, the scent of vanilla circulated in the air as she passed. I stared at her as she sat down at the table. I imagined myself next to her, flirting and cuddling with her but then I realized it was only a fantasy and it only will be.

The rest of the day went smoothly providing the fact Christina was not in any of my afternoon classes. My day was not that great after school ended, it went even worse. I spent endless hours in my room watching and listening to my parents fight again. I sat in the dark as the salted tears streamed down my face and I licked them up. I can hear the arguing and the glass being thrown. If only their was something I can do, I feel like it is my entire fault.