Chapter 2

I woke up the next morning in my closet. I crept there last night. It saved me from all the screaming. Fifteen years ago from this day I was born, lucky me. My birthday is on a Saturday, and I am stuck babysitting there progeny's. I hate my life. It's all going down the gutter. I can picture myself in ten years on an old ripped sofa with a stained white t-shirt sipping on a Corona and watching a football game re-run.

The folks left around one. I'm taking Alex and Rebecca out for pizza. I watched TV until two then I prepared myself and the youths to leave. We left the house around three, and headed toward Tony's Pizzeria.

"When we get to the pizza place can I play the Video-Games?"

Alex asked me while holding my hand crossing the street. I reached into my pocket, checking to make sure I have the money. I smiled and nodded and handed him a few quarters when we reached across the street. Rebecca stared at me with her hand out, her blonde hair covered her eyes and her pink dress went down to her knees, she looked like she was five but she was nine. I giggled as she smiled at me showing the empty space in her teeth. Rebecca was a mute. I think it is my moms fault. Rebecca would have been fine if my mom didn't smoke so many cigarettes when she was pregnant. I handed Rebecca a few quarters so she can play the princess games. I grabbed both of there shoulders and crouched down.

"Listen you two. It's time for the buddy system. Alex watch Becky and Becky watch Alex got it?"

I said before standing back up. They both nodded, and scurried into the Pizza shop playing the games. I ordered the pizza and shifted my head to see Jake and a girl. I gasped, Jake with another girl? Jake and Jessica have been together since the diaper ages. I approached the two while Jake was eating his pizza with the girl across from him.

"Hey Jake, how is Jessica? You too made up yet?"

I said as Jake stared at me and shook his head in disappointment. The teenage girl that stood across from him stared at me with a confused face. He got up and patted me on the back.

"Hey buddy, it's awkward to see you here on your birthday. This is Ashley"

He said as she stood up. I hissed at her, and stared at Jake. I leaned over to her and whispered.

"Just to let you know. Jake's taken."

Jake grabbed me by my tight t-shirt nearly ripping it. He pulled me back, and I was seconds away from falling. I stood up and gave him a light shove.

"Nick could you stop? Ashley is my sister. She just came from Italy and I am supposed to show her around. You're acting like a real ass"

Jake exclaimed. My heart began to race and my face turned a dark red color. I brushed the hair out of my eyes as Ashley began to giggle. I nodded and waved at her.

"Oh sorry, my name is Nick. Do you guys mind if my siblings and I hang with you guys for a while?"

Ashley didn't resemble Jake a bit. She was beautiful with a brunette colored hair. In my eyes she sort of resembled Christina a bit. I smiled as she giggled saying something in Italian. I wish I paid attention in class so I knew what she was saying.

"Sicuro perché no? La tua tale Cutie."

She said as I blushed. I understood the last word. I wonder if she knows what a date was. No I can't she is Jake's sister. Jake turned back at her and said something back in Italian. I never knew He could speak Italian.

"Stop, questo è il mio migliore amico. Non si può premere su di lui!"

Jake said yelling. I looked back and signaled my siblings to come and greet them. Jake may know how to speak Italian but I can talk Spanish. Boo-Yah!

"Jake I didn't know you can speak Italian. You have to teach me."

Jake looked at me and sighed. He rolled his eyes as he watched the kids come.

"Nick, why would I teach you Italian? So you could hit on my sister?"

She stared at me as he said that.